Stomach Shrinker Soak And Have An Omelet To Focus Better!

I was reading the April 2010 edition of the magazine First for Women and found these two neat and nautral fixes for a couple common problems. Both are easy and extremely doable!

Citrusy Soak A Tummy Shrinker!

Is your stomach feeling a little bloated? Heres a quick and relaxing way to help you out! Soak in a bath containing five drops of orange essential oil. The warm water will open pores while the oil draws out fat-trapping toxins!

An Omelet A Day Will Help Your Focus Stay!

Having a hard time focusing? Then you might want to start your day with a breakfast rich in tyrosine. The amino acid heightens alerness and increases multitasking ability according to researchers the University of Illinois at Chicago. Top sources of tyrosine include eggs, milk, cheese, bananas and almonds. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Love finding stuff like this that is not too difficult! Going to try the citrus soak tonight!!!


  1. thanks again for these wonderful tips Heidi, should really have those tyrosine in the morning, as i need really to focus :)

  2. Hi Heidi!
    I gotta try this one. Thanks for another tidbit. lol

  3. hello..greetings to u.. coming by to visit u for the first time.. hope u drop by at mine too.. thanks..

  4. Heidi:

    I don't now if I've told you lately, but you give the greatest dietary advice of anyone on the planet. Too bad I can't eat dairy products. That's is, except chicken!!! LOL. Otherwise, I'd be right in there.

    Take care, and remember . . .

    Happy trails.

  5. oranges can do that? great i will too to trim my post pregnancy tummy =)

  6. Heidi, have you tried the citrus soak? Let us know if you do...very curious.

  7. Thanks for the info. An Omelet a day really helps(-:


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