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Say Bye, Bye Belly With These Healthy Food Choices

Another oldie but goodie post from my archives. I feel like I am cheating by reposting these but this has been such a busy week and I have not had a chance to write my new posts which I already have lined up in my mind. Also, I wanted you all to know that I just tried the new Vita-Mix Super 5200 and I am in love!!! I have made soups, salsas, smoothies and I am just getting started. It is perfect for preparing whole foods so goes right in line with my desire to be healthier but making it very simple. I can't wait to write more about it when I have the time! Anyway, this is another of my favorite archived posts so please enjoy and soon I will have some new info!!

Say Bye, Bye Belly With These Healthy Food Choices

**Avocados-When scientists did a study and fed people diets with either carbohydrates or monounsaturated fatty acids (nuts, olives and avocados), they discovered that those on the carbohydrate diet were more likely to have an accumulation of abdominal body fat while the monounsaturated fatty acids group decreased abdominal body fat, even without exercise. Foods like nuts, Avocados and olives that are filled with monounsaturated fatty acids actually decrease belly fat! I love avocados on a sandwich, in salsa and salad. I don't know about you but I am picking up some avocados at the store this week.

Yogurt- According to a study by Danish researchers, volunteers were fed four different meals, they found that the group eating the medium- high calcium meals had "17-19 percent lower levels of fat in their blood than those taking calcium supplements or eating low-calcium meals. Previous research from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, found that obese adults who ate a high-dairy diet (1200 to 1300 mg calcium/day lost 60 percent more weight and nearly three times as much belly fat as dieters eating the same number of calories with less calcium." I think string cheese, cottage cheese and skim milk are also great choices. I would like to add that if possible go organic on the dairy and eat the plain yogurt topped with berries so you are cutting down on your sugar intake.

**Nuts-I love nuts and find them to be a great way to feel full, get my fatty acids, fiber, protein and they are a great snack to take with you! All of these seem to help control appetite and promote weight loss, especially in the abdominal area.

**Veggies-Vegetables are packed full of fiber and fiber is great for belly flattening because it fills you up with less calories. "It also helps keep the flow of sugar into your bloodstream slow and steady, so less insulin is released (insulin promotes the storage of body fat). Researchers have found that women who skimp on green and yellow veggies tend to have larger middles"

**Whole Grains-Switching from white bread and white pasta to whole grain varieties may help you fight fat. "A Pennsylvania State University study of 50 obese volunteers found that after 12 weeks, those who ate whole grains lost more belly fat and lowered their C-reactive protein (a sign of inflammation linked to heart disease) by 38 percent." Keep in mind that you are still going to have sugar in the whole grain variety which can still raise your insulin levels and signal your body to store fat so moderation is key on this one. Need I even say the next one?

**Water-of course, of course, of course! A team of German researchers estimated that by consuming six cups of water daily it is possible to raise a resting metabolism by about 50 calories a day (that is enough to lose 5 lbs a year). Water is also great for making you feel full.

By adding exercise to this list of healthy and delicious foods you can be well on your way to a flat tummy in no time. I do really wish I could find a list that would say something like, have some chocolate for a flat stomach or cookies will thin you out in no time. Oh well, these are terrific foods for a terrific you and the chocolate and cookies can be had in moderation too! Source for this article is Good Houskeeping magazine July 2008


foongpc said...
Wow! So busy! Yeah, sometimes I hardly have the time to write new posts on my blog too! Well, hope you will be more free next week or will you be even more busy during Christmas week? : )
I hear you Heidi...I get behind in what I want to do regarding my blog, website etc...far too often!!!

Interesting healthy food facts...I like hearing what the research states regarding foods!

Sherer said...
Ah excellent post here! I am constantly trying to get that elusive "six pack" but can never seem to trim it to my liking. I am going to substitute more of these foods and see what happens! Thanks

BeadedTail said...
Can't wait for your full report on the Vita-Mix! Great tips again Heidi! I really need to learn to like avocados so might give them another try!
Alan said...
I feel like re-posting often too...haven't done it yet.

I almost thought you were going to talk about veta vita vegamin...remember Lucy?

I don't think there's anything wrong with reposting.

(You should join twitter Heidi, everyone is there it seems)
Anonymous said...
thank you for reminding me heidi, i actually boguth avocado a few days ago but they were still hard and not ready to eat, i almost forgot i have them. now, i'll check if they're ready to be eaten now.

thanks again for these wonderful tips.
hmmmm I have thought about that Twitter and will check it out so Thanks Alan and thanks for not banning me you guys for the repost:)
Beth said...
I love Avocados and Nuts. I can eat avocados by itself he he he . I used to climb my parents avocado tree and just eat avocados while on the tree LOL ..
Swubird said...
Health Nut:

You are so right. If you want to get rid of the big, fat belly, switch to the foods on your blog. Gaurenteed!

Another great post.

Happy trails.
Steve Borgman said...
Heidi, thanks for the great post. I love the re-post, because I don't think I would have found this on my own. My New Year's resolution is to drink more tea than coffee, and to start getting my 5 cups of water in each day! Maybe this will help me say bye, bye to my belly :)
Dori said...
Great tips! I love the re-post...just another chance to learn from you again :)
Anonymous said...
I've definitely been a little nutty lately...loading up on those pecans and almonds. At least they're good for me. Such wonderful info. Thanks Heidi.
Anonymous said...
it's alright, everyone's been really busy these days. :)
Davida said...
This is very informative...perfect for re-posting.

I am doing better with caloric intact, less fat, more fiber, yogurt, and water.

I just need to EXERCISE. Poo.

Swubird said...
Health Nut:

This Christmas we are going to eat healthy foods. Promise!

Please stop by my site and read about A Christmas Mystery.

Happy trails.
gLoR!e said...
i love all of them and eat..it happened that i lack of exercise that makes a bulging of my tummy! grrr...it's good to get always a good tip here that always makes me come often especially if im not out of town or busy..hehe

Happy weekend!:)
Sicilian said...
I appreciate the reposts because I am a new follower, and tend to only read what you post now. I rarely have time to look at old stuff.
Unknown said...
I love reading your tips, Heidi. If only manufacturers would do more research into gluten free products. The whole grains in gluten-free unfortunately sadly contain potato flour which has to be the most bloating product on the earth! I know many people love potatoes - I think that Lady Balfour organic ones are simply heavenly but potatoes cause more people on the planet to get big tummies than any other natural food.
Did you know that years ago the Church banned people from eating potatoes as they were considered animal food and were used to fatten up pigs - they apparently worked more quickly than any other food stuffs ... and here we all are eating them not only as a vegetable but also incorporating them into flours for cooking.

There seems no hope for a flat tum!

I eat all of the nuts, etc and love yoghurt ... but I wished that you could buy gluten free without the potato flour. :)
Anonymous said...
this is a great, great article. A nice little reminder to choose these healthy foods. Thanks for sharing again...nothing wrong with repeating the good stuff :)
Anonymous said...
Water is always a good staple to have in your diet. Switching to wholegrain has also made a noticeable difference to the amount of belly fat I have. A third thing I have found that really helps is to do a complete fast once in a while.
Anonymous said...
So glad you are busy and had to repost this! Great article and it's one that I never had the time to read. I am a Nutrition and Wellness teacher at a high school and you are an animal rescuer. Maybe we should post on each other's blogs or perhaps interview each other. No pressure - just an idea. Hope you are enjoying the holidays in spite of being busy!
Anonymous said...
Hi HNW Mom,

I wish you Yuletide Joy and A Blessed New Year together with your family.

Happy Holidays!
Duni said...
Heidi - you've been given an award. Please visit my blog at
Unknown said...
I know what you mean but I think people in general are very busy at this time of year.

But this is a great article. I hope it works for me. I've never gotten rid of my belly ever yet hopefully this coming year. I am making a commitment to myself to lose this belly fat and gave great abs nefore summer comes here in Asia.

Btw, your vacation photo is awesome. You look so beautiful!
Alan said...
I'm "re-visiting" wink wink ...one of my favorite questions of the year.

OK Reposting :)
Alan said...
I'm "re-visiting" wink wink ...one of my favorite questions of the year.

OK Reposting :)
Good choices Heidi! I eat all of these healthy foods and love them. Enjoyed reading your lists
Anonymous said...
Some cereals add these to boost the sweetness of your cereal without adding calories. Also, steer clear of cereals containing sucralose, aspartame, sorbitol, mannnitol, xuylitol, malitol, malitol syrup, lactitol and erythritol (okay , these sound like another language to me). If you want to sweeten your cereal try adding some honey or fresh fruit!

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