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Mom, desperately trying to get the health thing right! I started this blog so that I can pass along all the great things that I learn everyday on damage control for our wonderful bodies. It is tough to keep up sometimes with all the things going on in our daily lives so hopefully some of the helpful hints that I provide can make your life easier and healthier. I welcome your comments and tips as well! I am a vegetarian, animal rights advocate and avid animal rescuer.
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No, No, Noooooooo! Healthnutwannabeemom.blogspot.com Has Been Taken Hostage-HELP!

We all know that I am more than confused by anything technological in this world. I like how things work but when something goes amiss I am in BIG trouble. I received a few emails from people trying to comment saying they were getting the below message and could not view my site on internet explorer (works fine on firefox). I cannot view my site either and truth be told it is driving me crazy.

I decided that I was going to attempt to fix this on my own (come on Heidi!) well I googled all kinds of suggestions and many were good and logical (logical to aliens) except they may have been written in some lost languages ancient text for all the sense they made to me. Frustrated I ran and got a diet pepsi and blackberries-bad, bad, bad on the diet pepsi but good on the blackberries to balance out the bad diet pepsi (I doubt this is how it works but I could have grabbed a diet pepsi and chocolate bar instead so I get some points-remember I am still a wannabee health nut). The diet pepsi consoled me and I decided to write this post to let everyone know that I am in blog problem He@#$&*@#lllll!!! My hat goes off to all you technical geniuses because I am about to lie on the floor and kick, scream and cry because as we all know that is how to get things fixed-not.

Anyway, I will get this fixed and soon up and running. Can you even read this? Had not thought of that.

Best to you all!!!



Feel your pain ~ LOL! Yes, we (well, I, anyhow) can read this! Hope you get your problems fixed soon ~ I do the same thing you do ~ google all over cyberspace for help!
Bill said...
Yes I can read it my dear sweet sexy friend LOL. So what was the problem? It sounded like you had something wrong with IE (internet explorer). I am glad to see that he got it fixed for you. Any plans for the big weekend ahead? Take care my friend i think i will go eat some chocolate now LOL just kiddding.
Lynne said...
Good luck! I hate anything technical, makes me feel inept! Hope it all works out soon (and enjoy your Diet Pepsi!)
I'm glad you got it fixed! I have a Safecounter banner that keeps popping up on my blog and I can't figure out how to get rid of it.
Kristin said...
Glad to hear that it is fixed.. you had me laughing with your "remember I am a health nut wannabee" LOL!
BeadedTail said...
I am having the same problem with my blog. How did Josh fix yours?
BeadedTail said...
I figured out it has something to do with the followers gadget - well, at least it stopped happening after I removed that. Not sure if that's the same thing that was wrong with yours or not. Hope Blogger fixes it soon so I can put it back!
Oscar Gecko said...
I had the same problem. I am not sure exactly what caused it, but it was one of the gadgets I had added.

I also found out that it only happens in Internet Explorer 7. I did not have errors with FireFox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 8.

But my remedy was simple. I luckily had backed up my template to my hard drive. I restored it to the back up and presto... problem solved.

But great work Josh.... And glad to see this blog is back up to speed. And now all the readers can enjoy it.
I had the same problem with my blog too! In Firefox it worked fine but not in IE so it's not just your blog. If it's still not working, I guess I'll have to try removing my followers gadget too.
Dori said...
I've been having the same problem. I'm glad you got yours fixed. How did Josh fix it? Have a great weekend! :)
John A Hill said...
I've never encountered a problem reading your posts or viewing your pics. I now use Google Chrome instead of Mozilla. I'd be really disappointed if I couldn't view your pics.
Gregorio said...
Yes I could read your post but I have fox fire.I had a similar problem about two weeks ago,as a matter of fact I almost freaked out like you did.Fortunately my rational side took over and after a few deep breaths,a couple ohm's I solved the problem.It was the cookies,we all know they're bad for you.One little sweeping and it was back to normal.
I'm glad you are back to normal again and didn't loose to much hair.You had me cringing at the thought of you downing that diet pepsi,you know those things will kill you.
The technical stuff can be so frustrating when...like you I usually dig my heals in and try to fix it myself...when I realize I can't..like you I then appeal to the masses!!

There is usually some kind sole out there who can help...and you found one I see!!!! :0)
Daisy said...
Since I use Firefox, I didn't even realize I had a problem until someone left me a message! I moved my Google Followers widget to my footer, and it seems to be okay now. I'll just move it back up after the issue is resolved.
Sandi said...
Glad you got it fixed! :) Oh and I relate to the Diet Pepsi thing! I still haven't given mine up. Don't know if I will either. lol
Dwacon said...
Those wacky hackers... a lot of EC sites seem to be getting hit.
foongpc said...
Haha! Sorry I know this is no laughing matter, but the way you write your post makes me laugh!
Logical to aliens? Haha! That's funny!!

Blackberries to balance out the badness in diet pepsi? haha! Could not stop laughing! Well, I'll definitely give you points for not mixing the pepsi with a chocolate bar! LOL!

I'll just hate it if this happens to me too! I'll probably go munch on some fries and eat a chocolate cheese cake or something!!! : )
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