Yuck! Gross! Spit! The shocking image of mass-produced MEAT that goes in to America's favourite treats

Yuck!!! I saw this article in the Daily Mail today and had to share it with all of you. Interesting read and I am sorry if this grosses you out as it did me but it is good to know.

"Oozing out of a meat processor, this mechanically separated chicken doesn’t look in the least bit appetizing.

It may taste something like meat - but it certainly doesn’t look like it here.

Yet meat like that in this image - which first emerged on the blog Fooducate - will end up as the main ingredient in many of America’s favourite foods and snacks.

Hot dogs, salami, bologna, pepperoni, jerkys and chicken nuggets are just a few of the mass-produced and processed treats made using Advanced Meat Recovery

Is it strawberry ice cream? No - this is 'mechanically separated chicken' - one of the main ingredients in many American snacks. The undated picture charts the common process many American treats go through

It’s a way of scraping the very last scraps to leave chicken or pig bones 100 per cent clean of meat by smashing them up and pressing them through a high pressure sieve.

And it’s not just the bones. The eyes, and guts are also put through the meat wringer.

Not just white meat: The paste that is formed during the process goes into many treats - like chicken nuggets

The chunks are pressed between rotating cylinders, leaving the meat on one side and the bone and connective tissues on the other.

After the bacteria is killed off and artificial flavours and colouring is added to make it more palatable, some of the world’s biggest food manufacturers use the resulting paste to make some of your household favourites.

In 2004, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service banned beef from being processed this way because of fears it could spread Mad Cow Disease.

But mechanically separated chicken and pork are still safe to eat, says the health watchdogs, who nevertheless require them to be labeled appropriately.

Vegan author Dr Michael Greger told Wired.com that meat processors ‘have showed over the past decade that they’re incapable of following the guidelines set for them and I’m afraid that because we’re not going to have adequate enforcement, it would be better to not have the technology at all.’

But Harold Hodges, vice president of product quality for BFD, America’s leading meat recovery machine retailer, insisted that no food safety issue had ever been linked to AMR.

‘There’s never been a recall due to AMR. It’s a source of high-quality lean meat that is worth several hundreds of millions of dollars,’ he said."

I am just glad I am a vegetarian and try to watch what I eat. However this article goes to show that you never know what may be in any of your food!!!

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1317783/Hungry-You-wont--The-shocking-image-mass-produced-MEAT-goes-Americas-favourite-treats.html##ixzz11UuXNO6i


  1. Just one more of thousands of reasons I became a vegetarian! I bet others will think about becoming one as well after reading this.
    I hope you are doing well!

  2. i've never seen the processing, this post shows us to never judge anything by its presentation, so they make hotdogs and everything look presentable to cover up what it looks like before :(

  3. yucks. Mechanically separated chicken and pork!? I want to be a vegan too.

  4. Heidi, I've tagged you. Would you like to take it up? And pls do accept the awards. You have a deserving blog. :)

  5. You have shard a really different story of all the eatables and all of that is unbelievable and hence I am not going to take them again.

  6. Processed meats are just unhealthy and red meats aren't the greatest either. I would stick to an occasional piece of salmon, chicken breast or turkey otherwise eat your vegetables.

  7. Processed meat appears to be the scourge of our time. It is dreadful to think that sometimes the food that we, as human beings, are choosing to eat is worse than the variety eaten by rats. Whatever does that say about us?
    They say that people have a voice - this being the case why are we not shouting out for better quality food for all?

  8. It is time that we all started to think about leaving all of this type of food firmly on the shelves!!!

    On a better note - in the English press today has come the wonderful news about broccoli: namely that they are finding that it helps to protect the body against many types of cancer ... no matter how it is cooked even if it is boiled to death and soggy. The ingredient that supports the body to help fight off cancer threats is - sulforaphane which is not destroyed by overcooking.

    Have a wonderful weekend Heidi ... can't wait for your next post. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing this. That's why we prefer to eat homecooked meals.

  10. Whew! This was a rough read. I need to let my kids take this to their homeschool presentation one week. :)

  11. Hello my old friend. I wanted to pop over and let you know I have returned to my blog and that I have missed.

    Great article and I know it's all true. But, wowee, I sure love my meat!!

    Happy day and hugs!

  12. Makes me cringe... Might as well turn myself into Vegan...

  13. thanks God I am a vegetarian. .It's ew!!

  14. Heidi:

    Howdy pardner, long time no hear from you.

    My deepest sentiments on this whole meat issue. It's disgusting, it's cruel and it's going to kill all of us someday. It just goes to show what a self regulated industry will produce.

    But on a brighter note, happy trails and have a Merry Christmas.

  15. We surely can not eat meat if we see processing.... Absolutely true

  16. Yikes! My daughter came home from school, recently talking about this same thing!

  17. Hey...
    Good thing your a vegetarian Mandy, but woe to me for I love meats especially hotdogs and hams. Whew! Guess I need to be choosy with regards to what food I must eat.

  18. That's gross. But how they were able to manage do that? Americans especially the kids are fond of eating hotdogs and nuggets. Wether it be on breakfast or snacks. They really risk our health. Be a vegetarian should be an option to fight those carcinogenic foods that we eat. Health is very important and we should take responsibility of our own eating habit and visiting a doctor is a must.

  19. prefer home cooked meals , and also vegetarianism rocks.


  20. happy holidays to you and your family!

  21. Yucks!!I never seen and heard for this issue.Thanks for sharing such kind of information.

  22. Happy New Year, Heidi! Was hoping you would be back updating your site for the new year :-(

  23. very interesting reading and provide additional insight to me, thank you

  24. Not good for the health. Thanks for the info, Seafoods for the win! So sad that their expensive when its off season =(

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