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Chocolate To Help You Feel Better When A Cold Hits-My Dream Come True

For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis you know that I have an obsession and deep love for chocolate!! It is only with an extreme amount of willpower (that fails more often than not) that I do not eat it morning, noon and night. Well, I have had my dreams come true! One of my all time favorite bloggers, Liza at Moms....... Check nyo wrote the one of the best posts that I have ever read!!! Thank you, Thank you Liza for making this a great winter! I am posting it here so that all you chocoholics like me can rejoice and do your best chocolate dance.

Choco for Sniffles

by Liza at Moms....check nyo

This post is lovingly dedicated to Heidi, the author of Health Nut Wannabee Mom. She loves chocolate as much as I do and I'm sure she's going to love this yummy way of treating a cold.

With the cold months coming, here's a sweet way of relieving nasal congestion: A cup of delicious, decadent hot chocolate spiced with cayenne pepper. Now, who wouldn't love that? That's a great way to treat a cold!

Studies show that the capsaicin in cayenne has powerful antibacterial properties that can relieve nasal congestion, while the theobromine found in chocolate proves to be an effective cough treatment. Cayenne, by the way are made from ground pods and seeds of pungent red peppers of the genus Capsicum.

If you feel a cold coming on, melt a few ounces of chocolate [ the dark ones are better] in a cup of fat-free/low-fat milk, sprinkle with cayenne pepper. Then snuggle up with a good book or put on a good movie and sip away the sniffles.


John A Hill said...
At one time the rule in our house was that there had to be chocolate. My daughter is the really the only other chocoholic in the family and I've heard her wailing "Dad, you're breaking the rule. There's no chocolate in this house!" many times.

Since I also love the spicy peppers, this should make an ideal winter treat. Thanks for the tip.

By the way, a daily dose of chromium really does help with the chocolate cravings.
Liz said...
thanks heidi! that's soooo sweet!

Anonymous said...
What a way to comfort that pesky cold. Warm, soothing, sweet, you can't beat it. :-)

Btw, that was a nice tribute she gave you.
Last time I was preggers I had allergies and could hardly breath most of the time. The only thing (other than nasal spray which sent my bp soaring) that would help was Cajun pork rinds...and I HATE those things! *lol*
Anonymous said...
That sounds like an excellent way to get your kids to take their "medicine" when they have a cough!

Heidi - I've passed along an award to you, you and your blog are very deserving. :-D
Rachel said...
Oh my goodness, like I needed more excuses to eat chocolate!
Anonymous said...
I love it, thank you for giving me one more reason to consume chocolate...I think I feel sniffles coming on right now. :)
LizzyT said...
I love chocolate. It is good to read that something I love this much can be good for me!
That's fantatic! I'm off to buy some nice organic dark chocolate. Could one make it in soy milk even? :)
Soge shirts said...
Chocolate cures I knew it. Time to go stuff my face with sweet deliciousness.
Caroline said...
Great news! I think I will eat some now just to make sure I stay nice and healthy!

BTW...having a little contest over at my blog...stop on by!
BeadedTail said...
Hallelujah! Fantastic news!
Varun said...
Chocolate for feeling better when down with a cold? Am I in heaven?

Now you are actually making me wish for a cold!
ssgreylord said...
any excuse for chocolate...i'm there! love you for posting it. :)
foongpc said...
I love chocolates, especially dark chocolates! I also like anything with chocolates in it. Choc cakes, choc ice cream, choc bread, choc cookies, choc fudge, choc drinks etc. etc. : )
Nancy Ellyn said...
Your blog is so wonderful! I wish I could be as professional and focused. KUDOS! I am a huge fan, lovely girl!
You gotta love the science for giving us that
Anonymous said...
And I thought I was the only weirdo that mixes hot peppers with anything! I am a bigger hot pepper fan than chocolate, but it definitely sounds like it's worth trying. Thanks!
Sayani said...
ohh really i dont know how to thank you for this useful post...i always have problem of catching cold and am in that phase right now...
thanka ya for this delicious post
keep posting :)
Anonymous said...
i love chocolate too. before i thught it is the spicyness of cayenne pepper that helps me whenever i had stuffy nose problems and had cold, putting some cayenne into my soup really helped in easing my congestion, now, i have the explanation :)
Don said...
Sounds like Heaven for yourself and chocolate lovers everywhere.
Anonymous said...
Oh wow! I'll have to keep that in mind 'if' I catch a cold this year... Thankfully I'm one who doesn't get sick that often, but I HATE being congested... and I hate taking medicine that just knocks me out, so thanks for the yummy tip!
tashabud said...
Now, that's what I'd like to hear about a good-feeling kind of medicine to have. I'm also a chocoholic, so this is good news.

Hope you had a great time in Costa Rica. I just returned from my trip to Jackson Hole. It's good to be home to be able to blog again.

Swubird said...

I use a lot of cayenne when I cook - even on pasta. We all love it. So a little cayenne sprinkled on hot chocolate sounds like a real winner!


happy trails.
Sherer said...
oh that sounds great. I think chocolate is one of our best gifts from God. And a nice way to usher in the fall season. Thank Heidi
WebbieLady said...
Wow! Liza was the guest blogger? Wonderful idea of Heidi! I bet work is really eating your time up? But i dont really think so because your image is stll in ECs most popular. ^^

I use hot choco in the morning, a powder and i mix with mil and sweets to start my day running.
Alan said...
I never get colds, but I woke up with something like that today...not sure?
I've been visiting someone a lot at the hospital and there's this other person in the room also, who barks barks barks all the time....I think I got something from her.

you can add cayenne pepper to "Salsa" I think? lol.
Krishna said...
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