Did The Surgeon General Get It Wrong About Weight Loss?

I am like a bee to honey when I see any article that talks about weight loss. I soak up every magazine, product, review, blog, you name it that has anything to deal with losing weight. I find it fascinating all the fad diets, the people who manage to lose lots of weight and keep it off and of course I am always looking for the proverbial magic pill to make me perfect and thin while I eat chocolate all day. Having said that, I have found for me that the key to being thin is a healthy diet chocked full of fruits, vegetables, protein (not the animal kind for me-vegetarian), nuts, water and regular exercise (and yes, I must have some chocolate in there too or what is the point?). So, when I saw the following report from Whole Food Nation, I had to read it and see what it was all about. I really could not believe the information that I found and feel like their free report contained some of the most useful information I have seen on weight loss to date.

Did the Surgeon General get it wrong about weight?

"Which of these statements do you believe?

1. "Overweight and obesity result from excess calorie consumption and/or inadequate physical activity"

U.S. Surgeon General, 2001


2. "Those who are overweight eat fewer calories than those of normal weight."

National Academy of Sciences,
Diet and Health
, 1989

Most people say #1. And if you believe that, you might be surprised about what's been unearthed lately. The overweight people are not, after all, gluttons or sloths.

Turns out that it's not how much you eat, but what. Did you know that:

  • Calorie counting has turned out to be useless, and may even be dangerous.
  • 20,000 women who reduced their daily calories by an average of 360 calories per day weighed only 2 lbs less after 8 years of dieting!
  • Massive reviews of the research reveal the miserable results of low-calorie diets
  • Gluttony is not the problem, researchers say.
  • Calorie counting is the problem!

Do you know the ten hidden side effects of low calorie dieting?

Do you know the 4 guiding principles of weight loss without starving or counting?

It's all in a short report by Whole Food Nation. Want it?"

Now, if you want the free report you do have to give your name and email but this is not some sales pitch (I don't like sales pitches) and this is not some company that is going to sell your email and harass you to buy their products (I wouldn't do that to you-I promise). But it is an excellent and eye opening report that might just help you. I would put the report on my blog but am not allowed so I wanted to provide you all with the opportunity to check it out if you like. If you do want the free report click here and then you will be taken to a page where you enter your name and email (again, I promise you this is not some gimmick or spam). I am so suspicious of anything free which is why I keep reiterating that this is really legitimate. If you decide to check it out-Please let me know what you think.

P.S. I actually hosted a nutrition seminar here (I felt so professional for once) in Kansas City by the author of this report -Dr.Heidi Dulay, Ed.D., N.C. and I was completely in awe of her knowledge and kind spirit. She asked me about my diet and had me pegged completely in a few minutes (she is part of my motivation for starting this blog). Thank you Dr. Heidi for all you do!


  1. Heidi,

    This is very good information. My wife is doing very well right now, exercising and eating right. She will find this post and free report extremely informative.

    Thanks for posting it!

  2. Amazing yet not surprising. Over the years it has been like watching the tide. Good for you...Bad for you... good for you. I have always preferred to research these trends myself by getting my information from great sites like Health Nut Wannabee Mom, than from the "Wannabee powers that Bee" =0) Oh, by the way, I think I have made up my mind for who I will pass the award on to. I should be posting that in the next couple of days. Take care my dear friend. =0)

  3. Unfortnately, I believe that counting calories and cutting calories is important when someone wants to lose weight. I also believe that overweight people tend to eat fewer calories than those who are not. I think a lot of this is due to metablolism. (So it's not all their fault!) I think it also has to do with activity level. It seems that once someone has gained weight, they don't seem to need to continue the overeating that got them to that weight.
    It's only my opinion though! :)

  4. Interesting post Heidi...I will have to send for the report...I've had an issue with food all my life...will let you know what I think once I read the report!


  5. Hi Heidi!
    I have been waiting for that magic pill as well... sigh...

    Thanks for sharing this =)

  6. Wow! this is interesting. I'm going to check out that report.
    Thanks for the info!

  7. Wow, this is great a lot of the women I used to work with were calorie counters, it drove me crazy. If I had Tim's time travel booster I would go back and tell them all about this!

    Great stuff as usual Heidi...thanks

  8. Very interesting..... I will check this out

  9. I've read this report and it's all you say it is. I'll vouch for you that they will not hound you if you give them your email address in order to get the report...that's all you'll hear from them and it's well worth reading. My husband and I can follow the same eating plan, and he'll lose all the weight he needs to in a couple weeks, while it takes forever for me. Women are just different when it comes to weight loss.

  10. Both statements are true.

    For many, especially teens who are gaining weight like crazy, it's the lack of physical activity and continual snacking (sometimes but not always unhealthy). More calories in than out.

    However, many overweight adults do eat less than you'd expert but it's the quality of the food they eat. Which brings up a good point in your bullet points.

    For example, #2 could be expanded to say that some people who are overweight consume fewer calories than normal weight people but the calories they consume are really poor, e.g. 2 bags of cotton candy a day as opposed to a couple servings of brown rice, some lightly steamed vegetables and a bowl of fruit.

    Both statements are true if not taken out of context. It's not an either or but a combination that is contributing to unhealthy lifestyles in general.

    Interesting post! Brings up some nice topics for discussion for sure.

  11. I just sent out for the report i'd like to see what it says. Thanks for letting me know Heidi.

  12. Heidi,

    Great post! You nailed this right on the head and it's great to see because we've talked about it before -- it's not necessarily the quantity of calories that counts, it IS the QUALITY that's significant. Poor quality (or poor macronutrient choices based on your metabolic type) begets poor structure, begets poor function. . . begets poor health.

    The most significant "villain" in this whole saga? Carbohydrates -- processed, high starch, high sugar carbohydrates in particular.

  13. Interesting. Will check out the report. Thanks!

  14. Awesome Post Heidi!
    I am not a calorie counter. I do believe some things work for some people and not the others.

    I simply added some exercise to my daily habits and continue to eat the same as always. (I have tried to cut the carbs down a bit to no avail) hehehe I adore pasta. Can't give it up.

    LOVE your new photo!
    Gorgeous girl!!!!

  15. I think the misconception is that all calories are the same when you calorie count.

    When you count calories the calories from a bowl of nachos is equal to that of a bowl of peanuts. But we know that the nutritional value is not the same.

  16. Thanks for the link. I requested it!

  17. I still say it's all part of the over loaded grain carbs government conspiracy food pyramid. Sure, fat people desperately cut their calories, then turn around and load up on the rice cakes - thinking they're doing something good.

    Any recommendations or findings the government provides are totally swayed by special interests and lobbyist groups, not nutrition, science, or the best interest of the general population.

    Eat more, eat more often, get off your butt to spark up the metabolism, and enjoy some fat - it's yummy, filling, and very necessary to your health.

  18. Very interesting. My hubby has been trying to lose about 25 pounds for many months now with no luck. We've been trying the Weight Watcher point system (not on W.W.) I'm a vegetarian & he trys to be as much as possible. We eat healthy, he's not a couch potato, but doesn't really exercise, however he goes up and down a couple pounds with no real success.

    I think I'll get this report and see what it has to say.
    Thank you Heidi for your informative post!
    ☼ Rocki

  19. you never know who or what you should believe. thanks


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