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Make My Day & Tell Me Chocolate Is Okay! No Time To Nap-Have Some Dark Chocolate!

I Love chocolate anywhere, anytime and have secret chocolate stashes at home and at work but I always feel so GUILTY eating it!!! Well NO MORE! I just heard that when you don't have time for a nap then reach for some dark chocolate! Yes, it's true-suddenly my world is getting so much better!!!  We know that getting enough sleep is vital to better health and even weight loss- studies show it decreases your odds of heart disease and high blood pressure.  However, if you don't have time to nap forget coffee (which saps your body of iron, making fatigue worse) and reach for dark chocolate! Apparently reasearchers (no, I did not pay these researchers-lol) found  that a few bites a day (yes!!! EVERYDAY-woohoooo) can combat exhaustion and counteract the effects of sleep deprivation.!!!

Dark chocolate is rich in phenylethylamine, which acts like an amphetamine so you feel more energized.  It is full of flavonoids that help lower blood pressure and has plant sterols that lower bad LDL cholesterol up to 10 points!!!!! Now I suppose I should say that you should use good judgement and not go overboard with the chocolate but at least now we know that it's not all so bad !!   Now I am going to go and en

Reference-Womans World-March


betchai said...
yes, dark chocolate is not at all bad, I do eat it (but not too much) when I crave for it, sometimes I feel like it is more stressful and unhealthy if I suppress my craving for chocolate, but if I eat a little it gives me happy mood :)
DameMeow said...
It's so hard not to eat too much of it...but at least I can rationalize it a little easier now :-)
Unknown said...
Don't forget it also has iron in a form that the body can use. Not to mention that it is the one sweet that we can all eat without feeling the least bit guilty! I've already had my two squares today!! :)
Grumpy old man said...
Hi Heidi, great to see you visiting!
It really is good news, will try it, problem is, when I start a slab, it is impossible to stop. :)

Hope to see more of you, and have a lovely day.
Yes dark chocolate is really good for health. Just don`t eat too much. I usually eat chocolate before or after the workout. This way I enjoy my chocolate and burn calories.

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