Vitamin D You Are The One For Me! 10 Reasons To Get Your Vitamin D! Eat These Foods And You Will Be Sunshine Happy

The benefits of vitamin D (often known as the sunshine vitamin) keep surprising researchers as the list of benefits from it keep showing themselves. Just take a look below at all the benfits your body can reap from a little of the sunshine vitamin.  Now I will admit absolute disappointment to not see Cheetos, chocolate and martinis on the food list below but I guess I can't have everything. 

10 Great Reasons To Get Your Vitamin D

1. Brain- Cuts stroke risk-may help prevent depression

2. Eyes-Lowers risk of macular degeneration

3. Mouth-Decreases risk of gum disease

4. Heart-Lowers chances of cardiovascular disease

5. Lungs-May reduce lung cancer risk

6. Breast-Cuts chances or breast cancer

7. Back-Lessens likelihood of chronic pain

8. Legs-Fights age-related weakness

9. Calves-Lowers risk of blocked leg arteries

10. Bones-Strengthens

Vitamin D Rich Foods

Wild salmon 3 oz = 420 IU

Atlantic mackerel 3 oz = 320 IU

Sardines 1 can = 250 IU

Shrimp 3 oz = 150 IU

Skim and 1% low-fat milk 1 cup = 100 IUS

Shittake mushrooms 4 items = 260 IU

Fortified yogurts like Dannon Light & Fit 1 cup = 80 IU

Fortified cereals:Multigrain Cheerios 1 cup = 40 IU; Post Bran Flakes 1 cup = 40 IU; Kashi Vive 1¼ cup = 80

Now with all these benefits I can understand why my cats love to find a place in the nice warm sun and curl up. Keep in mind that current U.S. guidelines recommend for 200-600 IU of D per day (depending on age) but many experts recommend at least 1,000 IU of D per day. So, by eating vitamin D rich foods, taking a vitamin D supplement or whole food multi (that is what I do-see pops in the upper left hand corner) and getting 15 minutes of sun on your hands a few times a week you will be all set!

Source-December 2008 Good Housekeeping

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