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Trying To Lose Weight? Pills And Shakes Are Not Enough!

As most of you who read this know, there probably isn't a pill, shake or diet that I have not tried in my lifetime. A little weight obsessed-mmmhmmmm. I really don't remember a time when I was not on a diet or trying something (the strange thing is that I have never been overweight or even close-I obviously have issues here). When I was younger my health was never thought of as long as I could be thin, thin, thin. Nowadays, I consider my health first and weight last (okay 50-50, I am still obsessed) but my health is my priority.

That is why I love this program for healthy eating and weight loss by two people that I have met, trust and admire-Kim Klaver and Dr. Heidi Dulay. I think if I ever have another baby and need to lose the weight I will go with this Extreme Regime weight loss plan they have. Their weight loss plan works, is healthy, leaves you full and is affordable. Anyway, here is another great tip on what works and what does not work in the battle of the bulge from two of my most trusted health gurus!

Pills and shakes are not enough

By-the infamous Kim Klaver

If you're trying to lose weight and get your health back, pills and shakes are not enough.

How else can we explain why most Americans are so overweight? Including many folks selling health and weight loss supplements.

Pills and shakes have a place. Just not first place.

According to nutrition professor Dr. Heidi, to lose the weight and get your health back, there are five ordered strategies. From the most natural to the least:
1st. Optimize your daily food plan. Ask: what am I eating and how can I make it better? Get as close as possible to a real food plan (not calorie counting, starving, industrial food or rabbit food).

2nd. Amp up your food plan where necessary. Add super foods e.g. green powders, cod liver and coconut oil, herbs, Pops, etc.

3rd. If symptoms persist after a month of doing 1 and 2 above, or if your doctor prescribes it, add nutraceuticals e.g. Vitamin B, alpha lipoic acid, L-carnitine, CoQ10, L-glutamine, etc.

4th. If symptoms still persist, add pharmaceuticals your doctor recommends. Many do this strategy together with nutraceuticals.

5th. Last resort: surgery. E.g., stomach stapling (Bariatric surgery), etc.
If you had to choose between #5 and #1, would you consider an optimal ER daily food plan first? For four weeks? And THEN decide re #5?

What do you think?


Ish said...
nice blog there! my gym instructor told me to do pills and shakes to lose weight, but after i read this, i change my mind, back to natural way, godspeed!
Ish said...
nice blog there! my gym instructor told me to do pills and shakes to lose weight, but after i read this, i change my mind, back to natural way, godspeed!
Anonymous said...
Excellent Heidi! I have a problem with people who preach healthy eating and their body is a poor representation of what they claim they know and believe. Once again, great work! :-)
Anonymous said...
Your link to Extreme Regime does not work. I'm interested in what their plan is, but get an error message when I click on it.
Liz said...
i don't think i could go for #5, but i would defiitely try #1 and try to make it really work, hehe.
Laura said...
Hey Heidi! I think it's great that you're obsessed with your weight. THAT'S why you've never had a weight problem. :) Great post, by the way. Going the health route is by far the best way to go.
BeadedTail said...
Very good strategies! Seems doable which is what I need! Thanks for the information!
tashabud said...
I came here earlier, but I was at work and didn't have a chance to leave a comment. Anyway, you shouldn't have to lose weight anymore. You are in fantastic form, looking at your glamorous pictures. I'm always fighting the extra weight I'm carrying, but for you, my dear Heidi, shouldn't have to be doing anymore losing weight.
ssgreylord said...
thanks again for more applicable tips, heidi. your sources sound like they take a unique approach to dieting and health and one that is definitely doable.
Unknown said...
I love just eating good healthy food, as close to natural as possible. Pops are awesome for those days when we just can't seem to get the right stuff, but overall just eating well along with moderate exercise has always done well by me.

I've never thought of myself as obsessed with my weight, but I do make sure I'm fit. For that reason I've never taken the pills. I do like protein shakes, but they make me hungry. I could never use a health shake for weight loss, I think I'd gain weight if I ate them regularly.

I don't think I'd have the surgery either. First, honestly I'm scared of needles!

Great blog!

Unknown said...
It's good to see, someone who does not advocate shakes, pills and other junk to lose weight, because it all comes back to haunt you sort off like, your last high school memory :D. Excellent Work

Love the Adult Swim reference. with the cup
Anonymous said...
Whilst I do agree with your list I think it must be stressed that 4 and especially 5 should be last resorts. A lot of people choose pharmaceuticals or surgery because they're the easy options. Whilst they solve the initial problem and help you lose weight the root problem still remains in that you are eating too much or exercising too little.

Having the surgery or taking the pills very rarely alters people's mindsets meaning that they can still fall back into bad habits easily. However, options 1-3 teach good habits meaning that making healthy weight loss a realistic, long term goal.
Blessed be.

This really was a great article.
Living healthy is expensive, however, we have to think of it this way--

"Eating healthy may be expensive, but getting sick from eating all the wrong foods is even MORE expensive".

I frequently shop at my local health food store--Wild Oats Market, here in Memphis, TN. I absolutely LOVE their Vegetarian/Vegan section.

Thanks again and have a great week.
coolingstar9 said...
Good tips, It is really good to stay healthy, so that we can enjoy life fully.
Your information on weight-losing are useful, so we would'nt rely on pills.
Have a nice day.
Anonymous said...
I had good short term luck with Hydroxycut pills for a few months, then got lazy, again.

Nothing beats a consistent healthy diet, if you can force yourself to stick to it. Not the easiest thing to do for many people, myself included.
Unknown said...
Hi Heidi...I've nominated you for a blogging award. Please visit my site to check it out.

Hi, I enjoy reading your blog during my Entrecard drops. I have tagged you. Please visit my site to see what needs to be done next. Thanks!

I Miss My Hair
health assistant I can't access your profile. I would love to read your blog and leave a comment. thanks for stopping by.
Thanks Cardio Girl! I think that I have the link fixed now. Let me know if you have anymore problems!
Shelia said...
I think that #5 is an option when you have just gone to the extreme and your health is potentially jeopardized. Other than that, back that butt up from the table, lol~!
Unknown said...
You always have such good information. At least I know where to come when I am ready to take your advice!
Sounds like a good plan. You really do have to steaml ine your diet, and no, that doesn't mean starving yourself. You just need to cut out all the unnecessary evils that help put and keep that weight on, like sugar and calorie laden fast foods, fried and processed foods and desserts. It's a journey, learning how to eat properly. I've learned that myself over the years.
I look back at the way I used to eat and wonder how I'm still healthy at all! ;)
Thanks for posting the link to the definition of Pops. I didn't know what they were. I knew it couldn't be the sugary soda I loved as a kid!
I'll have to try them!
Anonymous said...
Nice to read your post,Yes buddy you are correct, pills and shake are not enough to lose weight. dieting also needed....Am I right? Cheers,
Anonymous said...
i'm going to check out their diet. i have been gaining weight quickly, i've tried pills (relacore/hydroxycut) and I think I've seen a difference, but then I go off the pills and have to start all over again.

i know this is probably not the way to go (with pills) long term, so thanks for this info. i need a change.

i'm not that big, but bigger than i was.
Anonymous said...
Last week, I had met a friend, she told that she is taking some vitamins and fibre pills to loose weight , But you are correct, those are not enough, we have to do food control too... Am I right?
Nice looking blog you have out here and there are great tips here too! Keep up the good work

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