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Watch Out For This Undercover Villain Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts

While once again reading my favorite cookbook, “Eat, Shrink And Be Merry” by Janet and Greta Podleski I discovered a short snippet about one of worst villains that makes us fat-high-fructose corn syrup (aka HFCS). I had read in the past about about how to keep an eye out for it and so on but had really not realized how much it contributed to a big booty and belly.

“High-fructose corn syrup , the sweetener used to replace sugar in many processed is loved by manufacturers because it is cheap and doubly sweet. Research show that it’s more easily turned into fat than any other carbohydrate it also shuts off the switches that control appetite. In addition to this it boosts triglycerides (fatty compounds that circulate in the bloodstream and are stored in fat tissue) by as much as 32%. That is just asking for trouble!!

High-fructose corn syrup is found everywhere and I mean everywhere-soft drinks, juice, candy, barbecue sauce, fruit-flavored yogurt and in some breakfast cereals. Over the past 15 years, North American consumption has increased by 250% so watch out. The best way that you can combat the evils of high-fructose corn syrup is to read the labels carefully on any foods that you buy. If high-fructose corn syrup, fructose or glucose/fructose appears near the top of the ingredient lists then you may want to think twice about eating or drinking it.”


Sandi said...
I think it's in the vitamin water I just wrote about. I am just never sure. They have those commercials now justifying it. I realize it's not healthy to consume a lot of this stuff. I don't know what to drink that is healthy anymore. lol I hate water. =/
tashabud said...
Hi Heidi,
I really haven't been reading to see what kind of sweetener is used in the foods that I'm eating. But for two weeks now, I've been reducing my sweet consumption, so I hope I'm reducing much from the fructose kind also.

Have a great day,
ssgreylord said...
high fructose corn syrup-what a stinker! I have noticed it's everywhere too. but barbecue sauce- c'mon!
Sadie said...
I really try to avoid the stuff! I hate those commercials. They're so silly! I'm really bummed cause I just bought a whole bunch of Yoplait yogurt and it's so good - but it has HFCS in it. It's the only thing I eat all day with it in it, though, so I think I might be okay if I watch it... I don't know.
betchai said...
yes, i too think that HFCS should be eliminated as sweetener additive, I usually avoid products containing this, but sometimes, finding an alternative is hard to find :( thankfully, i am not a juice, jam, jelly, soft drink, barbeq sauce person. but then, i do have ice cream sometimes too, most ice cream have high fructose corn syrup as well.
Dorothy said...
Hello and thanks for visiting grammology

this is a wonderful blog and I'll be back.

Dorothy from grammology
Maria said...
Hi Heidi,

I planned to write a post tonight accepting your award which I am so proud of and appreciate so much, but I got some very bad news today and will do it this weekend instead. Thanks SO much again and hope you are doing well.
Ryan said...
I always wondered why they always had commercials running about why that stuff isn't bad. I figured they were defending themselves from something, why else defend yourself? I guess the moral of the story is, use the corn syrup for gas, not extra thigh flab.
Mike Foster said...
Eat natural, stay away from the sweets, and livelife...365.

Steve Borgman said...
Great point! Yesterday, after eating some waffles for dinner (there was not much in the fridge), I felt that I needed to balance it out. I stopped by Whole Foods and found some Bare Naked Power Green Juice. The selling point? "No corn syrup!"
BeadedTail said...
Great post because HFCS is something we should certainly look out for but tend to ignore. I had heard about the negative aspects of it but had become lax about watching for it. Thanks for the reminder!
Bill said...
I agree Hedi i try and not eat anything with high sugar in it. Some times i miss up but i try not to LOL. Take care
Duni said...
I always wondered what that was. I have found it in a lot of products, especially ready-made sauces!
This is a biggie for me. I try to stay away from it as much as possible.. But like you said, It is in soo many things!

And thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, I am trying to snap out of this funk that I am in.. I think I just need a few days of R and R!!
jacqueline said...
Funny you are writing about this topic. I had my husband to buy me some clear bottled tea for our picnic at the lake. (Normally he reads the ingredients, but I guess this time he was in a hurry to get something to eat.)

Well, you probably already guessed what I found in my light tea which the company promotes as being all natural...HFCS. I was very disappointed that once again the poor folks who are not informed will suffer the consequences.
EastCoastLife said...
*rushes to check my cornflakes, yogurt, juices*
foongpc said...
Yes, I do notice high fructose corn syrup at the top of the ingredient list in a lot of food! I try to stay away from such products. It's just best to eat natural food and not those that are processed.
Dori said...
Great advice...we so have to watch what we eat :-) Have a great weekend!
Shinade said...
Hi Heidi,

Great advice and one my daughter preaches about all the time also!!:-)
Bill said...
Hi Hedi just dropping by to see you again. Have a great weekend.
Just wanted to say thank you to all of you loyal commentors. I smile everytime I see you on here!!!
Cascia said...
High fructose corn syrup is nasty. When I want to cut down on the sugar I use Splenda. Great information. I love that cookbook!
skywind said...
Yes, lose weight is a big problem. Relating to all aspects of too many.
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Bill said...
Hi Hedi Happy Sunday. Thanks for adding you link to my list. See ya around.
Heidiiii! Funny, I can't imagine you ever having a big booty! :D

Yes, this culprit is everywhere. We've grown up on it, really. Every cereal and treat I had as a kid had high fructose corn syrup in it.
I think, though, we didn't consume as much of it (and other foods) as people do now. That's why you see far more obesity these days than you did 20, 30+ years ago. In the past, people actually exercised some restraint! :)
Tey said...
I really think its good to be on the natural side and when I start craving for sweets I turn to fruits. its healthier. But I admit once in a while I cheat
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JamieLynn said...
I used to have terrible soda cravings that turned into a bad habit of drinking way too much of the stuff... until I spent last summer in Norway (I'm from the US). The soda there didn't seem to have the same... geez, I would almost say addictiveness and I was able to ditch the habit easily. The soda brands were exactly the same but comparing labels, there was one difference: the US soda is made with HFCS, the soda in Norway is made with sugar. I've been avoiding HFCS ever since ^-^
ssgreylord said...
by the way, went out for groceries the other day and half my items i had to throw out of the cart due to this evil little creature, corn syrup. ugh!

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