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Coffee And Tea I Love You Cause You Protect Me! And MMMMMMMM You Are Dellicious!

Coffee and Tea-Have Some With ME!

Great news for all of us who enjoy their daily dose of coffee and tea!!! According to Australian researchers subjecs lowered their risk of type 2 diabetes by 7 percent for every cup of coffee they drank regardless of whether it was decaf or regular (the benefits topped out at six cups per day). And those who sipped three to four cups per day of black tea daily, reduced their diabetes risk by a whopping 25 percent!!!

The reason: plant compounds found in the beverages, such as lignans and chlorogenic acid, optimize insulin production and help keep blood sugar steady.

Source: For Women First April 2010

Wooohooooo!!! Now go and enjoy some black tea or coffee!

Also, I wish all who celebrate Easter to have a great one and to all those who don't I wish you a wonderful weekend as well!!!!


elegantnodes said...
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John A Hill said...
Heidi, I am a self admitted coffee snob. I love a good medium or bold roast. I grind the beans just prior to brewing and have an array of brewing devices--French press, espresso maker, drip brewer. I generally drink 5-6 cups per day (a pot of decaf is brewing as I type) along with the occasional hot cup of Earl Grey or green tea.

Thanks for the info and a Happy Easter weekend to you, as well!
Acadia said...
Heidi - when are you going to do your gallery sign pic? Also - if coffee keeps diabetes away then I am wayyyyy safe!
Jacqueline said...
Ahhhh, dry roasted coffee smells so good. I wonder if the aroma has any benefits. :-)
JP said...
Heidi, This is great news. I love coffee, used to take 3 - 4 times a day. Thanks for sharing this info. :-)
VetTech said...
I was always told that caffeine could spike blood sugar...so confusing!
betchai said...
i drink coffee only on weekends, however, i am having cold right now, and i don't drink coffee without milk, and i notice whenever i drink with milk, my barking becomes more often :(

hope the cough and cold goes away so I can enjoy coffee with milk again :)
Unknown said...
Heidi - Hallo and Happy Easter to you and your family! :)

I think coffee and especially tea are very under-rated when it comes down to health. Probably their main asset is the fact that they help with stress levels. Tea especially helps with hydration and keeping the bowels regular. More recently their have been reports of Oolong tea helping to get rid of rashes and also chronic eczema and dermatitis. There are obviously many more things that we haven't found out about these drinks that we merely take for granted!!
Michelle said...
I love my 1-2 cups of Chocolate Glazed Doughnut coffee by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is actually good for me :)
eastcoastlife said...
I drink a cup of tea with milk and sugar daily. I should omit the milk and sugar. :P

I should switch to Chinese tea.
Cascia Talbert said...
That is great news! I drink a lot of coffee.
Hi, Heidiiiiii!

I don't drink coffee, but I do like to nosh on those crisp, crunchy coffee beans! yum!
So, since I'm taking it in its purest form, I'm guessing you can increase that percentage to at least 75% for me! lol!
Take care, and hope your year is going well! :)
Ayie said...
i better have my coffee again and tea!

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