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Enough Vitamin D and You will Be Feeling Happy!!

The benefits of vitamin D (often known as the sunshine vitamin) keep surprising researchers as the list of benefits from it keep showing themselves. Just take a look below at all the benfits your body can reap from a little of the sunshine vitamin.

10 Great Reasons To Get Your Vitamin D
1. Brain- Cuts stroke risk-may help prevent depression
2. Eyes-Lowers risk of macular degeneration
3. Mouth-Decreases risk of gum disease
4. Heart-Lowers chances of cardiovascular disease
5. Lungs-May reduce lung cancer risk
6. Breast-Cuts chances or breast cancer
7. Back-Lessens likelihood of chronic pain
8. Legs-Fights age-related weakness
9. Calves-Lowers risk of blocked leg arteries
10. Bones-Strengthens

Vitamin D Rich Foods
Wild salmon 3 oz = 420 IU
Atlantic mackerel 3 oz = 320 IU
Sardines 1 can = 250 IU
Shrimp 3 oz = 150 IU
Skim and 1% low-fat milk 1 cup = 100 IUS
Shittake mushrooms 4 items = 260 IU
Fortified yogurts like Dannon Light & Fit 1 cup = 80 IU
Fortified cereals:Multigrain Cheerios 1 cup = 40 IU; Post Bran Flakes 1 cup = 40 IU; Kashi Vive 1¼ cup = 80

Now with all these benefits I can understand why my cats love to find a place in the nice warm sun and curl up. Keep in mind that current U.S. guidelines recommend for 200-600 IU of D per day (depending on age) but many experts recommend at least 1,000 IU of D per day. So, by eating vitamin D rich foods, taking a vitamin D supplement or whole food multi (that is what I do-see pops in the upper left hand corner) and getting 15 minutes of sun on your hands a few times a week you will be all set!

Source-December 2008 Good Housekeeping


vange said...
I get conflicting information about whether or not wearing sunscreen inhibits your Vitamin D absorption from sunlight.
Michelle said...
Notice how hard it is for vegans to get enough Vitamin D?

I'm going to take my multi-vitamin right now. Thanks for reminding me!
foongpc said...
I didn't know Vit D has so many benefits! OK, will bask more in the sun and eat more food rich in Vit D! : )
PYNTK said...
Hmmm...I haven't had Shittake mushrooms in a while; it's funny ... I had forgotten about them. Thanks for the reminder.
Mas-Raden said...
thats good article, very nice. . .

hi from mas raden
VetTech said...
I always feel better when I get enough sun, I really think that having a walk outside is the best way to get enough vitamin D
Cascia Talbert said...
I used to make sure my family had wild salmon at least once a week, but now my husband gets all our meat from a butcher and he doesn't have wild salmon. I think I am just going to put it back on my grocery list anyway. Thanks for sharing these tips!
betchai said...
i am glad to know that probably i am having enough Vitamin D :)
Unknown said...
I happened to be reading an article about Vitamin D only yesterday. Surprisingly, it alledges that even with regular amounts of sunshine (20 minutes per day) and oily fish once or twice each week plus a white fish supper, nuts, etc - those people especially the over 65's still require to take a daily supplement as an insurance policy against bone damage and breakage, thinning of bones, etc.

This is a most useful post ... I think much harm over the years has been done by newspaper articles advising against Vitamin D supplements ... most of us do not live in 365 sunshine weather!
Keep in mind, this is sun exposure without sunscreen. A little exposure every day is good for your skin, but don't overdo it, or you'll get burned and increase your risks of skin problems like cancer and such.

If you live in the north and get very little sunshine, take Cod liver oil every day. If you're in the south or live somewhere that is pretty sunny, only take it during those months (like in the winter) when the sun isn't out very much or you're indoors more often.

You'll also get those lovely omega 3s with the cod liver oil.
Dori said...
I'm gonna have to get proactive about the Vitamin D then :) Thanks for the info. Have a great weekend!
I took Vit D for granted in California so when I moved to Virginia it never occurred to me. Duh! Let's see - little to no sun in the winter then not that much sun in the summer since I'm in doors to get away from the heat. I went through a cancer "adventure" last year that snapped me out of my ways. Now I have 2,000 mgs a day with dinner. Somewhere I read that I should take it with a heavy meal.

This is such an easy little thing to do that makes such a big difference. Oh, and I added a glass of red wine with dinner. Love that one!


Politicus said...
Heidi, isn't it strange that the incidence of skin cancers has actually increased, since the introduction of chemical sunscreens?
Swubird said...

Right on with the vitamin D. Sunshine's the trick. Tell me, what can you say about Niacin? Does it really help to raise HDL? I've heard horror stories about liver damage. I've been told to take 1000 mg of slow-Niacin per day. But the only place I've found it is on the Web. I'm a little skeptical about Web sources.

Happy trails.
Cascia Talbert said...
Vitamin D is so important. I wasn't aware that salmon had that much vitamin D in it. I used to make sure I got Alaskan wild salmon every time I went grocery shopping but for some reason it hasn't been on my grocery list lately. Now I have one more reason to put it back on! Have a wonderful day!
Politicus - that's interesting. I never heard that one before. Do you have a source for that by any chance?

I tried organic sunscreen once, but it just attracted the bugs to me. My son and I were the only ones getting bitten by bugs, so I quit using it.
Pia said...
Thanks for sharing the list of sources of Vitamin D. I'll try to incorporated these to our daily meals. More power! By the way, these health, beauty and wellness products at affordable prices might be what you're looking for. Good luck and more power!
Ayie said...
what you shared makes me want to bring my baby out for more "sun" walks so both of us can have very good vitamin D =)

happy weekend!

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