Could This Be Why You Are Not Losing Weight????

For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis you know that I have in my life tried just about every eating plan and diet out there as being thin and maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important to me. I have learned the most from Dr. Heidi and Kim Klaver who have taught me how to be thin and healthy. I wanted to share this latest post Kim wrote as I found it extremely interesting and hope you do too! Check out Kim at
Inside Whole Food Nation

By Kim Klaver

I'll assume that you are health-conscious - you do not eat at McDonald's regularly, and know that pizza, chips, sodas and candy are fattening.
Plus you may have a hard time fitting in exercise. If that's you...

Big Fat Surprise #1: A balanced diet keeps you fat.
If you thought a balanced diet seems like the best way to lose weight you're not alone. 160 of the 225 folks taking our survey last week - 72% - said TRUE to question 9: Eat a balanced diet to lose.

But it's not so. Not for most people, anyway. Quick definition of a balanced diet:
According to the latest U.S. government Pyramid, balanced diets include 5 food groups:
1) grains
2) vegetables
3) fruits
4) milk and dairy products
5) meat, beans, fish and nuts
Plus fats and oils.
But if you eat all these things each day, that may explain why you are not losing.
To trigger the fat burning mechanism, you need an imbalanced diet. For a while. Just like a plane that takes off needs imbalanced power to get off the ground and get airborne - then levels off its jet power after it reaches cruising altitude.
What in a balanced diet is keeping you fat?


Big Fat Surprise #2: Fruits, veggies and grains
may block the weight loss trigger.
Granted fruits are better than eating sweets like ice cream and cakes. Fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. But they're not necessary for weight loss. They block the fat burning mechanism for most folks. But that's not all...

Veggies also block the fat burning trigger for most of us. Especially the starchy stuff.

And grains, including brown rice, beans, pasta and breads, all block fat burning.

[Meats, including animal fat, can be good for weight loss - but not all meats are created equal. (The Meat Report, coming tomorrow.)]
Proof of these anti-establishment findings:

(1) Look around. Note the size of many people who say they eat right or do balanced diets;
(2) Clinical studies of the last 150 years, kept hidden (see below);
(3) Readers of this blog who did a new imbalanced weight loss program over last 6 months (see below).

(2) Clinical studies undertaken by physicians with their own patients over the last 150 years show that balanced diets gum up the weight loss mechanism
  • A “balanced” diet – one-third fruits and vegetables, two-thirds animal protein and fat – had a dismal 2% success rate. An imbalanced diet – just meats, eggs, fish, and fowl – had a 50% success rate.
  • The absence of fruits and vegetables in a year-long imbalanced diet showed: NO vitamin deficiencies, NO evidence of kidney damage or diminished function, and NO mineral deficiencies despite the diet containing only ¼ of the calcium usually contained in mixed diets. Gingivitis (inflammation of gums) was cleared up.
  • Most of the 17,000 patients, who did a diet of fatty meat 3 times a day and were allowed only a little raw fruit or a potato, lost 2-3 lbs a week.
  • The patients who ate 700-800 calories of fat in their diet, had no urge for “forbidden” food (sweets, grains).
These are just some of the research results reported by the acclaimed Gary Taubes in his 600-page seminal survey of 150 years of clinical research - starting in 1863. It is persuasive evidence that balanced diets may interfere with weight loss. Fruits, vegetables, brown rice, other grains, and beans, despite their nutritional content, are not good weight loss foods. And their absence, for certain periods of time, does not cause ill health.

(3) Readers of this blog who tried the ER Fat Burn last summer wrote emails like this before they signed up for the program:
“I eat lots of fruits and veggies, and I don’t overeat. But I’ve been carrying these 15-20 lbs for years. What am I doing wrong?”
- Wanda Chin, July 2008

“I’ve done all kinds of diets for years, from Weight Watchers to Atkins. But I’m still fat... and desperate.”
- Carol Raynor, July 2008

“I’ve worked hard to prepare healthy balanced meals for my family for 10 years, but each year I gain more weight. I finally hired a clothing consultant.”
- Susan Stuhr, July 2008

“For 7 years I’ve been drinking two shakes a day and a ton of supplements. They worked for a while, but now I’m heavier than when I was 9 months pregnant...”
- Suzanne, Sep 2008

“I’ve been on low carb for 15 years. I control my blood sugar carefully with insulin. But I’m still 25 pounds shy of what I should weigh. What else is there to do?”
- Al Frech, Sep 2008

“I shop at Whole Foods and even did raw food for two years...”
- Donna McCrossen, Sep 2008
These folks were NOT fast food junkies. They didn’t drink soda pop or diet sodas everyday and were not chocolate or cookie addicts. They were health conscious AND weight conscious... But they kept right on gaining year after year.

So they signed up for the Extreme Regime Fat Burn Formula.

Here's what happened...

Wanda: lost her 17 lbs and kept it off.

Carol (Desperate Deb): Lost 34 lbs. Watch her 4 minute vid here.

Suzanne: Despite her low thyroid, lost 10 lbs. Watch her 3 minute vid here

Al (Diabetic Dan): Lost 20 lbs and cut his daily insulin in half. His wife Kathleen also lost 22 lbs. (Watch Al's 4 min vid here

Donna: lost her 10 lbs and kept it off.

And many more...

Nobody was ever hungry.

The January Extreme Regime Fat Burn Formula will be open Monday, Jan 26, starting at NOON PST and 3PM EST.
If you are looking to lose weight and nothing has worked, and if you don't take advantage of this option, how big will you be 12 months from now? Or 3 years from now?

What if the Extreme Regime Fat Burn program is the magic formula for you, like it's been for many other readers here?

I highly recommend anything by Dr. Heidi and Kim so check it out if it is up your alley!


  1. OMG...I am NEVER going to figure this out! All along I thought fruits, veggies and no fast food was the answer!

  2. Hmm. I just don't understand why all of this would have been hidden, and people trying to suggest fruits and veg are they key if they are not??

  3. LOVE the new look! I am finally losing a few lbs...yea! My trick...less carbs! I am eating more nuts and fruit as snacks. High fiber bread (when I eat bread). Also, just eating less!!! I ask I really need to eat this? Am I really hungry or just bored? Oh yeah, lot's of green tea!!!!

  4. The older I get the more difficult it is...all I have to do is look at any starch carb and I gain weight!!! Seriously... :0)

    I do tend to agree to a certain extent...for me high protein works best, and it eliminates cravings as well.

  5. Health Nut:

    The best way I've found to loose weight and feel great is to practice food combining. You know, the old fruits and vegetables thing. Eat fruit for breakfast and lots of fresh veggies during the day. I eat very little red meet, but when I do eat meat I consume it with a healthy salad sans dressing. I do not combine processed foods.

    By the way, I do not trust the government to provide honest dietary advice. There are just too many special interest groups involved. The dairy and beef industries being at the top of the heap.

    Super post as always.

    Happy trails.

  6. Great post! I'll be Stumbling this one.

    Yeah, ever since I saw in school textbooks that food pyramid, I've thought, "Who on earth can eat all that food and not wind up a blimp?!?" It figures that the idea is government sponsored...

    Tahnks again for a good post.

  7. Well here is my opinion. . . .weight loss is simply a decrease in calories . . . . I ate vegetarian diet for many years and managed to rack up pounds. Increasing exercise . . . . Americans eat to many calories . . . we are inactive people . . .

    All this is IMHO,


  8. Great information, Heidi. I always thought that eating a balanced diet would help you lose weight. I guess I still have a lot to learn! Thank you for sharing this article.

  9. Very interesting. It just proves that it's not easy to lose weight and the way to do so is different for everyone. Thanks for providing another perspective on the matter!

  10. this is a whole new liberating research on losing weight. to think i was going all vegies and fruits to lose weight. now i dont have to. i love rice and meat combo. i couldn't live a day without the it. tnx for sharing this very interesting study!

  11. I'm probably the odd one out here...I'm trying to gain weight, especially since I lost a lot in hospital last week :(

    btw, great new blog make-over, Heidi!

  12. I always thought something was fishy about that pyramid scheme. :-) They force fed it to us very early and some people can't seem to let it go.

  13. Quite interesting. While diet plays a major role, I've found that the best way to stay healthy and fit is via aerobic exercise. Not only does it keep you slim and active, but also improves your perspective and outlook on life. I'll definitely check out this program by Dr Heidi and Kim too. Thanks for mentioning it :)

  14. Hi HNWM,

    Hmm diets and how they relate to fats tend to be a subjective thing since for the most part each individual has their own respective metabolism hehehe that is why it is always good to check with a nutritionist before going through a diet even a balanced one hehehe :)

  15. Hi Kim. Thanks for giving us another dieting option. I've nominated you for an award. (I find it's quite hard work to respond to these so I don't mind if you don't take it up.) But do visit my blog to check it out.

  16. fascinating stuff-goes completely against everything i was ever taught to maintain a healthy diet. but you sure have some convincing testimonies...

  17. This is very, very interesting info, but also as Hot Rocks said, it's also confusing as it contradicts everything else we've been told about how to eat properly enough to stay at a good, healthy weight. Can make your head spin! ;)

  18. I believe this! I used to eat just noodles everyday and I lost a lot of weight. Now that I'm eating "healthier" it seem that the weight won't come off as quickly as they used to!

  19. This is one of the most interesting posts that you have written Heidi. The older we get - I think that the more difficult it gets too.

    Yesterday on a television programme - something that surprised me. The programme had four girls/young ladies suffering from anorexia. I don't know where I ever got the idea from but I always thought that anorexics tended to eat hardly if anything at all. In this programme - only one of the four girls was in this category. The other three had somehow managed to work out an eating regime whereby their meals were quite large in proportion size but contained hardly any calories and absolutely no essential nutrients at all. They comprised of mainly green vegetables covered in watery tomato like sauces, etc. A nutritionalist worked out that they had no protein on their dinner plates, no pulses, no grains, no roots, no fats ... but anyone in their family that looked at what they were eating would have been totally taken in by the quantity. They were losing hundreds of calories each day it was a real eye opener and very frightening to see.

    The one other thing that someone once advised me that I found surprising was that one biscuit (cookie) every day added up to a stone (14 pounds) in weight every 12 months of your life!

    I didn't I don't think say what a lovely change you have made to your blog - it's really fresh. What many talents you have Heidi!

  20. I still believe in a balanced diet but not the balanced diet as recommended by the USA Food Pyramid.

    I think that pyramid is flawed, and it should be replaced. Bread, rice and starchy food like potatoes should be eaten sparingly. Whereas green leafy vegetables and fruits should be consumed moderately. Meat should be eaten moderately too, but only limited to organic meats and lean meat. Red meat must be eaten sparingly. Milk and dairy products should be avoided whenever possible. And exercise must be thrown into the equation!

  21. Wow! This was such an informative post! I live my life around trying to stay fit and healthy and this was an excellent article! Love your site!

  22. Hi Heidi, it is my first time in here and I want to say that I like your blog because it is very informative and also, considering that I am on diet, too. :)

  23. waaahhh no! though i didn't do any dieting but i sometimes watch the food i eat but i cant believed on these! i have all the wrong concept of balanced diet..mmm this is really important to share!:) Thanks! and how are you?

  24. Amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing it with us. For once, I think I'm going to try to cut way down on my fruits! I always thought I was doing something healthy by eating a lot of it!

  25. Hmmm, very interesting, just proves I guess not all are born the same, and what works for some may not work for others. I'll stick to my fruits and vegetables since I don't have problems with weight :) and I think fruits and vegetables are tastier and healthier, like my yearly blood tests would say :) But I think this is a great post for those who have tried a lot about losing but nothing works.

  26. Haven't been by in a while, I LOVE the new look!

  27. I just want to add - you can also see here why you can't lose weight

    I going to use that and your info to end my weight loss frustrations - thank you

  28. I don't trust the government's food pyramid anymore than I trust the politicians:)

    Since developing thyroid disease 7-1/2 years ago, I've had a hard time with my weight. For people who fight their weight, it might be worth a blood test to check thyroid hormone to see if you have an imbalance. Even a small imbalance can make it harder to manage your weight.

  29. Hi Heidi,

    very informative information there thank you..

    i love the feed back you get from on your blog...

  30. Hi some great inforamtion there, and some stunning results, went to check out the fat burn program but was unable to access the site...

  31. great feed back, i love your blog because of the content and how it is laid out, i think and you demonstraight this in your blog Heidi that if people want to lose weight bad enough they will find away we just need to hang in there

  32. You make a good point with some great research. If we keep doping what we've always done. we'll keep getting what we've always got. a designated balanced diet is not the most effective for weight loss in my experience.


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