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Mom, desperately trying to get the health thing right! I started this blog so that I can pass along all the great things that I learn everyday on damage control for our wonderful bodies. It is tough to keep up sometimes with all the things going on in our daily lives so hopefully some of the helpful hints that I provide can make your life easier and healthier. I welcome your comments and tips as well! I am a vegetarian, animal rights advocate and avid animal rescuer.
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Top Ten Power Foods-If You Want More Energy Try These Healthy Choices

Everyday that I write this blog I become more and more aware of how important the right diet is for our overall health, immune system, body weight, energy level, moods and so much more. If you are anything at all like me then you need all the energy you can get to keep up with all the things each day puts in front of you. The below foods will get and keep you going full of energy as well as giving your immune system a nice boost.

Healthy Foods To Give You A Natural Boost

**Berries-Ooooohhhh, I love berries and now I have even more reasons! Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are high in vitamin and fiber content, they're an excellent source of antioxidants, compounds that protect our bodies from the stress of day to day living, and fresh berries are kind to the waistline; they are naturally high in water and low in calories. Dried berries also provide excellent nutrition, but since most of the water is missing, their calories are more concentrated and you’ll usually wind up eating more of them.

**Citrus-Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C; one orange has a whole day’s requirement.They’re also loaded with soluble fiber which lowers cholesterol, maintains healthy blood sugar levels, and helps you to manage your weight.

**Salmon-Cold-water fish, like salmon, mackerel and herring, are premiere sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids. These are fats our bodies can’t produce, so it’s essential we include them in our diet. If you read my post about healthy hair, you will notice salmon was included in that post as well.

**Vegetables-There’s no such thing as a bad vegetable so eat up. Vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, and are a crucial component of any healthy eating plan. Orange and yellow-hued veggies like winter squash, carrots and sweet potatoes and leafy greens contain carotenoids, a pigment our body converts to vitamin A. Eating lots of these vegetables will help maintain healthy skin and hair, protect against prostate cancer, promote healthy vision and even provide protection from sunburn.
Lycopene, the plant chemical responsible for the ruby red of tomatoes and watermelon, is believed to fight cancer and promote heart health.
Green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are sky-high in potent anti-cancer compounds like sulforaphane and quercitin.

**Nuts and Seeds-Almonds, pecans and pistachios are rich in protein. Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids. Toss sesame seeds in a meal for extra calcium and vitamin E.
Sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds are particularly good sources of phytosterols, also known as plant sterols, which promote heart health. These are easy to take with you for on the go energy. I take nuts everywhere and eat them all day. As I have mentioned probably a hundred times-nuts are my number one diet secret!

**Olive oil-Olive oil is an excellent source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that may lower the bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol. It contains Vitamin E and antioxidants
and is an excellent replacement for unhealthy saturated fats like butter. I take a spoon full of olive oil before eating spaghetti so the bad fats in the pasta can't make me fat. Extra virgin olive oil is also great for healthy skin.

**Tea- Recent studies have shown drinking green tea might boost metabolism, oolong teas can lower blood sugar, and black teas can promote oral health. Tea contains half the caffeine of coffee and packs a punch of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants believed to protect against heart disease, certain cancers and stroke.

**Legumes-Beans, peas, peanuts and lentils are all part of the legume family. Legumes are rich in folic acid, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and antioxidants. Their high protein and complex carbohydrates provide steady energy that lasts for hours. Also great for vegetarians (like me) who need protein.

**Whole grains-They’re delicious, inexpensive and packed with protein, B vitamins, minerals and fiber. Some immediate benefits you might notice are stable blood sugar, less hunger between meals, and better weight management.

**Lean Protein-Protein is an important part of every diet and is found in many different foods. Lean protein, the best kind, can be found in fish, skinless chicken and turkey, pork tenderloin and certain cuts of beef, like the top round. Low-fat dairy products like milk, yogurt, ricotta and other cheeses supply both protein and calcium. I also love extra firm tofu for a great protein!

It is very clear that whole grains, nuts, low-fat dairy, and fruits and veggies are essential for so many positive benefits to our health. All these were inclued in my last couple posts as well (fat burning foods and healthy hair foods).
ref-The Food Network

I am on the go so much and hate to admit it but I do have a hard time fitting in all these foods all the time. I take a whole food supplement called The Pops by Whole Food Nation and they have one supplement for energy, and one for calming. I take about 2-4 capsules of the energy in the morning (it also naturally speeds up my metablosim-woohoo weight loss) depending how much energy I need, grab my nuts and some tea (caffeine) and I can go all day and night feeling great. I used to be exhausted all day and couldn't wait until the end of the day but now I enjoy my days and am no longer sluggish! So, go get some power foods and start feeling your best!


P.S. What are your tips for natural energy ?


Shine said...
Great Site, Congratulations, very informative and intresting :)
Anonymous said...
I would guess my first tip for everyone would be:
Don't fill yourself up with the "Fat Boy" fry-uop every morning from the canteen at the end of your corridor. It's way too convenient.

Realistically, I have a fondness for specially made, fresh smoothies. Terminal 5 at Heathrow has a great joice bar in the check in area called..... wait for it..."Lovejuice" (all one word).
They aren't cheap, even with the staff discount. It works out around £3.30 ($7) for a larage smoothy with added muesli but is way worth it for the mid-morning boost. In fact, I'm off there right now.

Heidi, I love your blog. Best wishes, Phil.
zoliky said...
Thanks for all information. I like your blog!
Anonymous said...
You are so right! Those are awesome foods, and I eat them as often as I can.
Anonymous said...
Good tips. Everyone should pay attention to that list. Thanks for the advice.
Michele said...
Great tips! I really need to try to eat more of those foods. I actually like them, but I find it hard to choose to eat them over say, the hot fudge sundae I've been thinking about for the last hour. :)

Incidentally I have given up desserts the last two weeks, and actually lost 7 pounds! I'm still eating the way I used to otherwise,although I find that I'm not eating as much for my actual meals either, but that's because I'm getting full faster for some reason. Once I get used to not eating desserts, I'll move on to cutting out other nasties. One step at a time right?
Spanish Steps said...
Great blog! I love all the tips about healthy living... tips about food that seem to be forgotten!
Keep on going. Susana

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