Chow To My Beloved Chocolate, Cheese Puffs and Diet Pepsi-Hello Apples and Water-Time To Get Back To Basics!

Hi everyone! I feel like I have been so behind at blogging lately and I really miss it and all of you! I have been working quite a bit and being very bad on my healthy eating and work out regimes. Chocolate and diet Pepsi have been frequent visitors to my taste buds and the chair has been my jogging path.

My clothes are getting tight (uh oh) and my booty is getting big (even worse-lol). Bad Health Nut Wannabee Mom!! Okay so what am I going to do about it???? Well I considered throwing myself in a snow drift and crying and crying but that really won't help soooooo I am going back to the basics-what always has and always does work for me. I am going back to lots of water and green tea, plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy grains. I am even meeting with a personal trainer on Thursday to work my bigger than usual booty into shape again. Where I work is very into health and fitness so they have an offer that they will reimburse 70% of the personal trainer cost once you complete your 24 sessions!! That was an offer that I could not refuse and the motivation that I needed. So I guess I have to say chow to my excess chocolate and diet Pepsi and hello water and apples. I can't wait to start feeling mentally and physically better. It is easy to write this while enjoying a bowl of chocolate ice cream . I wonder how much fun I will be having eating that lettuce tomorrow-lol!
I will keep you updated and I will soon be back to commenting on all your great blogs.

Best to you all!!
P.S. I forgot to mention the cheese puffs! Now I am really starting to feel scared!
How can I live without the cheese puffs? This is going to be harder than I remember. Those bad habits can be bad to break!


  1. A little chocolate can't hurt can it? LOL Anyway, best of luck and I need to get back on the exercise wagon too so thanks for the extra motivation!

  2. I'll take any chocolate ice cream that's left? lol

  3. "I am going back to lots of water and green tea, plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy grains." - Due to my recent diagnosis, I am doubling up my efforts in this area! :)

  4. Good luck sticking with your diet and exercise program! I know sometimes life gets us sidetracked. I'm sure you will be back in shape in no time!

    Thanks for stopping by Healthy Moms and leaving us a comment.

    Have a totally awesome Thursday!

  5. Heidi, I need to be doing like you. I've gotten thicker around the middle over the winter ;-)

    That's a great deal about the personal trainer! :)

  6. Heidi:

    It sounds like to work for a very good company. I love it when I hear about companies that are truly employee friendly. Helping their employees with staying healthy is commendable. So get that growing fanny back on the right track!

    Happy trails.

  7. Hey you I've been away from blogging for about 3 weeks...I was away but I've started back at blogging again!!!

    I should be following in your foot steps...I've not taken care of myself as well as I should have!!!
    Good luck...

  8. gosh, I love cheese puffs too and I chew chocolates probably everyday, I am worse Heidi, I only console myself I exercise a lot, but well, not enough probably to burn all my bad eating habits, sweets and sweets! :(

  9. Hey, Heidi, we all have our ups and downs...hang in there and remember that you can do whatever you want to do and be successful at it...


  10. Heidi, you already look fabulous. May I just have your unwanted body once you get your new bod? This way, I don't have to diet and work out so hard to lose my extra weight.


  11. My wife was on a diet that allowed dark chocolate, in moderation... if that is even possible :)

  12. Hey Heidi,

    I'm new here and I'm from the health-videos website I really love your insight on staying healthy...I, too have been trying to drink a ton of water while sitting at my desk at work and to snack on healthy things instead of what I really want, like chips and chocolate. I just wanted to let you and your readers know about our blog, The Pulse, on icyou as well as our thousands of health videos; there are a lot of good pointers about getting and staying healthy. We would love to see your face on our site if you were interested in sharing some of your ideas on video! Let me know if you have any questions and I would love to hear from you.


  13. I am right there with you! I need to get back on my health kick, I have been a little relaxed these past few weeks. Love your blog, I found you through BeautyChatBlog. =)Glad to be here reading!


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