How To Lower Your Blood Pressure In Just 20 Minutes

How about an inexpensive, side effect free and effective way to lower your blood pressure? All it takes is a little mind over medicine and you could have lower blood pressure in 20 minutes (I wonder if this is still true with 2 screaming children, a dog that never stops barking and a cat who attacks-my life).

"According to a study of a 122 people who had high blood pressure despite taking two or more drugs, those who practiced the relaxation response for 20 minutes a day for eight weeks were over four times more likely to get off one of their medications than a comparable group who only received health counseling. RR consists of focusing on a word, sound, or prayer to help the body enter a resting state with lower heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. What was striking about this research was that all of the participants had elevated systolic pressure (the upper number), which can often be hard to get under control, according to the study leader Randall Zusman, M.D. of Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center." Reference September 2008 Good Housekeeping.

I don't have high blood pressure but might give this RR technique a shot just to relax.

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  1. Controlling blood pressure was easy for me, Heidi. After fighting this scourge for 20 years--having to give up some 20 different drugs due to side effects during that time--I finally abruptly stopped taking all high blood pressure drugs 5 years ago.


    My blood pressure--which had been as high a 170 /110--dropped back to normal, and has stayed there ever since. Last week it was 119 / 78--about the same as it was when I was a high school athlete.

    Go figure.

  2. I think doctors should research and practice more spiritual methods toward healing the human body. But then again, not much money can be made from that.

    Excellent post!

  3. RR technique Hhmmm! interesting! give us a little more about it, thanks more power!!!

  4. i'd like to give it a shot too. i don't have high blood pressure either but i think it's pretty relaxing. TFS

  5. I find sitting in the sauna after a cardio workout (or weights) is very effective in helping me meditate and to help me regulate my breathing.

    More than anything it helps me clear my mind and achieve the closest Zen state I can with three small children 8 and under.

    It's why we go to the YMCA every day -- so Mom can recharge. I do have a physical scheduled on Sept. 6. I'll be interested to see what my bp is. Usually it's around 120/80 or a tad less 117/76.

  6. Very interesting, everyone is so quick to jump for the first drug they can get their hands on to fix the problem. The reality is that simple remedies work even better without any of the side effects! Great post~

  7. Great post blood pressure has always been low...with a few specific I'm good in that department...but having said that I'm a firm believer in relaxation techniques for many situations...I often use something similiar if I'm having trouble falling asleep...puts me to sleep every time...


  8. i gotta try this method and tell it to my aunt, we just rushed her in the hospital few weeks ago, because of high blood pressure. thanks for this very informative post!

  9. I am a blood pressure person, Let me try out RR.... I hope this will be more useful and helpful for me...thanks for this post...

  10. I might have to try this method. My job is very stressful that I often find myself tensed up, holding my breath while working. I'm sure that stress is not good for me or for anybody at all. Perhaps the RR is going to help me. Thanks again for sharing this valuable health tip.

  11. sounds ljke the equivalent of meditating. only good can come from these techniques. thanks for passing the word around...

  12. Nice tip Heidi. There is a technique called tapping that has caught on in Europe that I find also quite useful for calming myself down or relaxing.

  13. I don't have high blood pressue but I'm sure the tip would help lower stress in many situations. The trick is to remember to do the technique in those situations when it's needed. Great advice though!

  14. Great post Heidi. I think it's always good to use a natural solution over meds where possible. I agree with Azur Island Designs too. It would be a great pre-bedtime technique to relax the body and mind and get into a rested state.

  15. I do not have high blood pressure myself,but as you mention I just might try this as a way to relax.

  16. i should try it*

    i take ramipril + lipitor cuz i'm LAZY*

    then again I was gonna do the Bikini BootCamp too if my memory serves me correctly!!

    oh yoy*

    ;)) Peace*

  17. I always enjoy the zen, or natural, approach to health and fitness. Along with proper diet and exercise, this is all good stuff.


  18. I don't have blood pressure myself, but I do believe practising relaxation and some meditation will definitely bring down your blood pressure. Couple this with healthy diet and medication will see great results!
    Btw, it's not good to rely just on medication because we know any kind of drugs is toxic to the body and will somehow damage the liver in the long run.
    The best way, is to practise relaxation, watch your diet and do some exercises while still taking the medication prescribed by the doctor.
    When your blood pressure starts dropping, you can then slowly reduce the dosage of the drugs with your doctor's approval.

  19. I wholeheartedly agree with this as I do it myself. I meditate daily, several times actually, and the benefits are many :)

    Great post Heidi!

  20. Great advice. Transcendental meditation works wonders.


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