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Eat Shrink And Be Merry-Cookbook Of Food That Won't Go From Your Lips To Hips!

Whenever I find something that I really, really like (or really, really dislike) I love to tell you about it. I love to tell everyone about it to the point where I am sure that many people wish I would just be quiet (that is putting it nicely). So, recently when I read the cookbook-"Eat Shrink And Be Merry" by Janet and Greta Podleski, I had to write about it here because I loved it! Now, to say that I am not a cook is putting it mildly and on those rare attempts that I try to cook and it looks even remotely complicated I run in the other direction (I like my daughter's easy bake oven and that is about as good as it gets). I actually started reading this cookbook with a scowl, fearing the worst but was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity and weight and health conscious recipes it had. I actually made several of the recipes and my family was astounded and suspicious of me at first and then overjoyed to have something not canned or frozen (I know, I know but we do eat healthy believe it or not). The motto of this cookbook is for -"Great tasting food that won't go from your lips to your hips" so for anyone looking to eat delicious, healthy and filling foods you will be very pleased.

Not only are their great recipes but super health tips and funny cartoons. This is a health and weight conscious recipe cookbook with a unique sense of humor (I am getting hungry looking at it). They have everything from Yummus (Hummus), Dumplings, Thai, Poultry, Nachos (my favorite! I could live on a desert island with only these nachos),beef, seafood, Italian, you name it and the best part is that these are weight conscious recipes without all the fat and calories. Each recipe tells you exactly how many carbs, calories, fat, sodium, cholesterol , protein and fiber are in each one.

There were so many recipes that I wanted to share with you but I had to only choose one so here is one of my favorites that I tried (keep in mind that I am a vegetarian so this is meat free but there are a lot of recipes for you carnivores too). I highly recommend this cookbook as for me it was not complicated (that is saying a lot), had healthy and weight conscious recipes and made me laugh. There is nothing worse than not having a sense of humor when cooking. You can visit the website at http://www.eatshrinkandbemerry.com and you will see why I enjoy this cookbook so much I think.

Holy Guacamole!

2 medium avocados, halved, seeded, and diced
2 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice
1/2 cup minced red onions
1/2 cup diced tomatoes
1 tbsp minced fresh cilantro
1 to 2 tsp minced garlic
1 jalapeno pepper, seeded, and minced, or a couple shakes of hot pepper sauce.

Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl. Cover and refrigerate until serving time. Guacamole will keep for about 3 days in the fridge.

per serving (2 tbsp)
calories 55
carbs 4g
fiber 1.8 g
total fat 4.7 g
protein 1 g
sodium 62 mg
cholesterol 0 mg
sat fat 0.7 g

This is truly the best guacamole dip I have ever had! Give it a try!

P.S. To everyone who has commented on my blog I want to apologize for not returning comments quicker but I promise to get to everyone's blogs this week and comment as I just love reading each of your blogs and love your comments.


Anonymous said...
Thanks for the recommendation. I am always looking for a good cookbook. The guacamole recipe looks awesome!
ssgreylord said...
the biggest joke in my family was the amount of cookbooks i had and the hopeless case that i am in the kitchen. they just didn't go hand in hand. but maybe it's time for a new one. time for a little inspiration again, though my family will be suspicious too. :)
Laura said...
I love guacamole! The recipe looks scrumptious... I will definitely make it. I love cookbooks so after reading your review I'm going to have to get it. Thanks!
I've heard of this book for some time now. I think it's time to pick it up. Can't wait to try the Guacamole. :)
Waterrose said...
Sounds like a great cookbook. I saw Jerry Seinfelds wife's new cookbook and it looks great too...even for adults. Has to do with Pureeing vegis and using them to bake cakes, make mashed potatoes..etc.
*lynne* said...
i think that's the first I've noticed garlic being in guacamole (then again I usually buy the stuff in a packet "just add avocado!" so I wouldn't know what goes in it, LoL!!).

the folks of eat shrink & be merry have a blog too - seems to be vibrant and fun.
Anonymous said...
Thanks for sharing that recipe! I love guacamole! Unfortunately it doesn't grow in our garden ... the plant yes, but only leaves!
aybi said...
i will definitely give this a try. And i want to congratulate you on your new job.! God bless!
Anonymous said...
I love avocados, but never made guacamole. Here's my chance. Thanks! :-)
Unknown said...
I love guacamole and this recipe is very similar to mine. I add a tiny bit of soy sour cream to mine to make it a little creamier. (I use my guacamole like a sandwich spread) Just a tablespoon, but that is the only difference.

I love this recipe book. I just had to take a minute to realize my copy got destroyed when my house flooded this week, but I'll have to get another one soon. My teen boys love the recipes because they can make the food, and their friends don't realize they are eating "healthy."

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
So are these recipes designed to help lose weight?
Anonymous said...
I did a reveiw cookbook a couple of weeks ago - I really like it too. I love that it combines humor and laughter with eating healthy and the recipes are yummy and any one can make them.
Hot Rocks said...
This is an awesome cookbook, I have it myself, as well as their first cookbook, Looneyspoons! They are very popular here in Canada, which is where these sisters hail from.
Arc4life said...
Great recipe for avocado dip. A tasty healthy dip with a Good kind of fat. I love how you added cilantro (my favorite herb). Heidi, good luck with all the changes going on with work. I love to collect great cook books too, something to definitely cherish - NJ- www.neckpainsupport.com
BeadedTail said...
I hate to cook but love to read cookbooks and this one sounds like one I'm going to have to check out. Hubby is the cook in the family and loves Guacamole so this sounds perfect for both of us!
foongpc said...
The guacamole recipe looks easy to prepare and I believe it's delicious. Yummy!
Anonymous said...
Looks so easy and I love avocado... It's a great snack to have and fills you up.
Sherer said...
ah looks good. I am not much of a cook either, but I maybe i'll buy it for someone :)

Soge shirts said...
Sweet cookbook! Now all I have to do is learn how to cook lol.
If this cookbook is like everything else these two women have done it will be great...they know what they are doing!

I'm not a cook never have been...can't seem to follow recipes either...the food never looks or taste like I expect it too...I'm cooking challenged!!!!!
Rachel said...
This sounds like a great book and the recipe sounds fantastic. I love avocado - we tend to keep it plain as the children like it that way.
Sherer said...

Got the book! Already read the first two chapters - the intro was great. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...
What a great recommendation. Thanks Heidi! I see you have cut down on your blogging and wanted to let you know I finally am getting our school lunch post together and is scheduled to go live on Monday. Thanks for your help with vegetarian ideas for school lunches. Let me know if you want me to make any changes.
Anonymous said...
wow, thaks for sharing. i love guacomle, and i will definitely try this one.
Bentley said...
Eat, Shrink and Be Merry is a great cookbook. My wife and I have been using it for months - every recipe has been great!
Rocki Adams said...
Awesome post Heidi!

I LOVE guacamole - in fact avocados period! Hmmm!

Growing up in California, my Papa had an avocado tree and, besides climbing it, we would go home with a bag filled to the brim with them! Yummy!
Brenda Campbell said...
I have been looking for a good guacamole recipe for a while now, will give this one a try. We love guacamole here. The cookbook looks good too! I may have to link up with this recipe on my own blog if it is as good as it looks. Thanks for the recipe.
Anonymous said...
mmmm, Heidi, greate recipe, I too wanna try it out, I hope it will be a healthy food....

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