7 Random Things About Me That Might Make You Go HMMMMM-I’ve Been Tagged

I have been tagged by two of my very favorite bloggers, Dori from A Yellow House in England and Marylou from MaryLou’s Art ADventure to tell you all seven things about me-some random and some weird. At first I didn’t think that I had too much to tell (I mean come on me quirky? Yes, apparently so).
Here it goes!

1.) I despise ketchup (mayonnaise too but really despise ketchup). I cannot stomach the sight or smell of it. I don’t know how to emphasize how much I dislike ketchup-I mean we are talking an unusual and out of the ordinary dislike. I once dated a guy in college for two years and the final straw (things were going to the wayside anyway) was that he covered my fries in ketchup. I mean he KNEW how much I despised ketchup and I thought well if you can forget that Adios (this may seem harsh but come on, after two years of dating me you STILL cover my fries in the despised ketchup-we had problems). Yuck, yuck, yuck. I don’t even want to think of the despised and hideous ketchup.

2.) I want to see a nice ghost. I believe in ghosts but have never seen one and I would like to see one providing they were nice and nothing out of a scary movie. I know a lot of credible sources (I think they are credible but that is not saying too much) who have seen ghosts but not I (Oprah even said on her show once that she saw a ghost so why not me?). I have been wanting to see a nice ghost since I was a kid and we played with the Ouija board (are those even around anymore?).

3.) When I was little I got locked in one of those VERY small bathrooms on an airplane and now will be close to death before I go to the bathroom on an airplane. I swear it was probably 30 odd years ago but the memory and fear are frozen in time in my mind (I know, I know I need to get over it and go to the bathroom on an airplane).

4.) This is just a horrible, horrible confession but well we all have skeletons in our closet (I hope most of mine are buried for good) but if I could choose to be on a desert island with only one certain food and beverage it would be……diet Pepsi and chocolate. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I know that I should eat the fruits and veggies and I usually do but if I could choose and it would be good for me I would always choose diet Pepsi and chocolate over anything else!

5.) I love to read British murder mysteries (Morse, Poirot, Adam Dagliesh, Richard Jury-these are characters in my favorite books) and watch British murder mysteries and historical dramas. I love Pride and Prejudice (BBC version) and all those Masterpiece Theatre shows. Love them. This is not weird or quirky but maybe falls under random.

6.) I am a strict vegetarian and animal rights activist. Before I had my children I would do peaceful protests against animal cruelty. I get anxiety when I see people wearing fur coats and will not tolerate any kind of cruelty against animals (any kind of animal). I would not eat my cat or dog so why would I eat a cow, pig or chicken? That is my philosophy but I do not push it on others or judge those that do choose to eat animals. I do not wear leather either and wish more shoes were man made materials as I am a shoe freak!!!!!

7.) When I was young I was in beauty pageants (even won a few) but then I realized I was not really beauty pageant material (way too clumsy and just not into the whole thing). I don’t really enjoy displaying myself so I figured it was best to pack up my bags on the beauty pageant circuit (this is a secret as my friends now did not even know I was in beauty pageants-they would probably balk at the thought of me strutting up there in a gown). My kids like to play with my old crowns now so that makes it all worth the agony.

Now to the 7 people I need to tag and please don’t feel obligated to follow through but it is fun

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2.) Nancy at Chilled White Whine
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  1. Now I know 7 interesting things about you. Haha!

    You want to see a nice ghost? Tough, most are ugly! LOL

    Diet pepsi and chocolates? Not such a horrible confession. We all secretly crave for it!

    I love British whodunnits too especially those by Agatha Christie. Is she brilliant or what?!

  2. What interesting quirks you have! Although the Diet Pepsi and chocolate didn't surprise me one bit! I was enjoying reading all about you and then read my name as one that you tagged and terror struck! I'm not as interesting as you are but I'll do my best to come up with something in the near future - I hope!

  3. it is nice to know 7 interesting things about you, heidi. i used to pretend i was a ghost when i was kid, i would climb up a tree and cover myself with white thin sheet, then, when i see kids or sometimes grown up approaching the tree, i would make ailing sound, and kids would run so quick so scared of a ghost and that would bring a lot of laughs out of me! but i stopped later when someone threw stone at the ghost, luckily i scared him away before i was hit by the stone, but that scared me also so i stopped. so, i don't know if i was a nice ghost, haha! but i know what you mean, you wanted to see one real nice ghost.

    oh, i love ketchup over my fries. but then, i do not eat a lot of fries so i do not eat a lot of ketchup.

  4. Heidi!

    I'm gonna play, but I can't think of seven things anyone would care to read! LOL I could write that I have an obsession with Jackson Browne, but everyone already knows that! ;-)

    You are so cute. A nice ghost! LOL You could be in beauty pageants forever, lovey. The two foods I would want on a desert island: strawberries and champagne (so I wouldn't be upset about being stranded!)

  5. Seriously...diet pepsi? Diet coke or Coke zero to go with the chocolate for me!

  6. Oh, the ghost thing. ME TOO! But only a nice, non-threatening one. ANd, one that doesn't bother me when I don't want to be bothered....lol

  7. Hello Heidi,
    I never knew anyone before who dislikes ketchup with much disgust the way you do. So do you gag when you see people eating ketchup? About ghosts. I never want to see a ghost. It scares me just thinking about ghosts. I'm glad you don't push your vegetarianism to people like some do because my family and I definitely eat meat. And about you being in the beauty pageant and all. I always had a hunch that you might had been at some point in your life. You certainly look like a beauty queen to me. Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself. It's nice to know more about our blogging friends.


  8. The airplane bathroom one is Incredible, I used to fly a lot as a kid (divorced parents) and that was a big fear for me. It never happened and I was made fun of because my family said it couldn't possibly happen. I knew I wasn't crazy!

    I am showing them this post, immediately!!

    You are an interesting gal...thanks for sharing. :-)

  9. Oh how fun these are to read! My Mom is a huge British mystery fanatic! I would love to be on that desert Island with you. I was just thinking of you today as I was drinking a diet Pepsi...but I buy the kind with twist tops so I take just a few sips and put it back. It takes me 2 days to drink!

  10. The Ouija board is still around!! I played it some months ago! But, just like you, I want to see a ghost, preferably nice, but, I have not... :( So I know how you feel!

  11. Bathroom on a plane...NEVER. It's just something about it being so small and everybody using it that gets me. I can't bring myself to do it even when I've been on long, long, flights.

    Glad I learned more about you Heidi.

  12. Hi Heidi,
    That was fun finding out more about you. I do like ketchup on my fries and that was not a very nice boyfriend to do that to you, especially when he knew. I would be so afraid to see a nice ghost or bad one. I am kinda like BeadedTail, terror struck me too. I am a boring person and don't get many comments to my blog. Thank God for you and Sue. I will do a short post and give you a link love back. I don't have people to tag though. Thank you for the link love and for thinking of me. You are a fun person. Many Blessings For You And Your Lovely Family! :-)

  13. Lol that was fun! ;p
    a nice ghost? Haven't you been introduced to Casper? ;p

  14. interesting - I feel I know you a bit better now. Don't beat yourself up over the diet pepsi and chocolate - they make those items to get us addicted to them. All you can do is try to control your cravings, like in your previous post.

  15. but i love fries with catsup ;)

  16. I would like to see a nice ghost, too! One just like Casper, the friendly ghost.

  17. great to know you!:) While you despise katchup i love them so much! Can't leave with them especially if i have to dip it on dried fish, weird but i like the taste!:) I saw one of the ghost already that i honestly don't like to see them anymore!:)

    thanks for your sharing!:)

  18. Heidi,
    I loved your list. I also am a bit scared of airplane bathrooms...too tiny and claustrophobic. I guess I would love to see a friendly ghost, but as I mentioned in my post, I'd probably be chicken and run. LOL. I can so see you having done beauty pageants...you are lovely inside and out. :) And I am with you on the British mystery books and shows. A part of my initial bonding with my British husband was our love of Inspector Morse. I was so excited to go to Oxford here and see where a lot of the show was filmed. You have a great list here. :-)

  19. funny. Ketchup is disgusting. the smell alone makes me want to puke.

  20. I love ketchup, I put it on everything...
    ...I don't like steak (well that's good though???) at all, so when someone gives it to me....yup I cover it in ketchup.

  21. What a hoot. I love the ketchup thing and your choice for food on a deserted island. Of course, if it's an island it's sure to have some coconuts, so you have the makings of a Mounds bar!

    Thanks for playing along with the tag thing.

  22. Love diet cola, but prefer Coke to Pepsi. Chocolate, yes, in spadefulls. HATE ketchup but I do like chutney and pickles.

    I have chillis and green tomatoes which I grew and tomatoes won't ripen now plus some apple windfalls from a wild tree near my sailing club, so about to concoct a chutney recipe.

    And I'm a fan of Dori aka A Yellow House in England too. Where she lives is prob about 1.5 hours drive away and I don't rule out meeting up one fine day.

    Now how do you like this - a cat who haunts me - see my other blog http://angrybutton.blogspot.com

    How about a social network that pays. http://www.6dgr.com/index.php?mode=join&ref_id=3558

    Have you read any Ian Rankin - great crime novels set in Edinburgh, Scotland

  23. how am i supposed to come up with 7 things as interesting, amusing and random as that? i am thinking now as i type... you never disappoint, heidi xxoo

  24. Okay I totally love this post and I seen a ghost. Actually it just happened this year. I have to admit that I always wanted to see one, a nice one. I mean other people I know have said they have seen them and I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t. Anyhow, it was about five o’clock in the morning and I noticed that my husband wasn’t in bed. I rolled over to look in the bathroom, because the bathroom door faces our bed and I thought I seen him standing in the bathroom in the dark. So I say “baby what are you doing”? Well he doesn’t say anything he s just standing there rubbing his belly. So again I say”baby what are you doing”? Well when he doesn’t say anything, I guess I had woken up enough that my eyes had begun to focus and I realized that this was not my husband standing there. That I could actually see through this person. Well needless to say, I was out of that bed in a half a second and running down the hall. My husband is standing in the kitchen as I come tearing into it, looking at me like I am some kind of crazy women and I say there is a ghost in our bathroom. He went and looked of course and there wasn’t anything there but I don’t care what he say’s I know what I seen….

  25. I love P.D. James. She's been one of my favorite writers since high school! Go Adam D.


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