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20 Cancer Fighting Foods To Give You That Extra Prevention Punch

I really try not to worry about cancer, I really do but for some reason it is always back there in the back of my mind lurking. I once lost someone that I cared for very much to cancer and it was shocking and heartbreaking all at once. It seemed so sudden to me because one minute he was the picture of health, power and vitality and then a few months later he was gone and to this day I wish that I could have known all the things that I know now about eating and cancer prevention. Maybe it could have changed things for him and maybe not. The important thing is that eating a healthy diet can possibly change your chances of getting cancer( according to experts).

So, while I was getting my hair colored (I know you didn't think I was a natural blonde) the other day, I found this wonderful article in Glamour magazine about cancer fighting foods so without further ado-here they are.

20 Cancer-Fighting Foods

Studies suggest that having a tomato rich diet may help lower the risk of developing both stomach and lung cancer. I put tomatoes on everything (and I mean everything). I am not even a tomato lover but I do it and they do add a lot of fresh flavor.

Spinach-Its deep green leaves are packed with lutein, Vitamin A and folate, nutrients that may help prevent colon and ovarian cancer. Also try kale, collard greens, arugula, and dandelion greens. A good way to get your spinach in each day is to have a fresh spinach salad. I do this and drizzle extra virgin olive oil (which is amazingly healthy for you too) over it with some tomatoes and feta cheese.

Curry-Yellow curry contains Cur-Cumin, a pungent spice that may help prevent melanoma and other types of cancer cells from proliferating. This is one that I need to work on.

Broccoli-This cruciferous veggie along with broccoli sprouts, cabbage, bok choy, cauliflower, watercress and swiss chard contain phytochemicals that may cut the risk of stomach, breast and skin cancers. Okay, I have a confession to make here. I don't like these vegetables and broccoli and I have horrible history going back to morning sickness with my first daughter. I just can't eat it ever since (don't worry I am NOT going to traumatize you with all the gory details). So what is a girl to do? I will tell you because I realize that the cruciferous veggies are crucial to my health. I take a veggie whole food supplement that contains them and more called the pops. Thank goodness that I just pop one of these babies a day and I don't have to worry. Sorry, I am still a wannabe and this works!

Blueberries-These, like blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and red grapes, contain antioxidants such as polyphenols, which counteract and repair cell damage.

Now, if you can (and I know sometimes it can be hard to afford) I suggest buying as much organic as possible and eat your fruits and vegetables raw when you can to get the maximum benefits.

I know I always say this but why can't milk chocolate ever be on these lists? Oh well.

To your health!


Robin Boland said...
Hi Heidi,
Thanks for sharing these cancer fighting foods with us. I lost my grandma to colon cancer and it is just a terrible way to die. I do worry about getting cancer, but I know I shouldn't. I think eating healthier could help us live a longer life. :-)
Great, informative post! I too, have lost loved ones to cancer, and it's something that lurks in the back of my mind too, since it has affected my family. Seeing someone that was the picture of health had to be just awful and senseless.
I definitely try to keep as many of those foods you posted in my diet as I can. Most of them I like anyway, so it's not too hard!
Anonymous said...
Of course I thought you were a natural blonde! :) and so am I heheh.

There are alot of foods that fight cancer..great post
Wow I thought only tomato was a cancer fighter.. Interesting.
Btw, dark chocolate is good for the heart... did you know? ;)
BeadedTail said...
Very informative post! I love tomatoes but don't eat them enough unless ketchup counts! This is a great reminder to eat more plus the other wonderful foods you mentioned.
Ooooh, lucky me! I love all of those foods. I think about that evil cancer as well and a recent study has suggested that the cancer cells feed of sugar! Scary but somehow.. not surprising. Peace!
Kathie Graham said...
Great list of simple things that can provide huge benefits! Thanks for sharing!! Thanks to for visiting my blog at ourdailycrumb.blogspot.com.
Liz said...
well im just so glad that everything i love are on the list. when i was younger i didn't like tomatoes, but now i really love it.
GoteeMan said...
Didn't even realize it, but I have been buying those... also thankful for kids who love broccoli and some of these other good foods...

ssgreylord said...
i'm with you, i'm still waiting for chocolate and coke to break through in some miraculous way as the secret to staying young and healthy.
Ms. O. D. said...
i've been addicted to Indian food lately. One of the ways I've been trying at home, is to experiment with those simmer sauces they have at Trader Joe's... for example, mixing a little bit with the spaghetti sauce for a little kick to whole wheat spaghetti or pasta I like it! :)
aybi said...
wow i never thought curry could be on the list. thanks for the info!
Anonymous said...
Wow, that's really interesting! I have lost family members to cancer, and it's always in the back of my mind. I was pleased to see that I already eat most of those foods, and thankfully, my kids do too. And I wanted to say that this is the first time I've been to your blog, and I really like it! You have lots of great information here.
Unknown said...
Thank you for providing this very useful list. Most of these things my family already eats but it is good to know that they have anti-cancer properties. Great information!
Laura said...
This is a great list of cancer-fighting foods. I know the more vegetables (esp. raw) we eat, the better off we'll be... not only to prevent cancer but diabetes and many other diseases. Thanks for the info! It's always good to be reminded.
Gia said...
It's so sad all these deceases. I lost my grandmother also to colon cancer and I have to say that cancer is a ugly decease. I will do anything to prevent it from happening to me or to my loved ones.

Thank you for the post.

Keep up the stunning blog!
Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...
Great post as always Heidi. I've been reading and writing about the various cancers recently and my research has revealed that diet can play a key role in preventing certain cancers. Getting lots of fiber is a particularly good way to reduce your risk.

Just one question though. Your article says 20 cancer fighting foods? I only counted 5; tomatoes, spinach, curry, broccoli and blueberries.
Anonymous said...
Thank goodness for supplements for foods you hate but know that they are good for you. :o)
Rocki Adams said...
Judging by this list I should not get cancer.

Like many, I have also lost loved ones to this terrible & cruel disease. My very good friend has stage 4 lung cancer and can no longer undergo chemo. One could only hope that eating properly, including these foods, could prevent cancer.

Thanks for keeping us all informed.
Anonymous said...
Awesome article. I am all about learning how to not get cancer!
Anonymous said...
I love all those veggies, but the hard part is to eat them raw and without ranch dip. I know that's cheating, but it's hard to get the kids to eat them without the dip. Even for me, eating raw veggies can be tough. Any alternatives to using mayonnaise on artichokes? Tough to get kids to each them.
Anonymous said...
You can never go wrong with vegetables and blue berries!
Anonymous said...
Salba seeds, certain types of mushrooms (reishi of Malaysia, Japan) too help in fighting cancer! Very informative article.
Anonymous said...
Great tips and information about the vegetables which help to prevent cancer. Your tips and advices for health are excellent. Great work, Keep it up. Cheers buddy....

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