The Worlds Best Water Bottle-I Am Never Without It! Filters As You Drink!

I am always looking for ways to be healthier, and earth conscious at the same time so when I tried the Back To The Tap filtered water bottle (An affordable, safe, and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic bottles
that will conserve approximately 1000 plastic containers a year per average consumer). I was excited at the prospect of having clean water but even more excited at not contributing to what I am now hearing is a problem with plastic bottled water bottles (I will get into that in a minute).

I tried my water bottle and I must admit felt very cool the first day at the gym (it is very cute too) drinking out of it and refilling it at the water fountain. Now I take it everywhere and I mean everywhere! Do you have any idea how much money I have saved? I don't either but it must be a lot because prior to getting my Back To The Tap water bottle I was drinking 6 plastic bottled waters a day (yes I pee a lot)!!! So that is 42 a week at least and the cost is not even the issue for me now but knowing what plastic really does to us and the environment is really upsetting.

I just want to say that if you are interested in helping the earth and doing a good thing for your body by drinking lots of delicious water then I recommend this bottle. I am going to buy one for my kids,husband and friends. This is probably one of the best things I have seen yet (no, I am not getting paid or anything to say this-just love the idea).

Bottled water costs hundreds or thousands of times more than tap water.
Most tap water is just as clean and safe as bottled water.

The idea that all bottled water is "pure" is a marketing myth.

Plastic bottles can leach chemicals into the water.

The Food and Drug Administration regulates only the 30 to 40 percent of bottled water sold across state lines - meaning most of the product you are drinking has not been inspected
U.S. plastic bottle production requires more than 1.5 million barrels of oil, enough to fuel 100,000 cars.
About 86 percent of the empty plastic water bottles in the United States land in the garbage instead of being recycled.
Disposable plastic bottles can leach a chemical known as Bisphenol 3 into the water, the environment, and our own bloodstreams. In fact, evidence of BPA, which is known to disrupt the hormone system of humans, can now be found in approximately 95% of Americans!


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Even though most citizens make the effort to recycle, drinking water is usually consumed “on the go”. A BACK TO THE TAP filtered water system is the perfect alternative for responsible disposing of mounting plastic waste.
The patented filtering system that is provided with every BACK TO THE TAP Sports Bottle, offers the highest standard in its class - outperforming any other portable water filtration process.

The superb quality of water that is produced from a BACK TO THE TAP portable water system will provide up to 3 months of great tasting water for each member of your family, group, or organization.

With a BACK TO THE TAP Portable Filtered Water system you can be assured that you are drinking your water from a reliable plastic container that meets both environmental health and safety standards.

With every purchase of a BACK TO THE TAP portable filtered water product, you are contributing to both the Earth Share Organization and the wellness of our planet

This is a very affordable alternative that will save you lots of money and help planet earth.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I learn something new everyday.


  1. this sounds like an interesting product! Thankfully, however, I've found Chicago tapwater to be perfectly palatable and therefore have not been one of those who go through obscene amounts of bottles water because they don't trust the piped water!

    My solution is to buy one of the following: a bottle of Special K Protein Water, Gatorade with the sports twist&suck top or a 32 fl oz Powerade bottle. Once that's used up, I clean it up and use it as my water bottle until it gets gross, heeheee :)

    Yes it's still plastic, but it's the easily-recycled #1 or 2, as opposed to the shatterproof polycarbonate #7 which contribute to the BPA problem...

  2. I never drink bottled water....I prefer fresher tap water.

    I heard that bottled water left in a Hot car in summer releases so much toxins from the bottle. Test it out....leave a bottle in a hot car...then open up the bottle........smells like really does.

    Was funny, last time I was in US saw Crystal Pure Clean Canadian Water for sale..........hmm....I doubt it!!!

  3. This sounds perfect for me too - thanks, I will definitely check it out!

  4. I like this idea. We bought a water filter system for our kitchen tap a couple years ago, and it has saved us a lot of money, but this bottle system is great for when you're away from home. I personally don't trust city tap water from all that I've read about it. We even have a filter on our shower because your skin can absorb all the chemicals too. And this bottle system saves all those plastic bottles being wasted and ending up in landfills.

  5. Do you know if it filters out fluoride?

  6. I am seeing this everywhere I need to get in gear and get this bottle. I drink bottled water all the time and I feel bad about the waste. Okay I am going to do it.

    Great post as usual girl!

  7. im sot so sure about tap water here, there's been a lot of news about contamination so we buy distilled, purified or sometimes alkaline water.

  8. Thank you Heidi for this information. Your research is appreciated. Now, I'm off to the website! :-)

  9. i may have to give one a try! i drink to much water to keep buying bottle and i ruined my Nalgene with green tea.

    Rock Star Maternity
    The Domestic Engineer's Union

  10. i, too, am a bottled water fiend. i shutter to think how much i contribute to costco's profit through my water drinking alone. now you've challenged me to check this one out, i'll have to give it a try.

  11. Thanks for the info. I always worry about out tap water, and this is something my boys can take to school and use with water from the drinking fountain.

    Thanks -

  12. I can't stand tap water because we have very hard water here - tastes nasty. We have to get bottle water and have a countertop dispenser, but at least I have a large cup that goes EVERYwhere with me when out and about.

    This is why I love reading your blog. You have the best info to share with us!

  13. Looks like a good product Heidi. Do you know how many of the bottled water facts apply to UK bottles? Personally, I buy a bottle once in a while and then refill it from the tap. Then when the bottle gets 'gross' (as Lynne puts it :-) ) I dispose of it and get another one.

  14. I'm much of the straight tap water consumer. I buy bottled water mainly for travelling or picnics. We used to use a filtration system on our kitchen faucet, but when we had our kitchen sink/faucet replaced, we didn't install another filtration system because for some reason the faucet head is not designed to accept any screw-ins. Therefore we've just been drinking from the tap. Now that you've mentioned this and you are passionate about it, I'll check it out. We somehow need to curtail our intakes of lead, mercury, and other toxic chemicals and metals found in tap waters. And yes, you made an excellent point on plastics that most end up in our landfills. Thanks for sharing. Also, thank you for advertising in my blog.

  15. WOW! Those are some very interesting facts. I knew about the landfill issues, but I never thought about how much oil it takes to produce those millions of plastic bottles. I'm going to click on your link and check these new water bottles out!

  16. heheh when i looked at you, your face its fotogenic and good are very pretty :D.greetings from me

  17. You are having great post here. Indeed we are obligued to worry about our wastes, which, at the current situation, is toomuch to handle..we just consume..consume and consume without thinking the effect.

  18. I always drink bottled water, and I do prefer bubbled ones... The tap or the natural water seems just tasteless to me. I was thinking that bubbled water would be like soft drinks but with lesser danger... although i know that it is carbonated as well..

  19. Isn't the concept behind it too cool and too earth friendly? Filter as you drink? Very good indeed!

  20. We drink tapwater only because it is too expensive to drink bottled water. But if I could get bottled water, I would.

    Tap water has so much junk in it. It's basically sewage liquid, run-off water, and ground water that goes through a treatment plant. My tap water is loaded with chemicals. I know there's flouride, chlorine, and lead in it, and God-knows what else. In Arizona and Nevada, there's tungsten in the tap water which has led to a leukemia epidemic there. The water in Albany, NY, was recently tested and was found to have exceedingly high levels of Cialis in it. How on earth did Cialis get in the public water supply? The water is treated WASTE water-- people who yook Cialis (and I guess there are a lot of men in Albany who do) pass the drug into their urine. The urine goes through the septic system, to be recycled and treated for our drinking water. The chemical treatments might remove cholera and typhoid, but not a lot of the prescription drugs that people take.

    There are increasing levels of chemicals -- purposely added, and some are there from industrial waste run-off that I just don't trust tap water. I really regret having to drink it...

  21. I've stopped buying water from Costco or Safeway and just use our filter in our fridge water. Saves a lot of money and provides ample water for our family needs. I think this bottle is a great idea for traveling or when you don't have access to good clean water.

  22. Ah good stuff. Interesting how you posted it with great timing for me. I just started a water drinking crusade! Attempting to drink about 90-100oz per day. Thanks again!

  23. wow.... amazing.
    Thanks for the info...

    J/ (

  24. I'm always looking for the best water to drink, as well as an affordable alternative to all the bottles that I seem to pile up each week. This informative post is a wonderful start...I will have to check into this more.


  25. Interesting...I don't usually drink bottled water unless I'm out and about...will check out this water bottle.


  26. Just from your enthusiasm in how your wrote this post, I am getting this water bottle. 8)

    Thank you for sharing!

  27. Sounds like a great idea to me Heidi. My family goes through more bottled water than I care to think about. Thanks!

  28. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I also just wanted to share a good GREEN PRODUCT!! This is a re-usable water bottle that is An affordable, safe, and environmentally friendly
    alternative to disposable water bottles that will conserve approximately 1000 water containers a year per average consumer. They are offering FREE SHIPPING THIS WEEK. Check out: WWW.BACKTOTHETAP.COM

  29. This sounds like an interesting product, I prefer tap water. I heat the tap water and store it in containers. Its better than bottles.


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