Fight The Fat And Get That Tummy Flat! Avoid These Foods For a Slim Line Stomach!

Tummybusters-Foods To Avoid If You Want A Flat Stomach

It is summertime and we all know what that means!!! Time to head out to the pool and put on that swimsuit!!! In light of that I decided to do a tummy post so we can all feel a little better when in the dreaded swimsuit.

Below is a list of foods that are known flat tummy busters and when I read this I realized that as hard as I try I am still making some big food mistakes. I am guilty for sure of the chewing gum, salt, tea and raw foods. Check this out and see if perhaps some of these foods are in your diet and sabotaging your best efforts for that flat tummy.


Bulky Raw foods- Lightly cooked vegetables offer much the same nutritional benefits as the raw version, however cooked vegetables take up much less room in gastrointestinal (GI) tract as the raw vegetables.

Gassy Foods-Avoid beans, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, onions, peppers and citrus fruits as these will bloat up your stomach.

Fizzy Drinks-Okay, I love fizzy drinks-love them but think of where all the bubbles go? That’s right straight into your belly.

Fried Foods-Fatty foods, especially the fried ones, are digested more slowly, causing you to feel heavy and bloated.

Chewing Gum- As you chew gum, you swallow air which gets trapped in your GI tract and causes pressure, bloating and belly expansion.
Salt-Water is attracted to sodium, which is why when you eat foods with a lot of sodium (salty foods), you’ll temporarily retain more fluid which gives you a puffy appearance and a sluggish feeling.

Sugar Alcohols
-These are sugar substitutes (called xylitol or malitol) that are generally found in products such as low-calorie or low carb cookies, sweets and energy bars. Like fiber, your GI tract can’t absorb most of them. They can cause abdominal distention and bloating.

Spicy Foods-Foods that have black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, chili powder, hot sauces, onions, garlic, mustard, hot peppers, barbecue sauce, horseradish, ketchup (I despise ketchup), tomato sauce or vinegar can all stimulate the release of stomach acid which can cause gut irritation and bloating.

Excess Carbs-As a back-up energy source, your muscles store a type of carbohydrate called glycogen. Every gram of glycogen is stored with about 3g of water. Your body doesn’t need all the stockpiled fuel unless you plan to hike Mount Everest tomorrow. Decrease your intake of high-carb foods such as pasta, bananas, and bread to temporarily train your body to access this stored fuel and burn it off.

Alcohol, Coffee, Cocoa, Tea, And Acidic Fruit Juices-Each of these can irritate your GI tract and cause swelling.


Enough Vitamin D and You will Be Feeling Happy!!

The benefits of vitamin D (often known as the sunshine vitamin) keep surprising researchers as the list of benefits from it keep showing themselves. Just take a look below at all the benfits your body can reap from a little of the sunshine vitamin.

10 Great Reasons To Get Your Vitamin D
1. Brain- Cuts stroke risk-may help prevent depression
2. Eyes-Lowers risk of macular degeneration
3. Mouth-Decreases risk of gum disease
4. Heart-Lowers chances of cardiovascular disease
5. Lungs-May reduce lung cancer risk
6. Breast-Cuts chances or breast cancer
7. Back-Lessens likelihood of chronic pain
8. Legs-Fights age-related weakness
9. Calves-Lowers risk of blocked leg arteries
10. Bones-Strengthens

Vitamin D Rich Foods
Wild salmon 3 oz = 420 IU
Atlantic mackerel 3 oz = 320 IU
Sardines 1 can = 250 IU
Shrimp 3 oz = 150 IU
Skim and 1% low-fat milk 1 cup = 100 IUS
Shittake mushrooms 4 items = 260 IU
Fortified yogurts like Dannon Light & Fit 1 cup = 80 IU
Fortified cereals:Multigrain Cheerios 1 cup = 40 IU; Post Bran Flakes 1 cup = 40 IU; Kashi Vive 1¼ cup = 80

Now with all these benefits I can understand why my cats love to find a place in the nice warm sun and curl up. Keep in mind that current U.S. guidelines recommend for 200-600 IU of D per day (depending on age) but many experts recommend at least 1,000 IU of D per day. So, by eating vitamin D rich foods, taking a vitamin D supplement or whole food multi (that is what I do-see pops in the upper left hand corner) and getting 15 minutes of sun on your hands a few times a week you will be all set!

Source-December 2008 Good Housekeeping

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