And The Award Goes To.........

I love it when I receive awards for my blog! I am so excited because I have been given a couple awards by two of the blogs that I have followed for at least a year and that I love. Regina at Regina's Family Seasons has flattered me by thinking of my blog and giving it the "Your Blog is Fabulous!" award. I first started reading Regina's blog because her complete and absolute honesty and commitment to family and what was right pulled me in. She is a stellar person whom I admire so this is very special.

My second award came from a wonderful blogging friend who is always so wonderful in giving me advice on blogging and takes time out to answer any questions I have and offer her opinion. Polly at Random Ramblings writes with a true flair and her beautiful pictures of nature, her cat, and a wide variety of very enticing subjects always keeps me coming back for more. Polly has awarded me with the, "You Make My Day Award", and the "Blog Love Award". These ladies represent the top tier of bloggers so I encourage all of you to please stop by their blogs-you will love them and adore these ladies as I do!

This is a fairly easy one, the rules are...

1. You need to list 5 Addictions that you have.
2. You have to pass this Tag to five (5) or more people with fabulous Blogs.
Here are my 5 addictions:

1.) Chocolate-I don't think addiction even
begins to describe it.
2.) My Girls
3.) Diet Pepsi
4.) The Beach
5.) Blogging

Now for the hard part-who do I pass these on too? I detest choosing, I really, really do because I could choose 100 blogs at least but alright. Here are blogs that I love and learn from and I hope you will too-

1.) gLorR!e at Fit4All
2.) Heather at Azure Island Designs
3.) foongpc at My Very First Blog
4.) Sicilian at Everything You Wanted To Know About Italians But Were Afraid To Ask
5.) East Coast Life

There are a couple other fabulous bloggers who honored me with awards and I will have those up next week as well. Please check out these sites and see for yourself why I love them and thank you Regina and Polly!!!

P.S. Next week I am going to tell you about my Vita-Mix 5200 blender that I love and give you some of my favorite recipes!!! I keep saying I am going to write about it but then I keep trying more things and think oh well just one more thing to try to write about but I have some really easy, healthy and delicious things I have created with this one of a kind machine!


  1. I have an addiction to chocolates and blogging too.
    Thanks for choosing my blog for the award. :)

  2. i am honored to received award from you and i am looking forward of your Vita-Mix 5200 with the recipes. I'll do the award when i feel better i can't stay longer the pc for now.. Have a great weekend!:)

  3. Thanks for the awards! Gosh, I guess I really have to dedicate one post in my blog to all those awards and tags which are piling up on my shelf! LOL! Really nice of you to think of me! : )

  4. I'm so glad that you enjoy Sicilian's blog.
    I'm looking forward to your Vita-mix recipes. We seem to use ours just for smoothies and run in streaks of using it and then long times of not using it.

  5. That's awesome, Heidi! Congratulations on the recognition, that is always s nice. Oh, and I am with you on the chocolate, especially dark chocolate for me!

  6. I have tried and tried to kick my Diet Pepsi addiction ...
    No luck!
    I try to keep myself satisfied with one bottle a day.
    This seems to work.
    Congrat's on your awards :-)

  7. I'm surprised a health nut wannabee like you is addicted to chocolate and not green tea! I notice that even diet Pepsi beat it out, ha ha.

  8. congratulations heidi, with the wealth of healthy information you are giving to us you really deserve more awards.

  9. Health Mamma . . . . I am flattered. . . can't wait to hear about your Vita Mix. . . . I watched the demonstration at the State Fair this year. . . it is a cool machine.

  10. Congrats on the awards, well deserved!
    And I will be interested on your post about the blender..Ours actually broke during our move, so maybe with you giving some healthy (well, of course!) recipes, it will give me the motivation to actually buy another one!

  11. Chocolate is not an addiction, it's a lifestyle heheh. Congrats your blog is fabulous!

  12. Congratulations Heidi!! I have to do an awards post tomorrow too. They have been hanging around for a week now!
    I hope you're having a lovely Sunday!:-)

  13. Congrats! I just left you an award on my blog too! lol Don't feel oblicated to post it unless you have time. :)

  14. Hi Heidi! Congrats on all your awards. You are well-deserving of these. Your blog is indeed fabulous!

  15. Hello Heidi,
    Congratulations! I must say that you and your blog are very deserving of those awards.

    I'll be looking forward to your vitamix recipes.


  16. Hey Heidi!
    Congrats on those awards. I can't wait to see your favorite recipe post. :-)

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    I hope you could bid ads on any of my 4 blog since this contest will bring more traffic to my sites.

    thanks again and see you at my contest :)

  18. Congratulations Heidi! You deserve these awards so much. Your blog is a great resource. You're really helping me out girl ;-) Keep up the great work!

  19. Congratulations on your award. You deserve it!

  20. Congratulate heidi!

    You got so many awards, And You really worth them!

    I also has a award for you, Because I think you are a passionate blogger:

    Are You A Passionate Blogger?

    Hope you like it!

  21. Congrats to you my friend!! You are so welcome and thank you for the beautiful and kind words! I am so flattered!
    You are fabulous indeed!

  22. Pepsi! I thought you kicked the habit!

  23. Congratulations Heidi!
    you deserve them all. Your blog is fantastic!

  24. Congratulations Heidi...and thank you for considering me worthy!!!

    I too love chocolate and diet Pepsi...the chocolate has only been for the last 5 years or so but the diet Pepsi has been for just about for ever!!!!!!

    I was tagged a couple of weeks ago so I will have to dedicate one post to the next few days!!! :0)



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