AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. Allergies why do you hurt me so? Easy Solutions For Allergies!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…… Allergies why do you hurt me so? I wake up puffy and snuffy and not at all ready to get up and go!! What can I do to make you mean allergies get up and go?? Oh how I don’t like these verminice allergies and if you are at all like me I bet you have been having some problems too! I found these great ideas in my “Women’s World” magazine that are easy and natural ways to help beat the allergies that plague you. Here it goes…..

-Soothe Sinuses With Stinging Nettle- You can get this herbal supplement at most health food stores and it is well worth it! Nettle reduces production of vile histamine up to 50% FASTER THAN CLARITIN AND ALLEGRA! Wow! Aim for 1,200 mg daily.

-Water, Water, Water… Drink It Up BabyCakes- Believe it or not, staying well hydrated helps 38% of women (sorry men) relieve allergy symptoms and we all know that water is great in general for helping keep that tummy from bloating and about everything else too!!!

-Achooooooo-Stop Sneezing With Green Tea (My Fav)-We already know that green tea is great for wellbeing and a flat tummy as well as possibly helping reduce blood sugar to reduce cravings for refined sugar and carbs but now….Sneezing!!! Green tea is packed with an antioxidant (EGCG) that blocks production of two key allergy-symptom triggers: histamine and immunoglobulin (the allergy goblin?-just kidding on an allergy goblin although it feels like a mean allergy goblin visits at night) Ideally drink 2 to 3 cups daily. I love to add lemon to my green tea and sometimes make a nice iced green tea with lemons and Stevia (natural sweetener).

-Perilla Will Killa The Inflammation-In as little as seven days the herb Perilla has been study-proven to shut down allergic reaction and symptoms!!!! Perilla dampens inflammation and destroys the rogue immune cells that trigger allergy attacks! Perilla can be found at your health food store in an oil capsule (Womens World says to look under brand names like Source Naturals and Life Extension and follow package directions for dosage).

Yoga ( Not Partying In A Toga) Will Help You Breathe Easier-One of my favorite bloggers Michele at http://manddraponisanimalrescue.typepad.com/serenity/2011/05/i-love-my-new-job.html is a big fan of yoga and an instructor of yoga so I’m sure she will love that yoga breathing techniques help ease stuffed-up nasal passages and reduce stress, which is proven to heighten your body’s allergic response. Now if I could only bend like her maybe I could do the yoga.

Okay, so I am heading to Whole Foods tonight to get more green tea, Nettle and Perilla and hopefully send these allergies packing!! Hope this helps!!



  1. we very much have similar green tea, but I give the credit for using Stevia to you. since I learned about stevia from you, I have not stopped using it, I love its natural sweetness, my husband does not eat cakes usually, but when I started baking with Stevia, as long as I tell him it is made from low fat butter and stevia, he would not mind getting a slice :)

    love green tea with lemon too :)

  2. my husband can make good use of this knowledge you shared =) I often call him mr allergy =)

    thanks a bunch and happy mother's day to you!

  3. I'm going to pass the information along to my hubby. His allergies have been terrible this season.

  4. I much prefer the natural approach to dealing with my allergies. I love green tea and I also have been taking a probiotic and my allergies in the last couple of years have almost disappeared. I also use stevia as my sweetener and love it! Great article and I hope your allergies improve like mine have. Have a great Tuesday


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