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Best News! Caffeine Prevents Skin Cancer!! Don't Go Crazy With The Coffee Though

I have always considered caffeine to be one of my weaknesses. First thing in the morning I grab a cup of hot green tea and then another and another and another until I feel like I can finally get moving. I keep telling myself that I should buy the decaffeinated kind but honestly I love how it perks me up and now I have even more reason to not feel so guilty about my love of caffeine. I recently stumbled across this article here about how caffeine may prevent skin cancer and found this really interesting. Chocolate has caffeine, right? I must be in heaven!

"Caffeine is starting to get attention because it may prevent skin cancer as discussed in the February issue of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. Consumption of caffeine has been shown to be associated with lower incidences of nonmelanoma skin cancers in several epidemiological studies (Jacobsen et al., 1986; Hakim et al., 2000; Abel et al., 2007; Rees et al., 2007).

One study of over 93,000 women showed that drinking coffee decreased their risk of skin cancer. Other research suggests that both oral and topical caffeine may offer powerful anticarcinogenic benefits."

I must say that as always moderation is the key here so while caffeine does have its benefits everything has to be balanced.

Happy Mothers Day To All The Mothers, and Grandmothers !


John A Hill said...
Topical caffeine--coffee bath anyone?

Happy Mother's Day, Heidi.
BeadedTail said...
Interesting! I can't stand coffee but tea and chocolate I can do!
betchai said...
thanks for sharing the good news, Heidi. I do drink tea and coffee, but in moderation, like one glass of tea a day, and coffee on weekends only.Chocolates, when I crave, which is not really every week. But with this good news, hehehe, maybe, I can have some more chocolates.
JP said...
This is great news. Thanks for sharing.
vettech said...
Fantabulous news! Latte's for everyone! I too wonder if they mean topical rather than ingesting though. I know they have also done studies on caffeine & L-Carnitine used topically for cellulite reduction with some promising results. Happy Mother's Day!
eastcoastlife said...
I don't drink coffee and only a cup of tea a day. So I need more caffeine. :P

Happy Mother's Day, Heidi!
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Am just making my presence felt, my friend.

Thanks for the insightful post. It is interestingly innovative. May I be so privileged to follow your every post? I have been dropping your EC. Hope you're in the best of health.
foongpc said...
I have read good things as well as bad things about caffeine. So I think you are right - drink coffee and eat those chocolates in moderation. Moderation is the key : )
Very interesting post ~ I had a very rare cancer 4 yrs. ago - below my voice box! Also have had one basil-cell skin cancer on my arm 1 yr. ago (my parents had both had melanomas) I do like coffee, so will have to check into this more! What would topical caffeine be found in??
oooh, Heidi, this is good news for me! I am crazy for coffee, but get this; I like to eat it!
(don't tell anybody! ;) )
I buy coffee beans unground and love to snack on them. I try not to eat them too often, though, because I'm sure that too much would NOT be good for me.
But hey, now I'm thinking that at least it might keep that skin cancer far away! ;)
tashabud said...
It's good to know that caffiene has some health benifits. I drink a cup of coffee at work and eat some chocolates, so I hope that will help protect me from having skin cancer. I also drink some tea every now and then.

Thanks for the info.
Alan said...
Wierd how every decade, what was once bad for us, is now good for us.

Diet soft drinks have been bad for us in every decade...hint hint
Soge shirts said...
Awesome I love green tea. Hope you had a happy mothers day Heidi. I'm starting to eat healthy (more fruits, veggies, green tea, multi grain bread etc) and have never felt better. Your blog inspired me.
Maria said...
I can't imagine my mornings without my two cups of coffee. I do like green tea and your article has me thinking that I should and could make the switch. Happy Mothers Day!
Steve Borgman said...
It sounds like cutting down on the coffee and increasing the tea intake would be a nice, balanced way to get my caffeine and protect my skin :)
Bill said...
That would be me Hedi i am a caffeine freak. At least its legal right LOL. See ya my friend.
Unknown said...
This is good news for coffee drinkers like myself:) I also consider a regular relaxation massager to keep my skin in tiptop shape:)
Unknown said...
Hi Heidi

What would you suggest would be a good food that would fit the Fast Food Restaurants type outlet that kids inevitably love ie Chicken Nuggets

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