How Fat Does Fast Food Make You?

I was reading the below post from Kim Klaver's blog (you know the health guru that I think is amazing) and found the below article startling. I mean yes I know fast food on a regular basis cannot be healthy but look and see how even one fast food meal can affect you. Fortunately I cannot even remember the last time that I ate fast food but millions do everyday and I doubt they realize just how fattening it can be.

How fat does fast food make you? by Kim Klaver

Very. Each fast food meal you eat per week makes you - on average - ONE and ONE HALF pounds heavier than someone who eats no fast food...

Reported in USA Today:
"People who eat several fast-food meals a week are significantly heavier than those who don't eat fast food very often, according to a study presented to the annual meeting of the Obesity Society."
No surprise. Still, wow.

Highlights of the study:
*The weight of people who consumed three to six fast food meals a week was significantly greater than those who consumed no fast food or ate one to two such meals a week.

*Every additional fast-food meal during the week was associated with 1+1/2-pound increase in body weight.
USA Today, Oct. 23, 2007.

Wow!!!!! By the way if you are looking to seriously lose weight she has an Extreme Regime weight loss program you might like. She is the real thing as I have personally met her and been reading her books and blog for years. No gimmicks or promises but she gets results!!


  1. thanks for stopping by at my blog. if ever you decide to visit san diego and you may need some inputs on places to visit, you can ask me and i will share whatever i know :) . by the way, i try eating healthy too, thanks for sharing all your health tips. my only draw back is that i indulge once a week i guess on my cravings for sweet :(

  2. hello heidi, i used to be a fast food lover too. and i felt guilty when my daughter started to eat too much of it too, that's why i decided to reduce it until we actually shift to a healthy restaurant. thanks very much! God bless!

  3. Hey, if you want to lose weight, its simple - don't eat out.

    It's much cheaper, too, to eat at home.

    So there, you win both ways by staying home and eating Mama's cookin'.

  4. Good to know exact details on how much weight you would put on.

    In Japan, they state the number of calories on convenient store food packages/bento boxes, so a handful of deep-fried chicken kariage (nuggets) are 1,000 calories. I kid you not.

    So it's very easy to believe the statistics you wrote about in your post.

  5. Sad. Fast food was never meant to take the place of fresh home-cooked meals at the kitchen table with family. What happened to us?

  6. I dread it when the kids want to go to mcdonalds. I wish they had "health food" fast food places - usually I will try to go somewhere that has burritos or salads but the kids aren't always into that!

  7. I have really cut down on my fast food consumption drastically, and the results are visible.
    I used to live in a neighborhood that had a KFC, McDonald's, White Castle and a fried fish & chips place all within 3 blocks of my house! On some days, I would do breakfast, lunch and dinner utilizing all 3! Needless to say, I became overweight for the first time in my life.
    After smartening up a bit (and being disgusted with myself for allowing myself to get so fat), I smartened up, started cooking more, and joined a gym.
    Now, fast food is my sinful little naughty naughty that I have one time a week, and I skip a few weeks now and then mostly. Even then, I'm picky, and will only have maybe a fries and milkshake instead of the entire meal AND the shake! :)
    It makes a HUGE difference!

    Fast food is the bane of our existence right now as a nation.
    All you have to do is look at our kids (and us too) nowadays to see that perpetuating itself daily.

  8. Have you seen the lady who carries around a McDonald's hamburger and french fries that are 4 years old.

    They look almost exactly like the day she bought them.

    No mold, no decay. Petrified and preserved.

    There are so many chemical preservatives inside of "fast food" that it isn't even a food any more; it is a food like substance.

    I never buy anything at a fast food restaurant. I refuse to support them in any way.

    Peace. :)

  9. Hi Heidi,
    That is really good information. I rarely eat fast food - I dont eat meat so that limits fast food anyway. But I find if I do I dont feel very well. Just another reason no to eat fast food.

  10. Yikes!!!! Like you, I knew it wasn't good, but didn't know quite how bad it was!!! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by my blog ( Hope to chat again soon!

  11. Wow - that IS amazing. I rarely eat fast food and when I do it's not a burger joint.

    I'll have to check out the weight loss for hubby, he's trying so hard but not budging.

    Thanks for keeping us informed!

  12. that is why the rate of obesity has grown over the years, more and more people are getting obese.

  13. I know someone who works part time both at McDonald's and Wendy's. She says she and others at her job will never eat anything at McDonald's. Even the salads just are not good. The chicken on it is nasty, and she actually gets physically ill if she eats one of their hamburgers. For what its worth, Wendy's doesn't freeze meat and actually throws out if its not the right condition, just like you would do at home. I am not saying Wendy's is like eating at Whole Foods, but it definitely is the lesser of two evils.

  14. I'm totally against fast food. Not only it's full of fat especially trans-fat, it contains too much salt or sugar. And it's such crap when fast food companies advertise their food as nutritious. In Malaysia, the Government has banned fast food advertisements on TV and that's a good thing!

  15. 1.5 lbs per week really adds up. Thank god I don't eat fast food!

  16. That makes sense. I've cut down the fast food for the most part.

  17. You'll be happy to know that I have gotten a trainer in order to force myself to work out...and okay I did eat some candy today but just a little...

  18. Wow...I'm amazed...we all know fast food is bad for us but it is good to see just how bad...thanks for sharing!!!


  19. I do not encourage consuming fast foods but as you have told millions of others actually consume them daily. So, this post might be an eye-opener for them.

  20. once again, you've bursted my bubble, you stinker. :) but actually, you know what, as a veggie, it's only a cheese sandwich i can get from these places anyway. pretty easy to give up. but the fries though...may take a little more willpower.

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  22. wow , next time i'll eat fast food . I'll keep this thing in mind.

  23. This is a great blog. This is my first visit and am enjoying it!

    Have you noticed a difference in your skin since you started "taking" ev olive oil daily?

  24. Yes, You are correct, "fast food makes more weight as well as it makes a human as the bank of diseases".

  25. Hi Heidi, It is nice post, thanks for the references too, By eating fast food, we are buying fat & more dieseases.... Am I right Heidi? It is better to be with home-made foods forever.


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