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Give These Red Foods A try For A Healthier You!

Red is one of my favorite colors and I always associate it with something vibrant and wonderful so it would only make sense that eating the below super foods can lower your risk of hear disease and certain cancers.

Give These Red Foods A try For A Healthier You!

Raspberries-A Dutch study found that these can have more than eight times the heart-healthy antioxidants of broccoli.

Strawberries-Having at least a cup a week may make you less likely to have elevated C-reactive protein, a heart disease risk factor.

Tomatoes-A diet rich in tomatoes may be linked to a lower risk of lung and breast cancer.

Red Wine-Antioxidants found in red wine help to protect the lining of blood vessels, guarding against heart disease, research suggests. Just keep it to no more than one glass a day.

Red Peppers-Just a half cup fills your daily needs for vitamin C an antioxidant that may help prevent cancer.

Kidney Beans-High in protein and iron, these are also packed with fiber, which can help lower cholesterol.

Beets-These sweet veggies may help prevent colon cancer. Saute in olive oil or steam them for a colorful side dish.

source-Glamour October 2008

I can pretty much go for all of these except the beets. I have some aversion to beets but the others all seem delicious so give these a try and be good to yourself!


Bonnie Story said...
Kidney beans with a splash of Italian dressing is a fantastic snack! Fiber to the max. I never make green salads for us without kidney beans on top (dressing-drenched of course.) Also I'm glad you mentioned the news about raspberries. I'm planting a berry patch and they will be in it!! Nice pic of you and your health buddy, it's a good incentive to get fit and stay that way!! Nice blog. Bonnie
Bill said...
Hi Hedi i enjoy all these items and use them a lot. I do my own cooking because i used to be a professional cook. BTW you look great in the picture with you health buddy. Have a great one.
I like almost all of those!
Sandi said...
I love all of them but the beets and red peppers. It's too good to be true. haha
betchai said...
He Heidi, nice to see you back. I also like your new picture with your friend. About the items in the list, I like them all, but I could not drink any wine, I don't know, even very little sips give me a very painful and throbbing headache, me and my migraines won't let me enjoy some drink :(

Thanks for the sharing.
Sicilian said...
I can skip the beets, but do love the rest of the red vegies.
foongpc said...
Oh, all red! So prosperous! Haha! Chinese always associate the colour red with prosperity.

Have you heard of dragonfruit? It's also red in colour and it's one of my favourite fruit! I think only found in tropical countries.
Davida said...
You had me right up until beets. Yuck! I wished I liked them because they are so nutritious, but I can't even stand the smell. I'll take a second helping of strawberries instead.

BeadedTail said...
I learn some great information about these foods - thanks for tips! My grandma used to make pickled beets and they were so good. I'm not sure if pickling makes them not so healthy but I don't care for non-pickled beets now.
Unknown said...
I eat most of these, need to add more berries. Wine? Guess I'll stick with my grape juice (it's almost red).

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PYNTK said...
Beets are not my favorite either. You and your friend are glowing. Stay healthy! :-)
tashabud said...
Hi Heidi,
Love your new pix with your friend. Love all the fruits. I've never had beets, so I wouldn't know what it tastes like. I shall try it at least once, so I know, huh?

I can go for some red wine also. However, I only drink them once or twice a year, if at all.

Cascia Talbert said...
Great tips! I love most of those foods. My favorite is raspberries. Thank you for sharing!
Anonymous said...
Thanks for the great advice. I'm happy to say I like all of these red foods even beets.

I like all your new photos you've posted on your site lately!
Robin Boland said...
Hi Heidi,
Red is my favorite color. Thanks for sharing this red list of healthy foods with us. I never did like the word cancer. I am not fond of beets either, but I do enjoy Strawberries, Tomatoes and the kidney beans. I like your health buddy picture. You really look great! :-)
Dori said...
Great tips! I love most of these too. I especially love strawberries and tomatoes. Love your new photo! :-) Have a great weekend.
riablahgs said...
As always, you give the wisest and best advise there is in healthy living :)

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ssgreylord said...
these are easy ones... never knew how much i liked the color red too! ;)
Gregorio said...
I'm not a picky eater and don't really know of a vegetable I won't eat.Just so happens that I like red also.I have to say I'm happy to find out that these are all good for me.I like the whole list and beets,pickled are awesome.Thanks for all of your health tips.
Anonymous said...
Hi Heidi, I am so glad that most of red foods in your list are my favorite! Okay, I will cook some tomatoes for my lunch! :)
Hot Rocks said...
Love them all except for the beets!
Louise Wedgwood said...
And don't forget chillies! For their vitamin C and capsaicin (some evidence it boosts your metabolism)
Anonymous said...
Hi Heidi,
We try to incorporate as many bright colored fruits and vegetables into our diet as possible. Great post.
Anonymous said...
Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work..Do find time to drop by my site and post your views... Take care.. Cheers mate!!!
Beth said...
Hello Heidi, Happy Saturday to you :) I am glad I stopped by your blog before going Grocery Shopping. I almost forgot to put Raspberries and Strawberry on my list :)

Have a fantastic weekend!
Grace said...
Hi Heide, it's nice to be back here. :)
Anonymous said...
Heidi, you always look like such a party girl in your pics! You seem to be having a great time enjoying a good social life, even as a Mom! You go, girl! :)

Yeah, the beets will NOT be on my grocery list either! eecchhh! But I did have some really good raspberries the other day! :)
I get a lot of tomatoes and red peppers in my diet. However, I do enjoy eating rasberries and strawberries so I might try having these a bit more often.

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