Try A Little Dairy and Berries! Lower Your Blood Pressure

I was getting my hair colored recently at my friend Marie's hairs salon (you caught me! I am not a natural blonde-oh well!) and perusing through the magazines and found a couple health tidbits I wanted to pass on to you. There was a study about dairy and to be honest I am not a big proponent of dairy but decided that it was an interesting study that some of you might be interested in so I am passing it on. The study on berries was right up my alley since I adore berries and I love hearing more and more health benefits of this delicious fruit.

Try Some Dairy Products-They May Keep You Smiling

According to a study in the Journal of Periodontology it was found that people who consumed 2 ounces or more of lactic acid rich foods, such as yogurt and kefir, had a 60% lower risk of severe periodontal disease than those who didn't eat any. If not treated the condition can cause bleeding, receding gums and tooth loss. Scientists once believed it was the calcium in dairy products that contributed to oral health but now they believe it may be the probiotics (beneficial bacteria found in foods with lactic acid). Since dairy products without probiotics, like milk and some cheeses, don't provide the same benefits it is best to get at least half of your dairy servings from yogurt. Now, I would like to say that if you are going to eat dairy then I highly recommend only organic to avoid the hormones found in non-organic dairy products and to not be a part of the cruelty that dairy cows endure. I get my probiotics and prebiotics from my Pops, the whole food supplements that I take daily so I don't have to really worry about it. I love my pops from Whole Food Nation.

All Hail The Mighty Berry

I have never met a berry that I did not like! Thank goodness that there is something that is healthy that I really and truly like and actually crave. According to a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that adults who ate two thirds of a cup of berries and sipped 2 ounces of berry juice lowered their blood pressure by 1% and upped their HDL (good cholesterol) by 5% in just two months. Apparently the purple, red and blue fruits are rich in polyphenols, plant chemicals that defend the heart against disease. Eat up!


  1. my kids an i love yogurt, they love it too when added to smoothies ;)

  2. Interestingly, since I've had my dramatic refined sugar cutback, my freezer is loaded with berries. Great News! :-)

    Thanks for the info.

  3. I'm off to the store to buy some berries. The picture of the the berry drink is making me drool. And hopefully in the process, it will lower my blood pressure. You look terrific. It shows that you truly take good care of yourself. Thanks again for your informative posts.

  4. thanks for reminding me about the "organic" milk. I always buy organic yogurt, but forget when it comes to the milk . . .

  5. I love berries too. Great article. I'm glad that they are good for you and could lower your blood pressure. Too bad berries are so darn expensive! These days it is better to grow your own.

    Cascia @ Healthy Moms

  6. Berries are a staple at our house. Frozen berries replace ice in my morning smoothies.

  7. That was really interesting. I can't wait to start growing my own berries when we buy our own land soon. As a vet, I definitely second the organic dairy recommendation - IMHO it's more than worth paying for the better welfare and also a more healthy product.

  8. All that berries! Simply great. I love adding berries to my yogurt. All berries are wonder fruit!

  9. I am not in favor of dairy as feel it is for calves and causes more problems than helps.

    I am a great believer in the health aspects of berries. Whenever I am able to get them (not often available except strawberries) I go mad and spend a fortune on them.

  10. I'm going to go get some right now!
    I love berries of all kinds.
    Straw, rasp, cran, mul....

    It's great that something so yummy does good things for your body!
    I've been looking to try the low fat Cool Whip, so berries and cream might be on my menu very soon... :)

  11. The berry thing I do very well, the dairy not so well. I need to work on this.

  12. Gasp!

    And I thought you were a natural redhead!

  13. I think where I live is the blueberry capital of the world, I think all the berries grow wild here, so this is good news.

    I heard blueberries prevent Alzheimers ???

  14. Apparently blueberries can provide a high level of satiation and can aid weight loss. Though I would imagine this is just one way to cope with dieting, amongst many other strategies.

    I try to have a blueberry/strawberry/raspberry yogurt smoothie at least every other day.

    Would like to share my recipe:

    How to make an awesome breakfast smoothie

    It's filling and packed full of anti-oxidants. The nut/seed mix is a little troublesome to prepare but once you got it going in a big plastic container, you're all set for six months.

  15. I love Berries mmmm Raspberries*

    Great scene in the Movie 9 1/2 Weeks*


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  17. I love Berries. what's your take on acidopholus yogurts ? I've got Crohns and am lactose intolerant.
    I occasionally sneak some ice cream with a dairy ease caplet; and when I really feel daring, I make a shake with the edys slow churned light.

    if you have to suffer at least let it be for something with taste.

    I enjoy your take, keep it healthy.


  18. Thanks for this article! great timing coz m just planning to grow berries at home..and i just love eating berries ^^

  19. I love all berries and the health benefits are a bonus!

  20. re ausetkmt: I think you could switch to low-fat or non-fat yogurt to prevent your suffering. I am lactose intolerant too so I read that the lactose that causes the irritation comes from full cream milk. Dairy products are too delicious to pass up, so try these alternatives instead. Good luck!

  21. One of the easiest tips you've supplied: yogurt and berries, this I can do :)

  22. hi i lovd reading ur blog. its truly informative.

  23. Oh yes, I am going to have dairy and berries to live long and enjoy a healthful life, Thanks a lot for your tips...Cheers.


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