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How Watching Sports Affects Your Health And Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU

Last night I watched the Final Four national championship basketball game between KU and Memphis. Now, I am no sports woman(I would rather watch almost anything else), however I am a big KU fan as my mom lives in Lawrence (where KU is located), my husband and I graduated from KU and I was at KU when they won the national championship in 1988 (Oh, what a night!). To make a long story short, KU is a big basketball school. When I attended KU and to this day you can just feel the excitement and energy during basketball season when you go down to Lawrence. There's just nothing like it, so when KU was in the Final Four and then the championship game well you could feel the rippling of excitement even here in Kansas City. The game last night was amazing, entertaining and had me on pins and needles the entire time . It got me thinking about how watching intense sports games can affect a persons health. I was up and down, up and down on an emotional roller coaster for two hours (one minute I'm covering my eyes and the next, the usually calm me is jumping on a booth seat-yes! A booth seat!! Who am I? I was having an out of body experience or something) not to mention I ate and ate and ate lots of unhealthy foods that I would not ever have around. After witnessing such intense behaviour in myself and everyone else at the sports bar (and I was sober) I figured I had better check this out as by the time the game was over I was exhausted.

Heart attacks, choking on hot dogs, fighting, bursting blood Vessels and more-Fans, especially those who smoke or have high blood pressure, come in with heart attacks from the exertion of walking up the ramps at football stadiums,or from the sheer stress of watching the games. In January, a Steelers fan suffered a heart attack during a tense moment against the Indianapolis Colts.
Patients are commonly treated for extreme sunburn and dehydration, because they drink too much beer in the heat. When it's freezing outside, fans are at risk for frostbite if they're not properly covered up. Simply eating and drinking while being distracted by a game can be a problem. "People eat hot dogs and they jump up to cheer for a touchdown and choke on the hot dog," Dr. Jeff Kalina, associate medical director of the ER at the Methodist Hospital in Houston says
Some people have a nervous habit of playing with the tabs on soda and beer cans, which can lead to fingers getting stuck in the can or people choking on broken tabs. Others try to open a twist-off beer bottle with their biceps, causing lacerations. Sometimes fans hurt other people, making spectating a contact sport. Fights break out at games, drunken fans jump around in their seats and fall onto the people below them, and partying tailgaters get hit by cars. Fans have even thrown TVs out windows and pulled out their pistols. For more information on these crazy antics please go to
MSNBC where I found this article.

To be honest with you this will probably be my only blog on sports (unless KU wins again next year) so I wanted to include a little information about a sports site that I actually read and enjoy(shocking). The reason that I enjoy The Sports Dollar is that they focus not only on how to have a great sports blog but also how to have a great blog in general. I have taken many of their tips and applied them easily to my blog. I first started out with no knowledge and these guys really helped me with their consistent posts on social media sites and a lot of do's and dont's. It is also full of interesting sports information that I can actually take and have a conversation with my husband about. If you have not had a chance to visit The Sports Dollar and are interested in learning some great blogging tips or sports information check it out. http://www.thesportsdollar.com/

Well, personally I am done watching anything sports related for awhile. I was a wild woman last night watching that KU game and need to get back to me. Good luck to all you sports fans and may you not choke on your hot dog while watching your favorite event.




Unknown said...
I believe it!!
About 2 years ago me and the kids went to our first ever hockey game, and we were saying that all those fights are only on movies. WELL, in the first 30 minutes a fight broke out on the ice and we were yelling with the crowd, it was CRAZY!

The same with a good boxing match the adrenaline rush is crazy, heart pounding, pulse racing, but when it's over you are drained. very scary.
Anonymous said...
Absolutely love the post! And thanks for the review, it's as amazing as I thought it would be!
Michele said...
Wow that's crazy stuff. I knew there was a reason I don't like watching sports. It's bad for me! :) See I am living a healthy lifestyle after all.
It is crazy! I can see how things get out of control!

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