Boost Your Immunity, Memory, LowerHeart Disease Risks In Unusual Ways!!!

 Boost Your Immunity, Memory, Heart Disease Risks In Unusual Ways!!

I just love finding fun, quirky and easy (easy being the key word here) ways to super charge my health!! I found these fun ideas in my Woman’s World magazine (which was one of those weird spontaneous buys-but glad I did) and I have begun giving them a shot with great benefits! Take a look, you may find that these could work for you too!

EASY Ways To Rev Up Your Health!!!

-2 eggs a day will melt your belly fat away-In a study women who ate 2 eggs a day lost twice as much weight and 83% more belly fat than women who ate the same number of calories in the form of bagels.

-Butter, butter I love you!-Adding butter to your diet can cut your levels of artery-clogging triglycerides 51% plus lift your artery-clearing HDL (good cholesterol), a combo that reduces your heart disease risk by 25% or according to a study at The University of Connecticut. A little bit of butter goes a long way so don’t overdo it and watch what you are putting it on but vegetables, and high fiber foods is a good bet. Also keep in mind that butter works as a great appetite suppressant!

-See a sneezer, sniffler? Look at them- Now this is odd but hey if it works then why not! New research shows that simply glancing at someone who is sneezing or sniffling stimulates your own immune system to seek out and destroy germs! Apparently when you have contact with someone who is sick there is a chance that you can catch these germs so our bodies launch an offensive attack to reduce the risk! Our bodies are really clever!!!!! I hope that I don’t take this too much too heart and start staring at all the sick people.

-Espresso your stomach pain away-This sounds much better than any kind of medicine or pills. Darker brews of coffee deliver double the amount of N-methylpyridium-an acid reducing compound-than milder brews.

Want to remember your age try some sage!-Memory with herbs- Taking a single dose of sage extract (at health food stores) INSTANTLY sharpens your memory, helping you recall names, places and other facts 11 times for accurately for at least two hours, according to a new study. It is said that it even helps improve brain function for those with major memory problems and Alzheimer’s disease. Tip-Twice daily, mix 28 drops of sage extract in a glass of water or sip two cups a day of sage tea.

I tried the sage tea and love it. I have also been staring at my friend Donna who is sniffling so I must say I have an improved memory and my body is hopefully launching an offensive attack on Donna’s germs so I stay healthy. LOL.

Aint No Stopping Me Now! 2 Months Later And I Am Back!!!

I am back and those three words are like heaven to me!!! I have missed blogging and my wonderful readers and blogging friends more than I can say!!! I am going to put it out there and be honest and let you all know that I had a bit of a problem with an unstable person stalking me more or less. I thought maybe if I went away they would go away but apparently not so I am not lying low anymore!!! Don't worry about me as I am tough and I have the police involved but I was tired of letting this person terrorize me to the point of me giving up some of the things I love the most-this blog and all of you who read it!!

I have so many posts that I have written (from coffee grounds to fight cellulite to citrus smells to get your kids to help around the house-lol) and not published just waiting for when I felt safe to come back. I cannot wait to start reading all your posts and commenting and posting here!!!!

Thanks to all who have supported me (Regina, Marie, Mike, Dori, and Shae Shae and all the others!) while I was on this hiatus!!


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