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Cranberry Juice After Sex, Aspirin and Allergy Medicine In The Evening! Get In Your Night Groove!

Ooooohhhh here are some night moves to keep you healthy and happy. This another excerpt from the article I read about how you can maximize health benefits from doing certain things at specific times of the day. I really had no idea about these but now that I do I intend to try to follow these and maybe you might benefit too.

Drink you cranberry so your bladder will be merry-Most of us have heard that cranberry juice can help prevent urinary-tract infections. If you drink a glass at night the juice will stay in your bladder until morning, fighting bacteria. This is also beneficial if you and your partner are in a love mood and want to get intimate as it can keep bacteria that’s been pushed up the urethra during intercourse from sticking to bladder walls (kind of takes the romance out of sex thinking of it this way but hey, whatever works).

Got Allergies? Take your allergy medicine-Allergy symptoms and pollen count are highest first thing in the morning so take your long-acting antihistamines at night to avoid feeling sneezy upon wakening.

No More Sir (or Lady) Stinks a-lot!-Take a shower before bed or wash your underarms and/or feet if they have been smelly and making others run for the hills). Dry off and apply the antiperspirant of your choice. At night your body’s temperature naturally lowers and you are less likely to sweat which gives the antiperspirant a chance to fully absorb and allows its active ingredients to work. In the morning you should be fully protected when you are ready to shower. Yahoo-no more sweaty, smelly days!

Got high blood pressure? Take your aspirin at night-According to a recent study at the University of Vigo in Spain, people with prehypertension (blood pressure that’s between normal and high) who took aspirin at 11 p.m. had lower blood pressure readings after three months than those with the same symptoms who took aspirin at 8 a.m. or who had made dietary changes. Researchers believe aspirin works by slowing the nighttime production of hormones and other substances that lead to clotting. If this is something that concerns you I would definitely ask your doctor about it.

Prepare to sleep-Make sure you do not exercise three hours before bedtime to give your body temperature a chance to cool down, don’t eat 2-4 hours before bedtime, since it takes your stomach that long to empty solid foods (this helps with acid reflux as well). Also, keep your cell phone, alarm clock with the neon numbers and night lights all out as your brain’s pineal gland (never heard that word before) needs darkness to make melatonin, the hormone that tells your body it is time to sleep. The pineal gland gets confused if it senses light and you will not sleep as well. Melatonin has also been linked to improved immunity and lower risk of cancer. Alright, stop confusing your poor Pineal gland and you will sleep much better.

I hope you have your healthy night moves together now!

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Bill said...
Wow i want to go home and drink some cranberry juice and then try it out tonight LOL. I love the pic of you and your daughter you put here. You are such a beautiful women Hedi. Have a excellent weekend my friend.
Bill!!!! You are such a rascal and always brighten my day! Thanks for the compliments and go have some cranberry juice and fun tonight:)
I read a very similar article in Prevention last month... I guess timing really does make the difference.
Taking the aspirin at night is interesting...drinking cranberry juice at night makes sense...never thought of it before though!

betchai said...
oh wow, thanks, know what? i have bad allergies, but did not know that the best time to take the meds is at night, so many thanks to you :)
JP said...
Good One...
liza said...
My mom is taking aspirin at night, she has HB pressure. Great tips again Heidi! Happy weekend.
Duni said...
It's difficult getting natural cranberry juice here (without sugar). We can only buy it in healthfood stores and it's quite expensive. I must let my husband know about the Aspirin.

have a great weekend,

Meghann said...
Great tips, thank you :)
Maxuelo said...
Great tip thanks, going to costco to buy a bunch of Cranberry juice now, that along with my Hegel exercises should help allot, getting my husband to do kegels as well because apparently it helps their "you know what" Kegels for men and women
Dori said...
Great tips! Gotta go get that cranberry juice ;-)
Swubird said...

Great tip on the antihistamines. I'll certainly follow your advice.

Cranberry juice after sex. Wow! Never heard that one before. But, okay, I'll keep a big thermos full of red cranberry juice in the car for emergencies!LOL

But all kidding aside, excellent health as always.

Happy trails.
Maria said...
I am so glad to know that the best time to exercise is not early in the morning!
Grace said...
Wow! This is a great information, Heidi. Actually, I'm writing it down. I need some of this. Thanks for this.
How was your weekend? :)
BeadedTail said...
Again, more interesting facts Heidi! I would never have guessed the exercise one but it's good to know!
eastcoastlife said...
*eyes wide at cranberry juice*
I love cranberries and love throwing a handful when baking my bread and cakes.
My hubby drinks cranberry juice because he gets bladder infections. I'll have to tell him about this. ;o)
jacqueline said...
Hello Heidi,
You're so right about that cranberry juice. Now, the pineal gland, also known as "the third eye" has always been a mystery to me. :-)
iWalk said...
Hi heidi:

You have been tagged with a personality test by iWalk.

Just have fun!
Anonymous said...
Remember, the cranberry juice with Sugar will make the problem WORSE, as bacteria feeds on sugar. Be sure to by the UNSWEETENED juice at the health food store. But better yet, you can buy cranberry capsules at the store, and they are magic. Take that before bed, ZERO calories, all efffective!
Unknown said...
Or buy Diet Cranberry Juice, get the benefit without the sugar or calories

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