Nuts For Coconuts!! My New Favorite Conditioner-Coconut Oil! Dry hair, Skin or FlakyScalp-The Coconut Soothes It All!

Bye, Bye Frizzy and Dry-To Coconut Oil say Hi!!

I am always looking for more natural ways to do things whether it is cleaning the house, getting rid of weeds or something to do with me. I recently read somewhere that a great natural hair conditioner is……. Coconut oil. Awhile back I saw where the Victorias Secret model Miranda Kerr was using coconut oil to help her from the inside out and claimed that it helped with her have great skin, soft hair and maintaining her weight so of course I thought that I would try it. I did and like most things (except my diet Coke) I got lazy and stopped taking the tablespoon a day (but I do think I noticed a difference in my skin but not weight so oh well).

After reading about coconut oil as a conditioner and looking in the mirror at my frizzy, dried out, bleached hair that had me putting it up in ponytails as to not look like I had put my finger in an electrical socket I decided to try it and I LOVED it! Coconut oil has long been heralded as one of the healthiest oils and is packed with fatty acids that can moisturize your hair. There are a variety of ways you can go about using the coconut oil in your hair but what I did was put it on dry hair starting at the bottom almost to the top but NOT on the roots (unless you have a dry flaky scalp then coconut oil works great for this) and left it on about half an hour. After washing the oil out and drying it I was very impressed that a little jar of coconut oil could do what so many expensive conditioners and treatments could not and that was to give me smooth, soft hair that actually looked decent. When doing this conditioner I would recommend to put too little rather than too much and find what amount best suits your hair. I also saw where some people mixed the coconut oil with other things such as mayonnaise and different oils or used a shower cap or dampened their hair. I think it just takes a little experimenting to find out what you like. I did read that the best type of oil is the organic extra virgin coconut oil which I used and purchased at a local health food store. I have also started cooking with coconut oil because I don’t see how it can hurt and I love using it on scaly dry skin too!!!! Who knew the coconut could do so much? We even had a local man in the Bahamas cut them open and make drinks and used the coconut as a glass!!! I guess what it comes down to is that I am nuts for coconuts!!!

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