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Mom, desperately trying to get the health thing right! I started this blog so that I can pass along all the great things that I learn everyday on damage control for our wonderful bodies. It is tough to keep up sometimes with all the things going on in our daily lives so hopefully some of the helpful hints that I provide can make your life easier and healthier. I welcome your comments and tips as well! I am a vegetarian, animal rights advocate and avid animal rescuer.
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A Few Of My Favorite Sites

I wanted to share with you all just a few of my very favorite sites. I feel so lucky to have found these blogs and bloggers and want to spread the fun. I will be back tomorrow with a great post on anti-aging snacks but in the meantime why not visit the below blogs. You will be glad that you did!

A Few Of My Favorite Sites!

**Fitness Philosopher
**My Life as it Was, Is, and Will Be
**Sogeshirts presents
**Security for idiots and other people that care
**Regina's Family Seasons
**Muscle Bits
**Mcneri's Mcweb
**The Get Smart Blog
**Beauty Tyrant

Have fun checking these sites out !


Anonymous said...
Hi Heidi, thanks for including me on your list! I am an avid reader of your blog as well. Keep up the great work! Take care =)
David Tamayo said...
Hello my dear friend. Thank you for placing me on your list. I cannot begin to express just how much I appreciate it. Believe me the feeling is mutual, and I am proud to have your site prominently displayed on mine. Take care. =0)
BillyWarhol said...
Well maybe next time.......


& here I just spent 512 Hard-Earned EC Credits on yer Blog*

Boy that'll learn me*

Anonymous said...
I'm honored to have made your list! Thanks!
Unknown said...
aaawwww, I am about to shed a tear!! Thanks for including me in your favorite spots! You know the feeling is mutual!
I also have an award for you at my spot!
ssgreylord said...
heidi - you're the best... thanks a bunch. but it really is mutual. why do you think i have you proudly displayed on my blog roll? from your no. 1 fan!!!
Anonymous said...
Thanks Heidi for including my blog. Muah xoxo
Soge shirts said...
Wow heidi thanks a lot. The majority of those blogs on your list are my favorite. Of course your blog is also on my list. The ones that I don't know of I need to check out.
GetSmartGal said...
Hey thanks so much for including me in this great list, most of these are blogs I frequent as well. I will definitely check out the ones I don't.
That Girl Boo said...
I will have to check out your favorites and begin showing some link love
Anonymous said...

U R so incredible, beautiful, wonderful, entrancing, remarkable, indefatigable ... and you dont even need Botox injections to control your foot odor (e.g S. Stone- thx to PerezHilton for the dish) ...! Oh yea, and I like your blog too ! ! !

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