Eat Some Red Cabbage And Lose Some Of That Baggage!! Delicious And Healthy! Oh And A Recipe Too!

I have gotten really lazy lately at blogging but trying to get back into the swing of things!  I found this incredible recipe at: that I actually for once made and followed their directions and not mine which usually end up with a complete kitchen disaster.  I am no chef and so this was quite a feat for me even though it was so simple.  I have been trying to come up with tasty ways to eat my vegetables healthy!  So if you are looking for a simple, healthy and delicous way to change up your veggies I recommend the above recipe and site.  I love her ideas!!!!!

And to think I never thought twice about red cabbage until now and cannot get enough and not only is it delicious but very nutritious just look at all the benefits of this beautiful vegetable (I mean who else has quite that color and design-she is the prom queen of veggies:).

Eat Your Red Cabbage and Lose Some Of That Baggage!

-Red cabbage is rich in vitamins A, C, and E which boosts immunity, helps in oxidation (which delays the aging process) and helps maintain clear eyesight as well as moisturization keeping your skin smooth and supple!

-Anthochyanins and Indoles have both been linked to helping protect your body from cancer and red cabbage has both!!

-No more icky ulcers-Red cabbage has for many years been used in the treatment of ulcers in the form of it's juice!!! It has a large concentration of the amino acid glutamine that is a helpful healing property.


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