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Say What??? Try Some Salmon and Improve Your Hearing!

Today at lunch I was sitting with Elvis and Deanna and for the life of me could not grasp the conversation because I could only hear bits and pieces due to being outside, lots of people and possibly not enough Salmon in my diet. LOL. Really, it was quite funny because everything they would say to me I would have to repeat back and ask if that was what they said. It was hysterical because the ridiculous turn the conversation took but frustrating because I could not hear at all and had no idea what we were talking about. That brought to mind the study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that shows that eating two weekly 4- oz servings of salmon or any other fatty fish (including tuna and mackerel) makes you 42% less likely to suffer hearing loss than those who eat fewer than one serving per week. The omega-3 fatty acids improve blood flow to the cochlea-a fluid-filled spiral shaped part of the inner ear that enables you to hear-this helps keep it in tip-top shape. This is a simple and easy way to help your hearing and eat well at the same time.

Being a strict vegetarian I do not eat fish but do try to have flax seed oil, walnuts and flax seeds that I sprinkle on just about everything that help with my omega-3’s. So whether you are a vegetarian or you like your fish you can get your omega-3 fatty acids and hopefully hear better!

Source: Woman’s World


John A Hill said...
Thanks for the tip. Always good information here at HNWM.
betchai said...
oh, i never knew about this, thanks for the great health information again.
VetTech said...
Hi Heidi! Salmon and other high omerga 3 fish get most of the omega 3 in their flesh from what they eat (algae). Since you are a vegetarian, you may want to pick up the Omega 3 supplements that are made directly from algae. Still so happy you are back!
Michelle said...
I don't eat fish either anymore. I do take a multi-vitamin though. Glad to see you back on Entrecard :)
riablahgs said...
Love this post... I'll be eating more salmon this time. And, I'll be hitting two birds with one stone - good hearing and lower cholesterol! :)
VetTech said...
Oops my comment was wrong... salmon get their omega 3 from eating krill, krill is chock full of omega 3's from eating algae. So.. omega 3 from algae supplements are the way to cut the animals out of the food chain.
Thanks VetTech will have to get some algae tablets (but they sound icky).LOL
Ayie said...
not only good for the heart but also hearing, that's great info!
Grumpy old man said...
Hey Heidi, thanks for sharing with us, and thanks for the quiet visit, great seeing you drop by.

Hope your week is peaceful.
eastcoastlife said...
I love salmon! I'm glad I'm not losing my hearing :P
WebbieLady said...
Great useful info. I better double salmon in my diet.... i have troubles with my hearing ever since!

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