Think Meat Will Help You Lose Weight? Maybe You Should Think Again!

This is the part 2 promised from my last post and is from Kim Klaver's blog (and my personal hero). As I mentioned before, Kim and Dr. Heidi ( I have met them both in my quest for better health and they are the real thing) are my amazing in their knowledge of nutrition and what works and does not work to lose weight and stay healthy. They bypass all the hoopla and commercialism and give you the truth.

Now not to get into my own personal thoughts too much (well it is my blog so maybe just a little) I would like to say that I completely oppose (find them the worst of the worst) factory farms which is where most commercial burgers and meats come from (remember I am a vegetarian). On a humane note, the animals are treated horribly (and horribly is a nice way to put it as I have seen videos that still make me cry when I think of them) and on a health note as you will see you are not doing your body any benefit by eating it. Kim gives you a healthier alternative for you carnivores.

Warning: These Meats are fattening.
by Kim Klaver

Most folks think meat is good if you want to lose weight. (90% - 208 - of 228 respondents said so on our recent survey.)

But alas...

Big Fat Surprise #3:
Most meat is fattening.
Meats are not created equal.
Nor are chickens, turkeys, fish, eggs and dairy.

We compare two burgers: An industrial burger and a grassfed burger.

They may look the same, but one is fattening and the other is reducing. Yes, assume you are eating either one WITHOUT the BUN.
An industrial burger is fattening.
Its grassfed counterpart is reducing.
Here's why the industrial burger is fattening. It has:
  • An abnormal amount of total and saturated fat: 4 to 6 times more total fat and twice as much saturated fat as grassfed.
  • Hardly any omega 3 fats – the type of fat that burns fat, like salmon has. Omega 3 naturally present in cow fat plummets in the feedlot – the longer the cow is in the feedlot, the lower the omega 3 content.
  • Excessive amounts of omega 6 fats – the fats found in corn oil that are correlated with obesity and diabetes.
  • High level of toxins: growth hormone, antibiotics, pesticides and genetically modified organisms. (Toxins are fattening. See Fat Surprise #4, coming soon.)
  • In industrial feedlots cows sleep in deep piles of manure – a source of bacteria that may end up in our hamburgers. They are fed synthetic nitrogen, chicken litter, blood and fat products of other slaughtered cattle, along with as much corn as they can stand. Cows naturally eat grass, not corn. Corn messes up their digestive systems, causing all kinds of disease requiring antibiotics and other medication – which end up in our steaks and burgers. "A growing body of research suggests that many problems associated with eating beef are really problems with corn-fed beef ." (Pollan 2008, p.75)
On the other hand, grassfed meats come from cows that eat grass – food they’re made to eat and digest. They stay healthy, and develop ideal amounts of total fats and the essential omega 3 and 6 fats. Grassfed meats are a boon to folks who don’t like fish, because they provide the omega 3s that we prize in fish.
There are similar differences in the weight loss effects of industrial versus pastured chickens and turkeys, and farmed versus wild fish. I often tell my students that when they eat farmed fish, they might as well be eating a feedlot cow.
Other products from grassfed and industrial animals are also wildly different in the nutrition they offer.
Milk, butter and cream from grassfed cows can help burn fat and build muscle. They contain CLA, a type of fat that causes that to happen. (see Tom, 1977 in Robinson, p 20). Grassfed milk has 5 times more CLA than industrial milk.
Bottom line, meat lovers; meat shunners.
Industrial animal farming has spawned an industrial food syndrome epidemic – folks who are obese, diabetic, and prone to heart disease, cancer, asthma and arthritis.
The reaction against cruelty to animals and dangers to human health from industrial food has given vegetarianism new life. Even Michael Pollan who started out as an omnivore, advises us on the cover of his newest book:

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”.

But we need not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Instead, we say:

“Eat food, low carb, grassfed and wild.” And of course, eat real fat.

Great advice! Dr. Heidi has an extreme regime weight loss program that gives results and is highly affordable while keeping you healthy. Please see my last post for more information or email me!


  1. Heidi, as often as we can we purchase beef raised by hormones or antibiotics, grass fed or at least minimal grains. The meat really does taste better and is very low in fat. We also buy raw milk from a local farmer that keeps his cows happy. They produce more milk with good fat.

    I've been reading more on saturated fats and it seems that there is a move back towards saturated fats and away from vegetable oils. It makes sense that since we produce saturated fats, we are programed to metabolize saturated fats. Coconut oil and olive oil are good saturated fats for non-meat eaters.

    Anyways, I was wondering about you thoughts on this.


  2. It is my duty to read every entry here because i will learn so many things regarding health however sometimes i fail to do so..i will surely do when time allows me..:) Happy Weekend!:)

  3. Interesting facts...
    I do agree it comes down to the type of protein we consume...


  4. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.
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  5. I'm not a big meat eater, but my family is.

  6. Wow, the things they don't tell us about what we eat!! Thank you, Heidi, for this. I have learned valuable information, as usual. :)

  7. my family is a big meat eater too, and it's good to know about this. now i should be more careful when buying meats.

  8. Yahoo!!! Thanks for writing about this!!! I keep writing about grass-fed versus feedlot in my blog but I don't know if anybody even reads any of it...You are absolutely correct, and this is a VERY important issue. If someone is going to eat meat, and we know people are, they should eat meat from happy grass-fed animals that at least are slaughtered humanely.

  9. Good luck to you,
    welcome to my blog.

  10. I am not a meat lover but some members of my family are. You post really interesting and helpful, Heidi.

  11. This was a really informative post...thanks so much for putting it out there!!

    Also, I've left you another award over on my blog..

    Have a great weekend!
    Take Care,

  12. Nice blog Heidi very good information too here.
    Hey, just pass on my blog and relax a bit!

  13. This is the most important point that meat lovers should really take note. Eat only grassfed, organic meat and NOT industrial meat. A huge difference to weight loss and health. I hope more people are aware of this!

  14. Great post. I love Kim and Dr Heidi. These are two people who've really helped improve all our health and our knowledge about health.

    I don't eat meat, but my children do. Now we buy only grass fed beef or animals who live happy lives. Even my 15 year old can tell the difference in his overall health. Thanks Heidi!

  15. Health Nut:

    Great advice. But I Believe that all meat is bad for you. The body simply doe not need animal fat. You can get it all from plants. I stay clear of meat and dairy products, except in bread. I do eat bread, but I always eat it with a fresh, leafy salad.

    Happy trails.

  16. another great post Heidi, very helpful and informative. i totally agree with feedlot vs grass fed, grass fed are very lean and tastes a lot better, I grew up in the Philippines where we grow our own chicken, the first time I tasted a poultry farmed egg, I thought it does not have taste at all. However, I can live without meat but can not live without vegetables and rice and fruits, my reason is more about my taste buds finding the vegetables and fruits a lot tastier.

  17. I became a vegetarian again after being one for years previously and have never felt better. Great post!

  18. We do eat meat, but in small amounts. No where near the way we used to. The grass fed, organic does taste so much better, and is better for you. Just like fresh food tastes better and is better for you than packaged prepared fake foods.

    I was reading a menu from a steakhouse over the weekend. The smallest offering was 8 oz. The largest? 32 oz. Why? That's insane!It's still hard to find reasonable portions when you eat out - even at the restaurants that serve grass fed meats.

  19. Milk, butter and cream from grassfed cows can help burn fat and build muscle. They contain CLA, a type of fat that causes that to happen.

  20. Great health comes along with great exercise. Having a steady maintained diet along with a daily routine of exercising can sometimes seem a bit too hectic to lay on someone since everybody's got a hard work schedule and it just seems impossible to keep up with it. But, that's where people get it twisted. That's how I thought when I was younger. But as time progressed, I needed to progress as well. So I did it. I made time for a my meals, my exercising routines, and of course my life of working. And let me tell you what, it worked! Number one thing that the Most Successful people in the world share in common is time management. I'm not asking you to re-route your daily life, but take no more than 1 minute to think about what it is you want, and 3 minutes to literally sit down and plan it out for ahead of time! Trust me, you will most definitely see results :)

  21. Great read there Heidi what's that saying welcome to a harsh reality or something.... I'm not sure but reading your post certainly did that in a positive way... it truly is amazing the crap we put into our body's witthout realising exactly what's in it...


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