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No more stinky litterboxes with…….GREEN TEA!

I have a full post coming up but this ridiculous cough, throat and now chest thing is being very stubborn and rude and is hanging on so I have been still not feeling well and not up to all my usual blogging, commenting, dropping, etc so I do apologize. It has been almost 2 weeks with this sickness so I imagine I will have to go to the doctor and get an antibiotic (I only go to the doctor if I am half dead ) so that I can get rid of this and back on my feet. I promise to get back to all the great blogs that I read and drop on asap!

In the meantime, since I am on a green tea kick and have cats I found the below information really great and since I know a lot of you have cats as well you might find this helpful!

No more stinky litterboxes with…….GREEN TEA!

I tried this and it worked!!! Joy, joy, joy! Even though we have a cat door at our house and the litterbox is in the basement I still hate the smell! All you need to do is take the tea leaves from your cup of green tea (yes, I am sure you all drink green tea everyday because it is so healthy for you), let them dry and then sprinkle on the litter. The catechin in the herb has antibacterial properties to kill any odor and the scent deters fleas. This is the same way that green tea deters bad breath!! Love it! I am drinking green tea right now and just can’t get over all the great things about it!! Give it a shot and let me know!


Swubird said...

Super good advice---put the old teabags in the cat's litter box. I'll give it a try.

Take care and get well soon.

Happy trails.
Maria said...
So sorry you have been so ill. Glad you are back. Thanks for the tip, you can bet I will be giving this a try!

I gave you some awards. However, they may be some you have already received and I know how much time it takes to pass them on so don't feel obligated to do so. Just wanted to pass them on to you :)
betchai said...
oh, thanks for this advice Heidi, i will definitely try this one.
Great idea, will have to give it a try!

Hope you feel better soon...sounds as though you might need to see the doctor though!

Lynne said...
That's incredible! And, so simple! I think every cat owner should know about this. :-D
Now, THAT's some pretty amazing stuff!
With two kitties stinkin' up the box, I'm gonna have to try that! Thanks for the tip! ;)
Unknown said...
Hi Heidi - sorry that you are unwell. Your post about the green tea is fascinating - I wonder if it works in trainers, etc. Lol!

Your symptoms on the other hand could most likely be vastly improved with elderberry. Elderberry is naturally antiviral - it is one of those things that really all of us should have in our cupboards especially with swine flu being on the increase. If you are unable to get some fresh then it is available as a syrup for children and their are capsules and tablets for adults. I'm not sure if it grows in your area but if it does the berries make a really delicious compote that you can add to yogurts, spoon into cake mix, pour over ice cream, dollop into rice pudding, mix in with cereals and even add to Summer fruit squashes. Added to this Astragalus is well known and respected for its immune boosting qualities. I have also always been a fan of high dose Vitamin C and Zinc as both these in combination usually reduce the worst symptoms of colds, coughs and sore throats and appear to make their invasion of the body much less devastating and long.

I'm not sure whether you may have heard of Patrick Holford and I hope that you don't mind me mentioning the link to his website - but he has the latest information on how Vitamin C and Zinc help with Swine Flu on this link:

I hope that you feel much better soon. Take care.
VetTech said...
Interesting idea, of course some cats get turned off by any changes in the contents of their litter box (switching brands etc) and that can make them stop using it. I may try it, but I would put out two boxes one with the tea and one without until I see that all of my cats don't mind it.

There are some new litters out there made with corn that are very effective at odor control.
eastcoastlife said...
You should go see a doctor quick, not when you're half dead! There's H1N1 around, girl!
foongpc said...
Sorry to hear that you are sick. Get well soon and have plenty of rest!

Btw, this green tea idea is great! Will try it! : )
Ish said...
get weel soon heidi! nice post!
jacqueline said...
I hope you get better real soon. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. Get some rest honey. :-)
JP said...
Good info. I too have a post on Green Tea in my blog.
VetTech said...
Hope you are feeling better! I know you aren't much of a meat eater, but it sounds like you need chicken soup stat (even if its July and 90 degrees) :-)
Chris said...
This is a great tip. I always have used green tea bags around anyway, so I'll use the dried leaves in the litterboxes rather than throw them away. Hope you're feeling better soon!
Dori said...
So sorry to hear that you're still not feeling well. Get well soon and take good care :)
Alan said...
I don't think there's enough green tea on the planet to get rid of the stink my cat's make. I can't stand going near it.......hmm, maybe I can get the cats to start drinking green tea ?
Cascia Talbert said...
I have two cats so I'll have to try this one.
Melissa said...
With three cats and two litter boxes I will give anything a try! Thanks for the info.
evangeline said...
The only thing that smells worse than cat pee is tea! But I don't have critters so it isn't really applicable anyway!
Ann said...
I wish I would have known about this when I still had a cat. Littler box smell is the worst.
David Levey said...
Hope you are better soon- better drink some of that tea instead of giving it to the cat!

Anonymous said...
Great advice. I'm always up on new home remedies with tea leaves. It's certainly a wonderful plant! --Jason
Sandy said...
I no longer have cats, but what a great tip. I will be sure and pass then along to some friends. I do like green tea, though I knew it was suppose to be good for you, I didn't know it was suppose to improve your breathe. You learn new things everyday.

Now, about your illness. Hubby is getting over it, and I'm trying to get over it. I have bad allergies and thought it was that; didn't go to the doctor as soon as I should have. Sounds like you've not gone as soon as you should have either. 2 wks is to long to be ill. I went after a week of coughing, sneezing, headache, congestion...I could actually hear myself wheezing, yep/ Fluid in the lungs. Bronchitis, and pneumonia are really going round. She said she's been seeing alot of it. Like you, I don't go. This is the first trip to the doctor in 3 years. Antibiotics, steroid nose spray, decongestants, and inhaler. Please go and feel better soon.

While you're home and need a diversion, swing by for a visit.

Welcome mats always out
Kate said...
Yet another reason to drink the good stuff! Thanks for sharing!
Ayie said...
is green tea safe for pregnant women? i love drinking it but i'm afraid it will be bad for me since i'm expecting now. lemongrass teas is good too higher antioxidants but not good for preggers.
Unknown said...
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