Wingy Wednesday!!Fluffy Flies! Rescued Baby Crow Is Going To Be Fine! Our 3rd Rescued Bird This Spring! Whew

 Here he is..................... Fluffy..........

What a night!!! For those of you who know me or read my blog you know how much I love animals-all animals-wild or domestic! For some reason I seem to find all kinds or maybe they find me-who knows! The kids and I have found injured birds, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, foxes, turtles, geese, mice-you name it and we are so lucky that we have a great place here called Operation Wildlife that is supported by volunteers and rehabilitates, and nurses wild animals back to health and then releases them back into their natural habitat!

So, about a month ago I was dropping the kids off at school and on my way to work when I noticed a female cardinal in the middle of the road in distress and unable to move. I realized something was very wrong with her because cars and trucks were zipping by her and she could not move. I quickly pulled over and ran into the street (I did look both ways first) to see if I could get her. I was able to pick her up without much fuss and flagged down a man in his bathrobe getting his morning paper to give me a box to put her in. I brought her into work until I could go on my lunch and take her to Operation Wildlife. One of my friends and co-workers Rochelle-who is also an animal lover was here and saw that the bird would be okay and what to do.

Now to last night……. (I can never make a story short-has to be long-lol). I was at the gym and had just finished running when Rochelle called me and was at her daughter Chloe's soccer game and there was a fluffy black bird being poked and prodded by a number of kids with sticks and not moving. Rochelle remembered that I had taken the other bird and wanted to know what we could do. I told her to see if there were any other birds around as this could be the baby who was learning to fly and on the ground at this point . The parents would be around and come down every little bit to feed the baby and if that was the case to get the kids away but not take the bird bc this is a natural process. Well there were no parents and the bird was obviously feeling traumatized at this point. I offered to come and get the bird and keep it overnight until Operation Wildlife was open in the morning. Rochelle and Chloe found a box and towel and got the bird into the box and we met so Ava, Izzy and I  could take him home and keep him in a warm, safe and quiet environment. I don’t think I hardly slept a wink all night and kept checking on the bird for fear of his demise. Finally morning came and he is at Operation Wildlife safe and sound!!!

And on another positive note we now have 3 junior animal rescuers to thank-Chloe, Ava and Izzy!  All 3 want to do this when they grow up.....showing them compassion and kindness towards wildlife taught them of the power that they have to change the life of a helpless animal and it will carry on through them!! Thanks Chloe, Ava and Izzy -future bird rescuers!

Ava-Animal rescuer!

Chloe Animal rescuer!

Izzy Animal rescuer!

What a sweet little guy or gal this baby was! So fluffy so aptly named Fluffy with big beautiful blue eyes and a gorgeous beak! Crows are extremely social family oriented birds and will often even take in the young of orphaned other birds of different species. They are also extremely smart and mate for life. It is very rare to ever see a crow alone as they travel in pairs generally. I hope for Fluffy a happy life and know that leaving him at the ballpark would have probably resulted in his demise. Above is a picture I took of him this morning before we handed him over to Operation Wildlife (who said he looked in good shape).

If you get a chance-throw out some bird seed and feed the birds, squirrels, chipmunks-you will enjoy watching them come eat and if you have the opportunity to help an animal (be smart and cautious of course) do-it warms your heart to know that you have contributed to saving an innocent helpless animal that probably would not have made it without you.  We are all connected in the web of life!


  1. that's very kind of you and of your kids to rescue wild animals, it is good to have an animal rescue facility around to help the injured animals back to their strength and health.

  2. What a nice story and such compassionate little girls!

  3. Bless you for caring for the poor birdie through the night and it's wonderful that the girls want to continue this when they're older. What a wonderful story


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