Ode To The Cucumber-Healthy Reasons To Love Cucumbers!

Cucumber, cucumber I love you! Cucumber, cucumber you taste great , you remove puffiness from eyes before a big date. Cucumber, cucumber healthy part of a diet, you keep me skinny so I don’t cause a riot. Cucumber, cucumber delicious to me, you have so many benefits look below to see…..

Corny poem I know but it came to me and sometimes I get bored with all my normal writing so why not? I am not Shakespeare or even close but I do l love my cucumbers so why not a little love poem! Really though, cucumbers are probably one of my favorite things to eat! I slice them up and snack on them throughout the day-sometimes I will have 2 or 3 huge ones. They always make me feel full and refreshed and have so many health benefits. See for yourself:

Healthy Reasons to love those cucumbers!

-Composed of mostly water, low in calories and packed with nutrients. The cucumbers high water content helps keep the body hydrated, regulates body temperature, rids the body of excess fluids and cleanses the body of harmful wastes and toxins.

-Helps eliminate uric acid so it is good for those who have arthritis.

-Excellent source of potassium, vitamin c and folic acid.

-When placed on burns (sunburns too), itchy skin, swollen and tired eyes it can relieve these symptoms as well as dark circles.

-Relieves heartburn and soothes stomach acid or for those suffering from gastritis or ulcers.

-Improves blood circulation and helps relax nerves and muscles.

-Cucumber juice can be used as a soothing skin lotion.

-Skin of cucumbers are rich in fiber, potassium and magnesium.

So besides being delicious, cucumbers offer up a host of wonderful health benefits! Make sure when buying cucumbers that they are dark green as this is an indication it is fresh. I also try to go organic on cucumbers since many cucumbers found in grocery stores are waxed to protect them during shipping. Since the wax is better not to be ingested I go for the organic that are not waxed.


  1. I want to like cucumbers so much because they smell wonderful but for some reason I just haven't developed a taste for them. But, this post made me want to try them again! You're a good influence on me!

  2. oh, wow, thanks so much for this post Heidi. My husband has gout, but he does not like cucumber so much, so, this is one post I have to show him to encourage him to have more cucumber :)

  3. Wow i did not know that about the heart burn.
    see you gave me very helpful information again my dear Hedi.

  4. I got to tell this to my dad who suffers from arthritis great tips!

  5. I wasn't aware of "Helps eliminate uric acid so it is good for those who have arthritis." that is a very good thing!!!

    I love cucumbers but I find they give me heart burn...go figure???

  6. I absolutely LOVE cucumbers - one of the few healthy foods I like. I will definitely be eating more now.

    Cute poem. I think you have talent!

    Thanks for stopping by and supporting Coco's recovery!!!

  7. I wish I liked cucumbers. Sadly, though, they are one of the few things that I don't like. I've tried so many times. :(

  8. Actually I just had cucumber, lettuce, mayo ( sometimes with tzatziki ) in an onion bun for lunch......favorite sandwich.

  9. Heidi:

    I never cared for the taste of cucumbers and they do give me a little indigestion. But I try to eat them for their healthy properties. Thanks for the tip and the reminder to eat well.

    Happy trails.

  10. I could have used a couple under my eyes this morning! I had those dreaded circles underneath them when I looked in the mirror! oh no!! LOL!
    I'd better start sleeping more or it will be cucumber city for me! ;)

  11. Heidi,
    What? Improves circulation? I'm in! :-)

  12. Nice poem haha!

    I like cucumbers especially after eating spicy food! Wow! Didn't know there are so many health benefits of eating cucumbers!

    Btw, congrats for being First Commenter (FC) on my blog! I hope you don't mind me using that nice yoga posing image from your blog head to show you as FC : )

  13. Heidi, you should carry on writing poems, you definatly have talent for it :-)
    Thanks for the advice on cucumbers, I love the taste, but they tend to make me feel bloated, is that normal? and is it a good think none the less?
    I also suffer from arthritis, so maybe I should just carry on eating them, but not before a game of squash.....hehehe, for obvious reasons.

  14. Cucumbers are great and should be part of a healthy diet. A nice little cucumber salad as a snack on a hot day...not only healthy but refreshing...or a nice cucumber sandwich. I like your 'ode to the cucumber'...lol...:).

  15. I used to think cucumbers were boring till I blended them up in green smoothies. Fave: Apple, lemon, and cucumber. The Bomb on a hot day!

  16. This is the best time for curbies (baby cucumbers aka pickling cukes)...they are so fresh and crispy during the summer. Cucumber, tomatoes and olives are better than a bowl of chips any day.

  17. I love cucumbers too! Didn't even know what a healthy choice they are. I will say that there is a huge difference between store bought and home grown. Organic-home-grown can't be beat! I like to sprinkle a little fresh ground pepper and red wine vinegar on them and let em sit in the fridge a while. Nothing better on a hot summer day!

  18. Cucumbers are indeed great for so many reasons. Thanks for another informative post. All the best for your work and health. Have a great week :)

  19. Yes cucumbers have so many wonderful benefits. My dad always grew them in his garden and we ate them all summer long. I'm 8 mos pregnant and your little poem just made me crave one! I might have to send my husband to the store when he gets home to get some for me.

  20. oh wow, didn`t know about the heart burn thing, GREAT!


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