A Few Of My Favorite Sites

I wanted to share with you all just a few of my very favorite sites. I feel so lucky to have found these blogs and bloggers and want to spread the fun. I will be back tomorrow with a great post on anti-aging snacks but in the meantime why not visit the below blogs. You will be glad that you did!

A Few Of My Favorite Sites!

**Fitness Philosopher
**My Life as it Was, Is, and Will Be
**Sogeshirts presents
**Security for idiots and other people that care
**Regina's Family Seasons
**Muscle Bits
**Mcneri's Mcweb
**The Get Smart Blog
**Beauty Tyrant

Have fun checking these sites out !


  1. Hi Heidi, thanks for including me on your list! I am an avid reader of your blog as well. Keep up the great work! Take care =)

  2. Hello my dear friend. Thank you for placing me on your list. I cannot begin to express just how much I appreciate it. Believe me the feeling is mutual, and I am proud to have your site prominently displayed on mine. Take care. =0)

  3. Well maybe next time.......


    & here I just spent 512 Hard-Earned EC Credits on yer Blog*

    Boy that'll learn me*


  4. I'm honored to have made your list! Thanks!

  5. aaawwww, I am about to shed a tear!! Thanks for including me in your favorite spots! You know the feeling is mutual!
    I also have an award for you at my spot!

  6. heidi - you're the best... thanks a bunch. but it really is mutual. why do you think i have you proudly displayed on my blog roll? from your no. 1 fan!!!

  7. Thanks Heidi for including my blog. Muah xoxo

  8. Wow heidi thanks a lot. The majority of those blogs on your list are my favorite. Of course your blog is also on my list. The ones that I don't know of I need to check out.

  9. Hey thanks so much for including me in this great list, most of these are blogs I frequent as well. I will definitely check out the ones I don't.

  10. I will have to check out your favorites and begin showing some link love

  11. Heidimundo!

    U R so incredible, beautiful, wonderful, entrancing, remarkable, indefatigable ... and you dont even need Botox injections to control your foot odor (e.g S. Stone- thx to PerezHilton for the dish) ...! Oh yea, and I like your blog too ! ! !


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