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XOXO Happy Valentines Day XOXO-Kiss To Relieve Stress! Ah! Ha!

I want to wish all of you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! I love this day whether I am in a relationship or not because to me it is just a day to express your gratefulness, kindness and love to everyone you care about. I don't really get into the commercial hype of the day (but yes gifts are always nice) but do enjoy a holiday celebrating love and any excuse to eat lots of chocolate.

As I was about to write this post to wish you all a great Valentines day I saw this article about how kissing releases chemicals that ease stress levels and thought how perfect to share with all of you!

I found the article here and loved it! It is amazing to me how there really is so much more to just about everything. Oh how the entire mating ritual is so complex!!!

Kisses unleash chemicals that ease stress levels

CHICAGO – "Chemistry look what you've done to me," Donna Summer crooned in Science of Love, and so, it seems, she was right. Just in time for Valentine's Day, a panel of scientists examined the mystery of what happens when hearts throb and lips lock. Kissing, it turns out, unleashes chemicals that ease stress hormones in both sexes and encourage bonding in men, though not so much in women.

Chemicals in the saliva may be a way to assess a mate, Wendy Hill, dean of the faculty and a professor of neuroscience at Lafayette College, told a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science on Friday.

In an experiment, Hill explained, pairs of heterosexual college students who kissed for 15 minutes while listening to music experienced significant changes in their levels of the chemicals oxytocin, which affects pair bonding, and cortisol, which is associated with stress. Their blood and saliva levels of the chemicals were compared before and after the kiss.

Both men and women had a decline in cortisol after smooching, an indication their stress levels declined.

For men, oxytocin levels increased, indicating more interest in bonding, while oxytocin levels went down in women. "This was a surprise," Hill said.



P.S. Will have the health benefits of sex article on Monday or Tuesday! Oh My!


Unknown said...
Nice article! I'm all for a little stress reduction!
Anonymous said...
Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Heidi!

We could all use a few more kisses in our lives! ;_
Anonymous said...
Good to know about this! Thank you :)
Anonymous said...
Happy Valentine's to you Heidi. I believe in this post, it is interesting to know, I do believe kissing has an effect of easing tension and stress.
Anonymous said...
Aww well all the more reason to get cozy and kiss the ones we love!
Jackie said...
Happy Valentine's Day!:-)
My 15 year old daughter always tells me and hubby to stop kissing cuz it's "gross"...now I can tell her it's medically proven that it's good for me. ;o)
Sicilian said...
ohhhhhhhhh. . . . I think I'll have to do some more smooching . . . . after all. . . it is healthy.
Anonymous said...
Happy Valentine's Day Heidi :-)
Anonymous said...
Happy Valentines Day!
Anonymous said...
happy valentine's day :D
Anonymous said...
OXOX, that's a good news!

Haha, So kiss is more lovely than I think. :)

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovely Heidi :)
The perfect excuse for a little PDA... :)
Anonymous said...
Happy Valentines to you and family ;)
BeadedTail said...
Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day!
Ish said...
Kissing is nice! Happy Valentines day

i link you in my blog! have a nice day
foongpc said...
Oh, perfect post (kissing) to lead us to the next post (sex)! LOL!
Anonymous said...
Hey Heidi!
It's always nice to participate in healthy and enjoyable activities which don't cost any money. Enjoy your EC Credits. :-)
Anonymous said...
Oh I had my fair share of chocolate! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day :)
ssgreylord said...
happy belated valentine's day to my favorite blogger. ;)
Jackie said...
Hi Heidi,
Just dropping by to tell you that it is a manure spreader. My husband called laughing at me.

He grew up on a farm and always forgets that I USE to be a city girl...lol!!!:-)
Grumpy old man said...
Hi Heidi, great post, agree with you, our daughter (9) always goes ...uuuuggghhh when she sees us kissing (which we enjoy and do a lot) but being 9 she will soon experience the fun in kissing....heaven forbid... fortunately I have a shotgun... Hope you had a lovely valentines day.
gLoR!e said...
Better Late than Never? Happy Valentines Day! Miss you here i miss blog hop huhuh give more time and i'll get back the track!:)

Have a great day!:)
John A Hill said...
I left you a gift on my blog this morning! It's not quite as sweet as a kiss, but the best I can do in the blogsphere!
Cascia Talbert said...
What a great article! Now that gives me more excuses to kiss my husband. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.
Anonymous said...
My husband and I happened to see this news story and it really did make us laugh. I guess kissing wouldn't be done if it didn't make us feel good, huh?! :-D
Nessa said...
I saw that article and called and woke my boyfriend up lol. can't wait to see the next article. I have a feeling he'll be getting another call!
Swubird said...
Health Nut:

That's very good news. Kissing. Can't wait till I tell the Queen.

Happy Valentine's Day.
Swubird said...
Health Nut:

That's great news. Kissing. Can't wait until I tell the Queen.

Happy Valentine's Day.
We just talked about this in my Sex Ed class. I was happy to hear about it then too!

Anonymous said...
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