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Word Verification, Followers and Commenting Problems

Alright, usually it is just me and my confusion with anything technological however I noticed that other bloggers are having similar problems so I feel a little better. I have had several of you (thank you Davida and Polly) mention that you have tried to leave comments on my blog but the word verification was not loading (I have had this problem with others blogs as well) so you could not comment. Sandi at Pregnant With Cancer said she was having the same issues so had to take her word verification off. I am trying to figure out how to do that so hopefully you can leave comments and I hope to be able to leave comments for those of you that I had trouble with as well. As for the followers-I have no idea! If I stopped following you it was not something I did (I still like you and want to follow you so let me know) and I lost probably 25-30 followers all at once so I am assuming there is some weird glitch somewhere. If you know what is going on with any of these things I would love to know. Sorry for all these issues-I feel like my universe is out of sync!


Lynda Lehmann said...
Your universe is only as out of sync as mine is! I've been having constant problems with leaving comments, for the same reason. The word verification loading will not complete. This is a frustration, to say the least. You can turn it off under the comments tab of your blog, I think.

Also, I lost NINE followers the other night, just like that, in less than 8 hours. I thought it was because my header art got "lost" at its storage site for several hours, and that some bloggers thought I was discontinuing.

But now that I hear you talking about it, I think something else must be going on. If I get any insight on either issue, I'll post about it.

Thanks for sharing. :)
Anonymous said...
hi i am glad to see that you have the problem fixed. i tried to leave a couple of comments also but with no luck. Have a great one.
Anonymous said...
I've noticed that around, too. How weird!
HI =) I had the same problem with dropped followers on my blogs, and blogger dropping me from a ton of blogs I was following! arg. You are not alone, hope they get this fixed.
Gregorio said...
I wouldn't sweat it to much.We've all had some type of problem or other with our blogs.Most bloggers understand when those glitches happen.As for your followers they'll be back.Just by mentioning the problem as a post on your blog really shows that you care.Good luck and I hope all works out for you.Take care
tashabud said...
Yes, half of my followers disappeared from my box also. It's good to know that I'm not the only one experiencing that.

I am, however, missing you at my novel site, though. Hee, hee. I know, there's just not enough time in a day to visit everyone. I can't visit everybody that I'd like to visit also. Yes, we do need more time in a day.

Have a great day,

Hey Heidi...I was unable to comment for two days as Lynda mentioned the work verification wouldn't finish loading!

I also lost followers...3...you are one of the ones I lost...I wonder what blogger is doing???
So many other bloggers have mentioned it...
Unknown said...
Hi Heidi ... There is a note on Shinade/Jackie's blog about the followers problem. I have emailed the Google lot as mine has plummeted. Google have merged part of their operation with someone else from what I can gather but why this has affected followers I have no idea. It probably means other things may be affected too so we all better watch out.
I find commenting on other blogs often difficult too as when it gets to the word verification it often repeats it with other words - I hope no-one has difficulty on mine. As we have the option whether to publish comments or not or even change our minds and delete them once published I suppose it isn't too critical for the word verification at all.

Anyway, lets see what tomorrow brings and hope all our followers have returned. :)
Thanks Polly!! This has been a source of so much confusion for me (and I am usually confused as it is). I will check out Jackie's blog.
I appreciate everyone's comments and advice! Hope this all gets fixed soon.
Anonymous said...
Hi Heidi, at least I am able to comment now, when at first I noticed that you are not following my site anymore, I thougt I must have posted something you didnt like, now I just hope blogger will sort out the problem quickly.
Have a super day.
Steve Borgman said...
Heidi, I had tried to leave some comments on your blog as well, but had the same difficulty. Now, having said that, is that any reason for someone to stop following you?! Shame on them :) I will continue to read and support your wise advice :)
Jack Payne said...
I've had similar troubles with Blogger, Heidi. This is driving me up a tree with frustration. With me they flash a warning--something about not having security clearances--to those who want to click to the comments section, and try to scare them off. It's driven away many of my "regulars." (Have noticed the same notice on several other rock-solid blogs.)

It's such a big problem because, as I'm sure you know, Google, like many other of the big Internet Houses, do not want to have to deal with a human under any circumstances. They want their robots to handle all problems. It's a head-scratcher.
Jack Payne said...
It looks like to you've got the same problem as me, Heidi. Did you note the notice across the top of you comments page, "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors. Click here for options..." Looks like you might have to argue with a robot.
Unknown said...
I've lost a bunch of followers also...not sure why. Darn computers!

gLoR!e said...
i encounter this one yesterday to ur blog and it took me few minute before i successfully done leaving comments!:)
pehpot said...
EC dropping, I also lost two followers and then a blogger complained that I am not following the blog anymore.. maybe just a glitch

Make or Break
Anonymous said...
It's a result, apparently, of Google merging Friends connect with Followers. People who were in Friends connect have had their following status changed to Anonymous instead of public. You can check your own status by going to your Dashboard, then click on Manage down at the bottom left. You will get a list of blogs you are following. If any or all say you are following anonymously, click on Settings and change it to Public.
Anonymous said...
On feedburner my stats was down 75% yesterday(!), but now it's back on where it was before.
Glitch, glitch!!
Anonymous said...
Same trouble here too. I was pretty bummed when I saw I only had two comments on my "Mouse Chase" video which I thought was pretty funny but then I found out it was that verification problem so I took it off. I never liked those things anyway takes long to leave comments.
Duni said...
Hello Heidi,
I also 'lost' followers...including you! *sniff*
You can re-follow by clicking on your dashboard. Go to 'blogs I follow' and select 'manage'. Then adjust the setting to 'public'.
I hope this does the trick for all of us!
Dori said...
I've lost quite a few followers too, but I see now that it was a widespread problem. I lost you as a follower and about 15 others. I hope that things level off soon :)
Cascia Talbert said...
I was having problems with the word verification on your site and on others. I've tried all week to leave you a comment. Hopefully I'll be able to post this comment.

Also with the whole "follower" thing with blogger I too lost about 20 followers and they haven't all returned yet. It is a blogger glitch. I explained it a little on my blog. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.
We had the word verification problem too. Mom didn't check to see if we lost followers.....HEY MOM.....................

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Anonymous said...
I've lost about 15 followers on Roxiticus Desperate Housewives in the past week or so... I was glad to see your post, since I thought it was because I had been posting (and dropping EntreCards) a lot less regularly and people just gave up on me! I noticed that Google/Blogspot has changed the way the followers block looks on my blog...a mystery!

ssgreylord said...
i always trick your word verification by selecting preview. nothing happens, it says it can't preview. but when i go back to click on post comment the word verification magically appears. walla!

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