Boost Your Immunity, Memory, LowerHeart Disease Risks In Unusual Ways!!!

 Boost Your Immunity, Memory, Heart Disease Risks In Unusual Ways!!

I just love finding fun, quirky and easy (easy being the key word here) ways to super charge my health!! I found these fun ideas in my Woman’s World magazine (which was one of those weird spontaneous buys-but glad I did) and I have begun giving them a shot with great benefits! Take a look, you may find that these could work for you too!

EASY Ways To Rev Up Your Health!!!

-2 eggs a day will melt your belly fat away-In a study women who ate 2 eggs a day lost twice as much weight and 83% more belly fat than women who ate the same number of calories in the form of bagels.

-Butter, butter I love you!-Adding butter to your diet can cut your levels of artery-clogging triglycerides 51% plus lift your artery-clearing HDL (good cholesterol), a combo that reduces your heart disease risk by 25% or according to a study at The University of Connecticut. A little bit of butter goes a long way so don’t overdo it and watch what you are putting it on but vegetables, and high fiber foods is a good bet. Also keep in mind that butter works as a great appetite suppressant!

-See a sneezer, sniffler? Look at them- Now this is odd but hey if it works then why not! New research shows that simply glancing at someone who is sneezing or sniffling stimulates your own immune system to seek out and destroy germs! Apparently when you have contact with someone who is sick there is a chance that you can catch these germs so our bodies launch an offensive attack to reduce the risk! Our bodies are really clever!!!!! I hope that I don’t take this too much too heart and start staring at all the sick people.

-Espresso your stomach pain away-This sounds much better than any kind of medicine or pills. Darker brews of coffee deliver double the amount of N-methylpyridium-an acid reducing compound-than milder brews.

Want to remember your age try some sage!-Memory with herbs- Taking a single dose of sage extract (at health food stores) INSTANTLY sharpens your memory, helping you recall names, places and other facts 11 times for accurately for at least two hours, according to a new study. It is said that it even helps improve brain function for those with major memory problems and Alzheimer’s disease. Tip-Twice daily, mix 28 drops of sage extract in a glass of water or sip two cups a day of sage tea.

I tried the sage tea and love it. I have also been staring at my friend Donna who is sniffling so I must say I have an improved memory and my body is hopefully launching an offensive attack on Donna’s germs so I stay healthy. LOL.


  1. oh, i am too lazy to cook eggs in the morning, oh maybe I should, love this post.

  2. that could explain why i was more stable and losing more weight before since I consume eggs almost everyday

    all the other stuffs here are great too and nice to know the thing about butter

  3. Some lovely features here. I too am a butter fan - I have never taken to either margarine or low fat spreads. I'd rather have everything dry than have these awful tasting excuses of food.

    Regarding sage - well - only two months ago I decided it was time to once more add sage to my herb garden. Firstly I purchased the purple leaf variety then shortly afterwards the green. For those who may be interested the green variety is slightly milder in flavour.

    Did you also realise that sage should also be kept handy in case of mouth infections - it is marvellous in the mouth as it is alleged to kill all kinds of dangerous bacteria - just pinch out the top two leaves and chew them. This also makes the sage bush a better shape and it becomes stronger! Also - sage is one of the cheapest of herbs to buy in pot form. It is strong so buy the smallest pots available usually at just a few pence. It is a fast grower and settles well and grows quite quickly as long as it is planted into moist ground and kept well watered. (Water every evening as the sun is going down.)

  4. Hi Heidi, welcome back!! I really missed you, and that is the truth, I visited your blog and it wouldn't allow me to enter. I thought maybe you needed privacy. Seems in a way I was correct.

    It must have been a terrible ordeal for you, I can just imagine someone stalking my wife. Only thing is, I am a vigilante at heart, mainly coz I do not trust our justice system, (what justice system) so I would take the law in my own hands and do what ever needs to be done.

    Anyway, it is great to have you back, and I look forward to your posts.
    I love eggs, and I have two eggs every morning, problem is, they are fried, and I have them with bread, big mistake I know... but I am nuts about it. I will try and sometimes have them with a salad, promise!

    Enjoy your day Heidi.


  5. Hi Heidi! You are finally back to blogging!! Nice post, but I thought butter n eggs were good recipes to gain fat! Thank you for those tips. ~Punam

  6. Ahhh, I love to see articles stressing the importance of fat (eggs, butter) and the dangers of grains (bagels, in this case). Some excellent tips.

    Here's another one: prepare your eggs in bacon grease. It tastes AMAZING, and the bacon fat is healthy for you -- but always try to get low sodium, nitrate-free bacon.


  7. I was also missing in action from my blogging for some time. :P

    2 eggs a day!? That is a lot of cholesterol.

  8. I actually do eat 2 eggs a day! I actually think that is probably terrible for me, cause I eat the yolk and everything.. But cool, go me! :)

  9. Hi this is really amazing information found here about How to Rev Up Your Health.... really this is very interesting as well as very helpful blog posts. Thanks very much for sharing this great informaiton. Thanks very much! for sharing it.

  10. Listening to music can also boost your immunity, but it has to be music you love. ... and may be more vulnerable to heart disease than women who work in quiet offices.

  11. Thanks for this wonderful article. Just a question though, isn't eating egg too much can cause increase in cholesterol?


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