Stress Free With These Stressbusting Tips!

Stress, stress, stress. We all experience stress and with all the holidays coming up I thought now would be a good time to address how stress really affects you physically and mentally and give you some tips on how to bust that stress away.

Our bodies respond to stress both positive and negative, by trying to get back to normal. Depending on the stressor (whatever is causing you stress), hormones , like adrenalin, may surge. Your heartbeat and blood pressure will probably increase, your blood sugar rises and if you are lucky enough to be like me your entire body will be covered in hives. If stressful situations go on for too long without any relief, you might experience diseases and disorders, such as colds, ulcers, asthma, heart attack or stroke to name a few. You may feel tired, irritable, depressed or anxious and have trouble sleeping or eating.

Research has identified the stress response as a factor in many stress related illnesses. Now there is evidence that stress can weaken the immune. The hormones cortisone and adrenaline released in response to stress are such potent suppressors of the immune system that they are sometimes prescribed for disorders in which the immune system is overactive-such as allergies and autoimmune diseases.

The key is to take care of your body and your mind to avoid stress. When your mind is healthy, your body can resist illness better. When your body is healthy, your feelings are more positive.

Minimize Stress With These Tips

-Give your time to something or someone that you believe in. I do this with animal rescue and it really does work to alleviate the stress from other parts of my life. There is no better feeling than giving and helping others for the sake of being truly kind and caring.

-Avoid excessive alcohol, caffeine, fats and sugar. Don’t Smoke. What you eat and drink really affects your body and by indulging in an unhealthy diet you are really just adding to the stress. I will be the first to admit that when I feel stressed I want diet Pepsi and chocolate so I need to work on this (hard, very hard). Have an apple instead of a cookie (this really sounds not very appealing but if it works it is worth a shot).

-Exercise regularly. Whether you like to walk, do weights, or whatever it may be for you just keep moving . I always feel much better after a great workout at the gym.

-Take time for yourself to relax each day. Meditate, go sit by the water, read your favorite book. Whatever it is for you that relaxes you take even 5-10 minutes a day to do this for yourself.

-Learn to “let go” of things which are outside of your control. Learn to adapt to change. This one is hard for me a lot of the time because I want things to go my way and I keep trying so I need to work on letting it go.

Hopefully you follow at least a few of these and they help with your stress levels. Good luck!


  1. -Learn to “let go” of things which are outside of your control. Learn to adapt to change.

    I think that you could add to this one--Learn to forgive.

    Holding a grudge; holding on to anger; seeking revenge; are all great stress builders. Some people think that a person needs to sorry before they can be forgiven--not so. Forgiveness is for the benefit of the forgiver, not the offender.

  2. I believe, your comment about taking care of your body and mind to avoid stress is so underrated. Your life, body, and mind are so interrelated that if one is healthy, it can't help but to affect the other two.

  3. Oh yes, we all suffer from stress everyday, except when we are on vacation, right? I hear some people even suffer from stress during vacation! Well, actually it's up to us to control it. So thanks for the tips! : )

  4. Health Nut:

    Those are all excellent tips for dealing with stress.

    I am just now concluding a six-week course at the Kaiser Permente Pain Center, and mediating stress is a big topic in the course. Taught by a Phd. Psychologist, the program really pushes deep breathing as not only a good way to reduce both acute and chronic pain, but also a way to reduce stress. The theory being that you can't be relaxed and excited at the same time. The doctor recommends inhaling about six deep breaths a minute for optimum results. We are learning other techniques also, of course, but deep breathing seems to work quite well. My wife suffers from chronic pain and deep breathing helps her to cope on a day to day basis.

    Excellent post, as always.

    Happy trails

  5. thanks for the great tips always. i seldom get stressed :) thankfully, but when i do get them, like you, i tend to eat a lot more sweets, like chocolates, cakes, and i could not stop thinking about those sweets! Hard, hard, hard!

  6. I'm with John, failing to forgive someone can eventually bust your heart right open! We must do it often for our own health and peace of mind.

  7. Everything you are saying about stress makes perfect sense. I know as I go through my day in a class for special needs children, I often feel so much stress in dealing with so many emotions the children display. It is so important that we all make HealthyChoices Taking the time to workout in some way, whether it be taking a walk, going to the gym, or yoga, will make a big difference in your health. You can actually feel the stress leaving your body when you make this effort to heal your body.

  8. Wonderful advice Heidi! It's so easy to begin to think that being stressed is "normal" in today's world so your tips are a great reminder that relieving stress is very important. By the way, you look gorgeous and stress free in your picture from Costa Rica!

  9. the last is a little hard for me too, and i agree with john learning to forgive could relese a lot of stress.

  10. every minute, every hour i struggle stressed. all those tips is badly needed on me but sometimes when i tried to relax still something bother that i feel so stress. i will try this for once of you tips..

    thanks for the tips and welcome back!:)

  11. I've got to agree on the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Even if I've had quite a stressful day going into the gym I always come out feeling a lot better mentally. The benefits of healthy eating can't be overlooked either. A few years ago when processed foods were a much more regular fixture in my diet I used to feel tired and grouchy a lot of the time but now I eat much more healthy, natural food I feel the exact opposite. Hard to explain but I've noticed the difference diet has made.

  12. What good timing! I needed to be reminded of these. Thanks muchly.

  13. I especially agree with the point about giving your time. This really makes me feel like at least SOMETHING I do is worthwhile even at times when I'm not getting much else done. The only problem is actually having the time to do it!

  14. Stress, we all have it, some more than others. I went through a real stressful time about 2 years back and came out the other side with a fresh outlook on it all. Just keep on livin'!
    I really like this post and glad I found it. as a writer on health, fitness & weight loss myself, I would like to tip my hat to both you and your excellent blog.
    Will be adding a link to share you with my readers!

  15. This is nothing to do with your post Heidi ....... but I felt that I must say how wonderfully well and relaxed you look in your photo in Costa Rica. What a lovely boost to health before winter sets in. It's good to see you looking so well and it's marvellous to see such beautiful sunshine! It's brightened up my Saturday!!!

  16. thanks for following my blog :-)

    following yours, too!

    love your tips here...

  17. The learn to let go one.... priceless! Something that I need to work on more myself... :)

  18. Changing my outlook on life has really made a difference. Learning to let things go and stop worrying, especially when things are out of your control makes a huge difference in life. Be laid back and enjoy life!

  19. Nice Advices Mom Heidi

    Dr Jack

  20. Hi Heidi, I agree with everything you mentioned here, it however is not always so easy to implement them. Ever heard of the "Human Pin Code" From your birthdate I can tell you quite a lot about yourself, even if I dont know you, and no it has nothing to do with star signs or vodoo or what ever anyone wants to say about it, it works purely on your birthdate, the complete date, people that have a number 7 in their pin code are normally ppl that worry about stuff they have no control over or about other ppl's problems. In the case of ladies, they are also never satisfied with their appearance, even if they are drop dead beautiful. Quite interesting....
    Thanks for your comments on my blog, really appreciate it.
    Everything of the best.

  21. Earlier, I was reading a post in which the blogger writes about having sprouted an ugly cold sore smack-bang on the middle of her mouth, the very day of an 'event' where she'd wanted to appear at her best.

    Of course, many of us experience similar sores, zits and boils that are symptoms of stress and anxiety. It is our anxiety about the very event at which we want to look our best that triggers the physical manifestation.

    It's a vicious circle that's difficult to break, but your suggestions for stress relief are valuable helpers. ;-)

  22. what wonderful simple reminders of how to combat stress in our lives! i'm all for the 5 minutes of meditation...


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