Unusual Signs You'll Live longer Than You Imagined

With my 40th birthday looming ahead of me in the next few weeks I do sometimes think (not to be morbid or anything) of how long I will live and if my life is half over, etc, etc (you get the point). I saw this article on “Surprising Signs You’ll Live Longer Than You Think” and could not resist sharing it with you. Now, I will say this, I do want to live a long time more (as long as I am in good health and can take care of myself) but I don’t want to outlive everyone in my peer group. You know those stories you read about last living survivor of the Titanic, or oldest living woman-well I don’t want to be that old but you know-within reason. Anyway, I could go on and on so I will stop before you think I am really over thinking this (because of course I am) and get onto the signs.

Signs You’ll Live Longer Than You Imagined

*Your mom had you young-If your mom had you when she was under the age of 25, you’re twice as likely to live to 100 as someone born to an older mom (uh oh now I feel bad for my kids-I had them in my 30’s). The theory is that younger moms’ best eggs go first to fertilization, thus healthier offspring.

*You love to drink tea-Both green and black teas contain a concentrated dose of catechins, substances that help blood vessels relax and protect your heart. In a study of more than 40, 500 Japanese men and women , those who drank 5 or more cups of green tea every day had the lowest risk of dying from heart disease and stroke. You really need only 1 or 2 cups of tea daily to start doing your heart some good-just make sure it’s a fresh brew. Ready-to-drink teas don’t offer the same health benefits (once water is added to the the tea leaves the catechins start to degrade). Hmmmmm- I drink at least 5 cups of green tea a day but I must say it is not fresh brew. I need to consider this.

*You’re a walker-People who walk for about 30 minutes a day are more likely to live longer regardless of how much body fat they have.

*You are not a soda drinker (even diet)-As I sit here with my sinful yet delicious bad habit diet Pepsi (my main vice next to chocolate) this article says that scientists in Boston found that drinking one or more regular or diet colas everyday doubles your risk of metabolic syndrome-a cluster of conditions, including high blood pressure, elevated insulin levels, and excess fat around the waist that increase your chance of heart disease and diabetes . I know soda is horrible and diet especially but for some reason I occasionally crave it and when I have a lot of stress (like now) I want a rude diet Pepsi to soothe me. It is just one of those things that you know you should not be doing but cannot quite help yourself (I tend to do this on occasion).

*You eat purple food- I have said this many, many times but Concord grapes, blueberries, red wine (no, this is not an excuse to go get drunk on red wine) : They all get that deep, rich color from polyphenols (compounds that reduce heart disease risk and may also protect against Alzheimer’s disease). Polyphenols help keep blood vessels and arteries flexible and healthy. Researchers found that eating 1 or more cups of blueberries every day may improve communication between brain cells, enhancing your memory.

*You are not a burger eater (hooray-save the cows on this one)- A few palm-size servings of beef, pork, or lamb now and then is no big deal (it is for who you are eating-okay off my animal rights soapbox) but eating more than 18 ounces of red meat per week ups your risk of colorectal cancer (the third most common type). Colorectal cancer risk also rises by 42% with every 3 ½ ounce serving of processed meat (think deli meats, bacon, hot dogs) eaten per day. I don’t want to say I told you so but uh huh.

*You have good friendships- having good friendships help alleviate stress and knowing that you have people who support you keeps you healthy mentally and physically.

*You don’t have a housekeeper-okay I am on this one-not only do I not have a housekeeper, I am the housekeeper (does that make sense?)- The average person can burn about 285 calories (lowering risk of death by 30% according to a study of 302 adults in their 70’s and 80’s) just by mopping, vacuuming, or washing windows for a little more than an hour.

*You have a positive outlook on life- In Sardinia and Okinawa, where people live the longest (I never knew this), hard work is important, but not more than spending time with family, nurturing spirituality and doing for others. I really think doing for others is the key-I never feel better than when I do something selfless to help an animal or person.

So, how did your lifestyle stack up to these live longer signs?

Ref-my new favorite magazine-Prevention November 2008.


  1. Great tips! I have been drinking tea since my childhood. I eat a nutritional product filled with flavonoids and I drink Acai juice from Brazil. I could send you my recipe for a superberry smoothie if you want.

    All the Best,

    Martin Lindeskog - American in Spirit.
    Gothenburg, Sweden.

  2. Health Nut:

    I agree with everything you wrote. However, on the point about your mom giving birth before she was twenty-five, I had never read that before. I sure how you are right about that one.

    Love purple food!

    happy trails.

  3. Wow, Heidi that was another eye opener for me. I always learn something new from your blog.

    I am like you and I drink a lot of tea. I was happy to hear that fresh brewed tea helps you to live longer. I always drink fresh brewed tea. I'll admit I am kind of an addict and always have to have the gourmet flavored teas.

    My husband drinks a lot of soda. He always has. I try to avoid purchasing soda of any kind but he finds ways to get a hold of it anyway. He mostly drinks diet soda and I've told him over and over again that even diet soda is bad for him, but sometimes men just don't listen. I try to avoid that beverage. I only drink it on occasion like if we go out for dinner which is rare.

    I didn't know how good blueberries were for you. I've heard about the benefits of red wine and now that I am living out here in California I'm enjoying red wine in moderation of course. I might have to add blueberries to my grocery list.

    I've always struggled with self esteem and staying positive. Being diagnosed with clinical depression as a teenager I think that is something that I just can not avoid.

    We do eat red meat. But again that is in moderation and I don't think we eat more than 18 ounces a week.

    I had my children when I was young. In fact I was only 18 when my first child was born. But my mother was in her late 30's when I was born.

    I guess according to this article I might not live to be 100. If I live to be 80 that will be good enough.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Since I just turned 40 this past August, this post is very interesting to me. I think I have most of those signs covered, especially the last one. And, I'll remember the benefits when I'm doing my own vacuuming and cleaning the house!

  5. Great post! You're always so informative :) You and I are at that same age group and this is cool because just today I was telling my hubby that if I am at the midpoint of my life then I want to live for the next forty years the best that I can. As for the checklist, well I was the last of seven so I didn't get born early in my mom's life. I do drink my green tea so...woohoo! :) I walk some, so I guess I get a half point. I am gonna really have to work on the sodas...I'm a bit of a fiend :) I do eat my blueberries almost daily. And I don't have a housekeeper, so hopefully all that housework will help me a lot :) This is a great checklist and certainly food for thought. Have a great weekend! :)

  6. Wow! this is such a unique post! Well, let me see how I stack up.

    1.Oh no, my mom had me when she was over 25! : (

    2.I drink green tea but not everyday and not fresh brew : (

    3.Yay! I'm a walker. I love to walk and take the stairs instead of the elevators : )

    4.I don't drink soda or Coke or Pepsi : )

    5.I don't think I eat enough purple food, must really eat more : (

    6.I rarely eat burgers : )

    7.I have lots of good friends and I'm pretty friendly person : )

    8.I don't have housekeeper and I'm partly the housekeeper too! I don't really like the household chores, but someone's gotta do it! Luckily or unluckily, I am not the only one doing all the chores : )

    9.Oh, yeah! I do have a positive outlook in life. And time with family, with myself and helping others are what I love doing! : )

    I think I did pretty well, no? Hopefully I'll live longer than I imagined : )

  7. Is it terrible that I read this and my first thought was "I'm screwed." Seriously! I hate to say it but I loooove diet soda. I never ever understood how something with virtually nothing in it could make you fat. I am not a big girl regardless so I never worried but I have had tons of stress in my life too. Ugh. I think I fail at this. I am going to look into the tea thing. Maybe I'll eat more salad too. (minus the fattening dressings.)

  8. I made 6 out of the 9 so I guess is a good start??

    As always a great interesting and informative post Heidi...


  9. wow I have most of it except walking. I haven't since it got colder. But yeah, great info!

  10. Well, I need to drink more tea, probably replace my coffee with the tea. I need to add purple. I don't need to worry about the meat or the housekeeper. The only thing I have no control over is my mother having me at around age 33 :)

  11. nice to know, only the number one i did not met since my mom had me in her 30s :) the rest i am fine, yehey. i actually love everything purple. it is nice to know always.

  12. I'm doin' pretty good on this list so far.... ha ha!
    Let's see if it all pans out!

    Great post!

  13. Hey Heidi!
    Unique blog post!
    I am a walker and I have a positive outlook on life!!
    I'm almost everything except the first one.. :P

  14. Actually, I did pretty well on this list...

    1. MotherDear was 20 when I was born
    2. I love fresh-steeped tea of all kinds, although I don't make it every day
    3. I am not a soda drinker
    4. Red Wine - check! (duh! hahaha)
    5. I am not a fan of red meat, but I do have a burger Saturday night
    6. I do have good friendships
    7. I do not have a housekeeper... anymore. hahaha
    8. My glass is always half-full :)

    I flunked the walker one-I haven't exercised inabout 8 years which is why I am over weight. I have just started working on this very important issue.

  15. Good stuff, Heidi. But a little depressing too. At least my mom had me when she was young, I have a few friends and a positive outlook on life, other than that...

    I've been thinking that it's time to make some serious lifestyle changes...hard to do, but necessary for good health. I'll let you know how it all works out since you and your blog are partially to blame!

    Keep up the good work.

  16. Let's see. My mom had me at 21, I drink green tea daily; I walk daily; I don't drink much soda; I'm down with the purple thing; I watch my red meat intake; I try to maintain good friendships; I don't have a housekeeper and I try to maintain a positive outlook on life! By my calculations I should live to 150! :) Is that overly optimistic?

  17. hey heidi! i have something for you..


    take care.

  18. Oooh very interestng. I have to say I'm not really great at much of them. But I really agree about the housework, and the positive thinking :)

  19. Oh my, Number one is against me too. I need my housekeeper. She's mini me! These are great tips. Who Knew~! :) I will walk more, to make-up for my Mini Me! :)

  20. Gee, now I have to spend the rest of my life calling myself an Old Egg, my mother was in her late 20's.

    I have wondered though about those old men 70+ who father babies ? Can those babies really be as healthy, like those from young men ?

  21. This is a an excellent and informative post, Heidi, and very important. A few years ago, I was staring at a milestone birthday (yes, I turned 20) and it also made me think and prompted me to change some of my ways. The good news for me (and you, it appears) is that I am doing just about all of those things you've been so kind to list for us. Just need to work on my purple foods!


  22. Wow! Okay.. I get 8 out of 9.. the one being 30 mins a day walking. I need to make sure this happens. That's great. :) Thanks for this uplifting article.

  23. Excellent information Heidi! I'll be hunting for more purple foods today. :-)

  24. Great post! My 40th is a year away...this is the time to really make better choices (we may feel 20, but our bodies are not). You are an inspiration! I hope to look as good as you...

  25. Darn! No good news here for Roxy...mom had me late, I drink coffee and diet soda, etc.

    Interesting information, though, so thanks for sharing!


  26. When you are married, have kids and a dog, it seems like you have been living for a loooog time!

  27. Heidi, I think it is all relative. If you look at the stone age, people on the whole only lived into their twenties - children had to grow up extremely fast. The age for childbirth rises with each generation. For instance, my grandmas left school at the age of 11 and started full time employment - they married at 19 and became pregnant their first year of marriage. On the downside to this - woman aged very quickly and I can remember when I was a child in the 1950's and people in their mid-twenties looked much older than their years. People in their fifties looked around seventy and people in their seventies looked as though they had turned a hundred. Many people in their sixties were bent double hobbling around with walking sticks! Look at us all today - we rarely see people so malnourished that their backs are bent double. Most of the population have a wonderful young outlook taking up all kinds of hobbies and passtimes ... including 'blogging' - people are on the whole reasonably active. We no longer see people just sat for hour after hour in one spot looking at the floor wondering when their whole miserably existence will draw to a close. We are all brought closer together and the world has become a much smaller place.

    I think it's a case of moderation ... as long as a person is in control of themselves and doesn't allow something to control them then their future, on the whole, is positively rosey.

    You sound like a person who has things in moderation ... so ... your future has to be rosey - just think to yourself "a rose is a rose is a rose!"

  28. I won't give up my cleaning lady, hopefully the extra time spent at the gym will make up for this!

  29. Thanks Heidi, you've done it again. Informative, simple and easy to read.
    As an over-60's kind of person, I know I'm not doing too badly. Just have to replace the coke with red wine (yup, I can do that!), and we'll be sweet.

  30. Well I have to say I'm doing pretty good with all these tips except for the diet sodas. I try only to drink water but about every other day I need that fizz sensation.

  31. Heidi the part about red meat is not helpful. The studies that show red meat causes cancer and other disease is very misleading.
    The studies are done using industrial meats. Who would even eat this crap anymore? Grass-fed is more humane and extremely healthy for anyone.

    Great concept with this post but not fully correct. It's not your fault, the food industry doesn't want us to know about the good foods we should consume.

  32. I didn't do so well on this, only met 4 criteria. Humpf.
    I gave you a butterfly award for your blog. You can pick it up at this link: http://karenzemek.blogspot.com/2008/11/thanks-to-rebecca-for-this-butterfly.html

  33. i love going through your lists and seeing how i rate. unless i come across the reminders that sodas and chocolate aren't healthy. then i skim past it and pretend i didn't just read it. is that bad? :)

  34. Great post. I am also 40 and was thinking the same thing about life (maybe?) being half over. I also had my kids over 30 when I didn't know better. I agree that good friendships really help to relieve the stress and add years to your life. I was also glad to find out there is some benefit from all the housecleaning I do :)

  35. I could not resist coming back to this post. I just added two cups of tea to my diet this afternoon! Plus, I did 20 burpees (see www.morningcoach.com for this, in the forums), made some brocolli, banana, carrot, apple, soy shake, and am feeling pretty good today :)

  36. Good stuff Heidi. I guess I'm screwed on the had a young mom thing but other than that those tips i can follow. I'm like you I would like a full healthy life but don't want to be the last man standing. I got to try my purple foods.

  37. Interesting tips :) I like the one about eating purple color food

  38. I gotta thank my mom for having when she was still young. Love this post!


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