Foods To Help You Burn Fat Faster

Last month I received a copy of Good Housekeeping magazine in the mail. I found this very strange because I knew that I had not ordered it- if I was going to order a magazine it would be something more like People, US magazine or some tabloid trash that I adore. At first, I thought maybe it was a mistake and would have someone else's address on it, but it had my name and address. I still have not figured out this mystery but figure either one of me well intentioned friends or in-laws sent it in hopes I would become more of a homemaker (fat chance). The point of this is that I received another issue today and found this article that I loved and thought I would share with you. The article is about the top 7 super foods to eat to slim down faster. I'm always looking for help and thought these sounded great.

Super Foods To Rev Up Your Metabolism
**Tofu-is a good source of leucine-a friendly protein that helps you stay thin. Dietary leucine in tofu is an amino acid linked to maintaining muscle mass and reducing body fat during weight loss. I think that the extra firm tofu is the best so if you are new to tofu I would give this a shot first..

**Green Tea-has caffeine and catechins (plant nutrients) that might help raise your metabolic rate by up to 3.5 percent. So studies indicate that green tea may give you an increased metabolism, a positive effect on blood sugar and insulin regulation, and possibly the inhibiting of certain enzymes which are required for the processing of carbohydrates and fats. It is recommended to sip 32 ounces a day. I love green tea with a little Stevia-cold or hot!

**Lean Meats-are rich in protein, which takes more energy to digest than carbs or fats. Protein makes you feel satisfied too. (I'm a vegetarian but I refuse to be biased).

**Whole-Grain Cereal-complex carbs in the morning are a great way to fuel your body for the day ahead. I find that these also keep you fuller longer so you aren't apt to snack on unhealthy alternatives.

**Coffee-Caffeine speeds up your metabolism making it easier for us to burn more calories --- even while at rest, and coffee gives you more energy for a tougher workout that lasts longer, making it possible to burn more calories (if you exercise that is-I am still working on getting the exercise in).

**Low-Fat Dairy-it is packed with protein and helps build muscle and banish fat. Pls. keep in mind that due to all the bovine growth hormone in our dairy products I am not a big proponent of dairy unless it is organic and then I say proceed with some caution. Did you know that U.S. milk is banned in Europe because of the bgh hormone? Another scary food thought.

**Nuts-packed with protein and fiber, a handful (or entire jar a day in my case) at snack time keeps your body full. Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows that my number one diet secret is NUTS. I love them and it is the only way I can stay thin. Long live nuts!
ref for this article from my mysteriously appearing Good Housekeeping April 2008.




  1. That's it -- I'm not a coffee addict. I am a cardio vascular workout enthusiast.

    Now I can have that extra donut. This is the best news today.

  2. Thanks for the tips, today I am swearing off of sugar, even stevia(sp) starting for a week anyhow and will see how I go from there. I usually drink WAY to much coffee, it is decaf, but I only drink it for the cream and sugar I add. Not much but when you drink 8+ cups a day, NOT GOOD! I have been trying to take of the25-30lbs I put on over the last 5 yrs. Quit smoking about 8 yrs ago and even with the little bit of extra weight I feel better than ever, but NOW it is past time to get rid of this weight.. Thanks again for the pointers..

  3. Super article!!! My hubby and I are trying to eat healthy. It's worth walking past the cookies and donuts.

    Thanks for the great blog review.

    Hugs, JJ

  4. great article, thanks for sharing these tips!

  5. That's really neat... I've heard about green tea before, so I really wondered about it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I'm so glad you aren't bias against us meat eaters hehe.

    We finally got a treadmill recently and I LOVE it. I've wanted one forever, and I've been using it daily and can already feel a huge difference.

    Now I need to work on the diet. :)

  7. I've had almost everything on the list today, except for coffee, which I rarely drink. I bought tofu, extra firm at the store today for soup!

    Oh, on the mag subscription... you might want to call them up and see what's going on. Sometimes it can be a mistake and a bill follows!

    Happened to me once.

  8. love this!

    definitely gonna try to limit my future cereal to whole grain, get some Brazilian nuts (I love cashews, but I won't get it, or they'll be gone in a day!) & Lean Meats!!

    I tried being Vegetarian, didn't work. gosh I even got my college cook to start preparing me meals, when I could no longer do it, I'd sneak into my brothers suite & load on beef =/

  9. We all have our vices but you know we have to be able to have something we like but still feel good about giving our bodies their best too. I am with all of you on the exercise thing and taking off weight is HARD. Walking and the treadmillare my favorites because I am not coordinated and was always the one in the back of the class running into everyone else. We can all do this together!!

  10. Hey there, thanks for all of the great information. And thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog. Hope to see you again!

  11. Hi everyone! Cromley-I wish I was a cardio vascular enthusiast-O'm o jealous!
    Stacey-you look terrific in your picture and it sounds like you have alot of self control with the smoking and swearing off sugar-I wish I did! That's why I am always trying to find ways to have what I want and be healthy too.You'll lose the weight but I sure don't like doing it. Have you tried nuts, and low fat dairy?
    jj-Yes, it is but sometimes I have to have a cookie-will try to make some with stevia.
    bonghi natura-thanks for stopping by!
    April-I love green tea hot or cold and since I love sweets I put stevia in it and never know the difference. I hear it is good for fertility too!
    Chelle-no biaes to meat eaters I promise (my husband is one). I love the treadmill too. Great way to go at your own pace.
    Cynthia-good ideas all around. I will have to try tofu in soup. Do you have a recipe?
    ambrosiality-I love cashews too and eat them everyday. I'm glad you gave the vegetarian thing a try. Sounds like you have it together!

    Off to bed all!

  12. Hi Heidi!

    I have hope!!! Yes!!!! Can I just eat tofu forever and lose this flabs for good overnight? I wish...

    Thanks for this article...Keep posting!

  13. P.S.

    I am soooo printing this tonight and will post on my ref! Thanks again!

  14. Interestingly I find that having caffeine does sometimes help me workout harder (more so in weights workouts) and other times it's already got my heart going faster than normal so I can't push it is as hard as I'd like (in interval training, hill sprints etc.)
    I think different people have different reactions!


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