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Drink Cold Water For A Longer Workout And Burn More Calories!!!!

Drink Cold Water For A Longer Workout!!!
Here is a simple and easy trick to stretch out your workouts (I love simple tricks)! According to a British study, exercisers who drank refrigerated water (39 degrees F) worked out approximately 25% longer than those who consumed the same amount of warmer water. They also said that their sessions felt easier too!

Regardless of you working indoor or out, drinking chilled water both before and during exercise could help keep your body temperature down and your energy up for maximum calorie burn-and who doesn’t love extra calorie burn!!! Anything to make life easier!!

P.S. I am still working with my personal trainer 3 times a week and can really see the results. I am such a baby and despise going and when Andy and I have a session where I have only cussed a couple times and hit him once or twice we both consider it a splendid success. I am just not a natural at all this exercise

Ref: Prevention Magazine May 2009


Cascia Talbert said...
Great tips! I know I need to drink more water. Good luck with your personal trainer.
Jacqueline said...
Thanks for the tip, young lady. Congrats on sticking to your training sessions. ;-)
Swubird said...
Water is a good tip. The last time I had a stress test the nurse said she could immediately tell that I didn't drink enough water. Evidently, more water means a slower heartbeat.

Happy trails.
Ayie said...
great tip, i can do that too!
eastcoastlife said...
For Chinese physicians' point of view, they advise us to drink lukewarm water because chilled drinks can cause health problems as we grow older.
Dori said...
I love this tip! I'm trying to drink more water and also am attempting to work out more, so this is very helpful news :-)
Unknown said...
You are always full of good ideas Heidi! I sometimes wear a step counter too this helps you to get an average reading on the amount of steps you are actually taking in your daily life including any exercise. Before using one, I read that too many people were only moving for 3000 steps or less per day - our mothers and fathers averaged around 10,000 to 15,000 per day and our grand parents and great grand parents considerably more.

Another little gem is that in the Middle Ages before the birth of technology - people only had two meals per day. The first (breakfast) was not taken until around 10.30 - 11.00 pm and the second was dinner/supper taken at the end of the working day. They had no in-between snacks ... no wonder we are fighting to be fit and lean - can you imagine going back to that regime again?

Hope you and your family are all keeping well. At least we now have the Summer to look forward to!!
Steve Borgman said...
I just put in some miles running today, and I would have loved to know about this tip! Thanks for sharing, Heidi :)
I will have to remember this valuable tip! I like knowing that doing something that simple can help me to work out longer -- which is what we want, no? Gotta kill off as many of those calories as we can! ;)

Good luck with your training sessions!

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