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Natural Zevia With Stevia For Diet Soda Lovers, Cheerios, And Help A Dog Walk

This is a bit offbeat from my normal posts but I feel all are related to health in one way or another and I wanted to get some exciting information that I just discovered to you all regarding Stevia (please see post below if you have not already). I wanted to have a clever title like four for Friday or something but I only have three so I guess I could have waited for Thursday and said Three for Thursday but am not one for patience and can't wait so lets get to it.

Zevia-The Natural Alternative To Diet Soda And It's Free!!

If you read my blog you know that I recently gave up my main addiction and love- Diet Pepsi. I am doing great (thanks for all the well wishes). I gave up Diet Pepsi because of the ingredient in it called Aspartame. I did some research and found all kinds of dangerous side affects and just decided I would do without ( I drink ice tea with Stevia-I can give up the aspartame but NOT the caffeine). I do miss the carbonation and drinking soda and found an ad for Zevia-a new soda that contains the natural herb Stevia (which is much sweeter than sugar, delicious and calorie free). I was so excited and went right to the website to find out more. I found out that right now they are offering a free 6 pack of all three delicious Zevia varieties - Zevia Natural Cola, Zevia Natural Orange, and Zevia Natural Twist (which they claim are healthier and taste better than diet soda). You do have to pay shipping and handling and that comes to $10.95 but well worth it in my opinion. Now, keep in mind that I have not tasted Zevia yet, but am putting my order in and can't wait (please note that I DO NOT sell Zevia or have any affiliation with them-just wanted to let everyone know about it because it sounds great). According to the Zevia website, Zevia contains none of the chemically processed artificial sugar substitutes, artificial flavors or artificial colors found in diet sodas. Zevia is all-natural, has five calories or less, and only 20 mg of sodium. You can visit their website at http://www.zevia.com/ to order and learn more. Also, for more information on the dangers of Aspartame and the wonders of Stevia please read my earlier posts.

Cheerios Circle of Helping Hearts

I had an email from a nice lady named Brie who offered me this great information and thought that I would pass it along.

Cheerios is raising money to provide cholesterol screenings for women in need. They actually did a survey recently that found while heart disease ranked highest (38%) in terms of chief health concerns among women; only 50 percent of women have had their cholesterol level checked in the past year. In fact, more women have checked their computer for viruses (78 percent), checked their tire pressure (56 percent) and checked the batteries in their smoke detector (53 percent) than have had their cholesterol level checked (50 percent). And women with low incomes are less likely than others to get their cholesterol checked.

The Cheerios Circle of Helping Hearts will raise money through specially marked boxes of Cheerios in which codes from boxes can be entered at cheerioscircleofhelpinghearts.com. For every person who enters a code at Cheerioshelpinghearts.com, $1 will be donated to WomenHeart to support women’s health education and provide cholesterol screenings for women in need. Cheerios will donate up to $300,000 to WomenHeart, the nation’s only patient advocacy organization serving women with heart disease.
Okay, I feel really guilty because I don't think I have ever had my cholesterol checked and now I guess I should.

Help Dolly the Dog Walk Again

I don't really do posts about donating or buying things to raise money for neglected and abused animals but this one struck a chord with me. I do a lot of independent animal rescue and take in anyone and everything that meanders to my house (my husband jokes that people know I will take them so just leave them in our yard). I have a 3 legged cat, a one eyed cat and one who can't walk from cerebral damage so I know all about how hard it is financially to help special needs animals. Anyway, the people that are trying to help this dog are actually rescue folks and once her surgeries have been completed they will find her a home. Another rescuer is selling human grade healthy dog cookies and for every 10 bags of cookies sold, she will donate 5 dollars to Lillian’s Dolly fund. The link is http://www.doreensdoggiedelights.com/ and I will list it on my blog links as well.

In January, Dolly was found in a 8'x8' pen full of feces. Her water bucket frozen, and the three sided lean to she lived under had fallen and cut part of her scalp off. She slept on wet straw. Her rescuers were told she was terribly timid and wouldn't come out, but after the daughter called her name she came to them and after being petted by loving hands she followed them everywhere. They took her home to have a chance to feel loved. The first month they had her, they tried everything they could to find medical help for her. In that time she totally blossomed . They were told she was hit by a car from her previous owners and they left her lay to see if she would live or die, she lived and had to suffer the pain of healing with these broken bones untreated all of this time, this happened at the young age of 10 to 12 weeks. The previous owners abandoned her last summer and the person her rescuers got her from took her in to keep her from getting shot from the other neighbors (who are these people?-karma will get them). Dolly is now in need of surgery to walk. To find out all about Dolly the dog (what began as a serious case of neglect and abuse but is getting a happy ending ) go to http://www.fundable.com/groupactions/groupaction.2008-04-03.5596675887. If you want to buy some cookies to help with funding or donate a little to help Dolly I am sure it would be much appreciated.

Again, I know this an unusual post but all are close to my heart and maybe yours too. My next post will be back to normal (whatever that is). I am thinking caffeine, detox, not sure yet but I will be back on track.




Anonymous said...
omigosh, I will have to try that because I too am a Diet Pepsi addict! I have been trying to quit for years and so far, no success. Thanks for the info!
Robin Plan said...
Heidi you've been tagged...Go here to check it out.

Love this post...
Sandpiper (Lin) said...
An interesting post,as always, Heidi. Thanks. As for Dolly, how can people be so cruel? I'll never understand it!

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