I used to always say "EGGS PLEASE GO AWAY" but now looking at the scale they can STAY! If you want to lose pounds quick then eggs are the way! HOORAY!

 An Egg A Day Makes My Belly Look Okay!

I am just going to say it loud and clear..... I DESPISED eggs. Yes, completely and absolutely despised them and it all comes down to being on a ferry in England as a child and the only thing they had to eat was a runny egg. My mom made me eat it  (that entire unfanciful tale is for another time) and since then I have sworn them off but now well things have changed a bit.  I am always looking for a quick way when I am in a pinch to take off a few pounds and have known that eggs are a good way to do it. Desperation came calling when my Schmancy Pancy Christmas dress would not zip and then the horror of once I had it half on I could not get it off ( I think most of us have been there and even in a dressing room which is the most terrifying). So an unlikely hero emerged ...kind of like when Tarzan saved Jane . Eggs are Tarzan and Jane sadly was me.  Okay so enough of that and to what I did.  I looked everywhere for recipes to make eggs that did not taste like eggs and found several great ideas.  I ate eggs and salads with boiled eggs and that was it for 4 days (okay and well a few chocolates) and lost wait for it........3lbs.

I made these incredible egg pancakes which consisted of (and this is approximate bc I am in no way a cook or measurer) one egg, a teaspoon of cream cheese and 2 packets of sugar substitute (I used Stevia).  I put them in my blender and then in a pan and fried them up . They looked like a pancake and with the Stevia in them had a sweet taste.  I also made omelets with lots of cheese and veggies and salads with boiled eggs and low carb, low calorie dressings.  I saw that there is something called a 3 day egg diet so you could google that but the idea behind it is that eggs are full of protein, low or no carbohydrates and do not raise your blood sugar so are ideal for helping to lose weight.  There are a variety of ways to eat eggs and as long as you are light on the cheese and heavy toppings they are great for weight loss.  I had to find a way for me to be able to eat them and not have them taste like eggs so this worked for me.  I have heard of people doing a 3 or 4 day egg diet to boost their weight loss when at a plateau but cannot say if that works. This worked for me so thought I would share. I am not a nutritionist or have any medical training but just sharing what helps me in a I have to get into this dress kind of bind.  I would not advise eating eggs like this for a long term.  I think I may do this every month to get things going after overdoing chocolate which is my weak spot.  I had about 8-10 eggs a day and now my belly and booty are looking okay.

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