Indulged, Indulged, Indulged-Now What? Tips To Lose Those Holiday Pounds

The holidays give me the same kind of mentality with eating as when I was pregnant. It is a special occasion so I can eat whatever I want and feel completely justified. Then as soon as the baby comes out or the holiday is over I realize that maybe I overdid it and need to get my body back on track. Usually after a week of eating, eating and eating I feel pretty disgusted with myself and need to feel healthy and slender again. Here are a few of my true and tried tips that I am starting on Sunday (tomorrow is my birthday so of course I have to indulge).

-Drink at least half your body weight in water (ex. if you weigh 100 lbs drink at least 50 ounces) each day. I drink probably double that and I put lots of lemons in it as lemon is a natural diuretic and helps flush out extra water weight.

-Drink Yerba Mate tea-I was told at the health food store that this suppresses your appetite and it does work for me. I also add ground cayenne pepper as it speeds up your metabolism and adds flavor to the tea.

-Eat lots of fruit and vegetables-I focus on the low sugar fruits (pineapple, cantaloupe) and high water content vegetables (cucumbers celery, lettuce).

-Eat low fat dairy products- I eat only the organic to avoid all the hormones and bgh (bovine growth hormone that is in the U.S. dairy products) and primarily I focus on string cheese as it is delicious, quick and convenient.

Nuts for nuts-Nuts are packed with protein and fiber, a handful at snack time keeps your body full. I love cashews but when I am trying to detox and lose weight I eat a couple handfuls a day of raw almonds.

Eat small meals all day-I make sure that I am never hungry by eating several small meals each day and never depriving myself. I know that if I feel hungry I am apt to veer from the right path. I really eat and eat but I eat and drink the above foods and drinks.

When I really follow the above tips I can drop 2-3 pounds in a week. I also feel better, less bloated and mentally know that I am moving in the right direction. This works for me but I would love to know what your tips are. I had thought of doing a fast but am kind of a wimp when it comes to those. What is your favorite after the holidays health tip??


  1. Thanks for the encouraging words. I got in a 2 mile video walk away the pounds, followed by a walk-jog of 2 miles with the dog, followed by juicing four oranges. Delicious! I hope it goes a long way in flushing away those holiday pounds.

    I am going to work on your water drinking tip!

  2. Thanks for the all I have to do is follow them...

  3. I have recently come to believe that getting to hungry is not good. I try to eat small meals through out the day. It really helps.
    Enjoy your blog!

  4. I love all kinds of tea. I will try Yerba Mate tea next time. :)

  5. if i let myself hungry i definitely would have a huge meal. my lack now is drinking a lot of water..thats a big challenge that i can't surpass!:(

  6. If I really want to lose a few more percentages of bodyfat, I'll even take the dairy out of my diet.

    Nice post


  7. I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday Heidi...may the coming year bring you joy and good health!!!!!!

    As always great tips...I'm starting to feel disgusted with myself right about now... :0)

    I don't really have any great tips other than getting back on track to healthier eating.

    Enjoy your day!

  8. Thank goodness my hubby and I don't indulge in the first place! We've had a nice Christmas dinner and lunch the following day. On boxing day we went to my in-laws for coffee and had only a piece of cake each. So, we're feeling great ☺

  9. Excellent post, Heidi. I need these reminders as I resume my ongoing diet. These are great words of encouragements.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Health Nut:

    I agree with it all except for the dairy products. More and more research by the holistic health community suggest no no to eggs, milk, etc.

    Happy trails.

  11. I think having healthy snack laying around helps when it comes to eating smaller meals throughout the day. An orange or banana can satisfy way more than a Christmas cookie! :-D

  12. I will make sure I exercise and eat small amounts of food every 2-3 hours. I will do the high intensive interval training to accelerate weight loss and to burn fat hours after my exercise. But no fasting for me too, cos I can't take it! : )

  13. I really needed this post after thursday.... Oh man.... We are talking cheesecake, diet coke (which i havent had in LONG time thanks to you - it tasted nasty), meat, and an asortment of chips. I will stop offending you now.

    Good post thanks Heidi

  14. happy birthday, sweet heidi. i'll be following these tips as soon as i feel disgusted with myself :). i think i've got another week or so left of indulging. it's cliche, but, jan. 1st is my back on track day...

  15. wow, i never knew that cayenne can speed up metabolism, and havent tried it with tea. i usually add lemon to my water too. thanks for the tips, i will do try the cayenne on my tea.i do practice the others, especially the small meals and the nuts.

  16. Heidi,
    I swear fish oil capsules helped me take off some belly fat - (that I'm sure was only imagined - lol)

    There are some studies that say it's true. For me, it really seemed to work, of course in addition to all the other suggestions here.

  17. Healthy diet is always useful our body .Good tips.........


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