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Need Hair Help? Give These Healthy Foods A Try!

One of my favorite archived posts-will have a new one this week and some awards too (so thank you to everyone who has sent tags and awards my way-will have them up soon).

Who hasn't had a bad hair day? You know the kind of day that regardless of what you do your hair just doesn't look or feel right. I have had more than my share of bad hair days and for some reason it just throws your entire day off. I have had some horrible hair cuts, hideous shades that there aren't even names for and there was even the time that my hair was a not so subtle shade of lavender purple (there was some arguing at my office as to whether it was truly purple or more of a dusty blue hue) due to the combining of one to many colors. Needless to say I don't ever color my own hair anymore. Good news though! If you are looking for shiny, healthy looking hair then you will be happy to know that you can achieve such wonders merely through a healthy diet including some of the foods below.

Manage Your Mane With These Healthy Foods

**Salmon and Flax Seeds- To have healthy hair you need to have a healthy scalp and omega-3 fatty acids are an absolute must! Fortunately you can get your omega-3 fatty acids simply by eating salmon, or if you are a vegetarian like me you can sprinkle some ground flax seeds in your cereal, on a salad or try some flax seed oil.

**Beef-Not only does beef have alot of protein that hair needs but also B vitamins, iron, and zinc. I personally recommend that if you are going to eat beef that you only eat grass fed organic beef that does not contain all the hormones.

**Eggs, Poultry, And Low-Fat Dairy Products-All these foods are high in protein which is an absolute must for healthy hair. When you do not take in enough protein on a regular basis this can cause hair to shed. Eggs are a great way to get your protein if you are a vegetarian like me.

**Nuts-Are a terrific source of zinc. Brazil nuts are said to be a great source of Selenium-a great mineral for your hair. Cashews, almonds and pecans are loaded with zinc so enjoy!

**Soybeans And Brown Rice-These are a great source of biotin, which if you want your hair to be its best you must have.

**Broccoli, Fish, Onions And Sea Vegetables-These are all foods that are rich in silicon and sulfur that hair loves (great for fingernails too).

**Carrots-You have heard that carrots are great for your vision but they are also a wonderful source of vitamin A which promotes a healthy scalp(if you don't have a healthy scalp then you won't have healthy hair).

Go enjoy some of these delicious foods and before you know it you will have the shiny, healthy hair you have always wanted.


My family eats all of those, some more then others though.
foongpc said...
Oh yes, lots of protein and omega 3 for healthy hair! Great tips! : )
Anonymous said...
stumbled this for you - nice list BTW. P
Jackie said...
Oh my I eat all of these too. but, I especially love brown rice and broccoli.
BeadedTail said...
I wasn't aware of the connections between these foods and hair. Interesting. Thanks for the information!
Interesting Heidi...I guess everything goes back to "we are what we eat"

MaricrisG said...
I love Broccoli so I guess I don't have a problem with that! :) I think I need to de-stress myself so to avoid stress on my hair!
Anonymous said...
I must say this is a perfect list for those that didn't already know it. Thanks for posting it!
GagayMD said...
dropping ECard here..hope to see u at mine,, take care!
schizoshrink said...
hey! thanx for the info.. such a great help for my hair =)
Unknown said...
Besides all of these wonderful foods that beautify the hair a useful addition is to lightly rub olive oil into the roots of your hair and your scalp. This appears to strengthen the root shaft, adds additional cleansing of the scalp, makes the hair grow, adds a lustrous shine ... etc.

Olive oil is also a useful aid to loosen and disperse cradle cap in babies and infants.

Spring cabbage (Spring greens) if eaten regularly prevents the onset of head lice and so is also useful as an addition to the diet.

Just a little extra note ... Marmite or other Vitamin B rich products helps the body to produce its own insecticide that creatures such as mosquitoes and midges steer clear of. However B vitamins are water soluble and are therefore flushed out daily. This means that they need replenishing daily. They also take two to three months to work their way into the surface of the skin to form a natural barrier against insects.
Anonymous said...
Hey Heidi!
I love these tips and I love my hair so I'm going to add more of these to my diet. Btw, I had a tofurkey sandwich last nite and it was the best! Thanks for telling us about it. :-)
Anonymous said...
Nuts are really great!

Am Aunty of mine loves Nuts, and eats everyday. She is already 70 years old now but her hair is quite black!
Anonymous said...
Thanks for the hair tips. I started taking biotin supplements a year ago when I wanted to grow out my hair and it is unbelievable how fast it grows (nails too). Now I know how to find it naturally too! Have a great day!
Anonymous said...
One of the most frustrating things about growing older has been dealing with my hair. Over the past few years, it just gets drier and drier (maybe that's because of all the gray hairs!). I keep having to switch shampoos/conditioners to get more moisturizing going on. I also quit washing it every day, that helps. You're right, the foods we eat can definitely help (or hurt) too.
Anonymous said...
Ok for bad hair...what about minimal hair? :)
Swubird said...
Health Nut:

I just wish I had hair!

Great advice, but I wish someone could tell me how to prepare brown rice. I have a rice cooker, and I eat white rice all of the time. But when I cook brown rice it always comes out too hard. I've been told to add twice the water as white rice, but it still didn't work. It cooked and cooked and cooked, and it was still hard. I think it's just too much fiber to soften up. Any advice?

Happy trails.
Dori said...
Hey there Heidi,
Thanks for the tips. I'm gonna have to add more of these to my diet. You are helping me really get my act together with your tips :)
Swubird said...
Health Nut:

I left you a comment this morning. Did it get lost?
Momisodes said...
Purple? Wow! I would have panicked :)

It looks like I certainly need to increase my intake of salmon, nuts, and seeds!
ssgreylord said...
once again, i'm amazed at the connection between what we eat and the effect it has on our body. food helping out your hair? who knew?
Liz said...
omega3 is also good for dandruff :D

i have a chocolate tag for you

have a great weekend. :D
Sherer said...

I can testify! I have great hair - yet I am surrounded by bald men of my kin! And guess what? I eat all those foods, quite frequently too!

Petula said...
It's always good to know what to eat to take good care of ones entire body. That's way maintaining a well-balanced healthy diet is so important. Great post.
Unknown said...
One thing that I forgot to add to my list last time that I commented was the magic of lime juice for hair. If you put a small amount into your final rinse it seals the hair and shaft making it smooth and therefore extra shiny.
Anonymous said...
it is always great to know that your choice of food are healthy :)
Anonymous said...
My daughter and I are always looking for ways to improve our hair. Never thought of checking our grocery list! Thanks for sharing these.

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